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What Are The Top Lines Of American Flooring?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: March, 2021 - Modified: June, 2024

If you are in the process of working on a home, business, or industrial construction project, shopping for flooring is likely part of the project. If selecting products and solutions that are made in the United States are important to you, you have come to the right place.

Staylock PVC Tiles

Staylock PVC Tiles Made in the USA, the StayLock line of raised PVC floor tiles are popular fatigue-relieving flooring solutions from home gyms, workshops, decks, play areas, patios and pool decks. They are available in three different styles, including two textured solid top indoor solutions and one with a perforated top for both indoor and outdoor applications. The PVC material is waterproof and the raised base is gentle enough for installation over carpet and rubber roofing membranes. These tiles also allow for excellent drainage and airflow beneath the finished surface.

Geneva Rubber Flooring

Staylock PVC Tiles For some of the highest quality rubber flooring rolls and tiles at affordable prices, you may want to look into the Geneva line of American rubber flooring solutions. Greatmats offers dozens of different low-odor Geneva rubber flooring options for indoor use, ranging in thickness from ¼ to ½ inch in thickness.

They are available in all black or with up to 20 percent color flecks. The rubber tiles are 3x3 feet in size and feature puzzle style interlocking edges while the 4-feet-wide rolls feature straight edges and can be cut to any length over 25 feet.

Eureka Rubber Flooring

Eureka Rubber Flooring For an American rubber flooring product with an even greater range of color options, check out the Eureka line. These 8 mm thick rubber rolls and tiles are available in traditional black, as well as up to 90% color fleck.

The tiles are 23x23 inches in size and feature interlocking edges. The 4-feet-wide rolls are available by the square foot and are manufactured using recycled rubber. Use these tiles anywhere you'd like to absorb shock and provide a slip resistant surface.

Blue Sky Playground Flooring Tiles

Playground Tile Blue Sky Playground Tile is an outdoor rubber flooring product that offers a safe and comfortable space to play or workout on. It provides an excellent, non-slip safety surface for outdoor usage. Available in a variety of thicknesses to provide the ASTM Fall Height Rating needed.

Interlocking Pacific Rubber Tiles

Interlocking Rubber Tile Interlocking Rubber Tile Pacific can be installed over any smooth, hard surface and is a great flooring solution for home gym floors, industrial flooring, weight rooms, golf areas, and locker rooms.

Pacific Rubber Tiles is a recycled rubber tile that provides excellent traction and is slip-resistant, sound and shock-absorbing. Plus, it's easy to install with their adhesive-free interlocking design. These tiles are available in different color fleck options.

Wearwell Flooring Solutions

American-made Wearwell Ergonomic Surfaces American-made Wearwell Ergonomic Surfaces offer valuable anti fatigue benefits, but they're also durable enough for use in both wet and dry industrial areas.

This line of anti-fatigue flooring is very popular in industrial environments including welding areas, science laboratories, and factories.

ErgoDeck Wearwell Tile ErgoDeck Wearwell Tile is an 18x18 and ⅞ inch thick tile that offers anti fatigue benefits in areas where employees will stand for extended periods of time.

The spring-back underside of these mats compresses and rebounds underfoot for a feel that will resemble rubber flooring. The tiles are 100 percent silicone free and have been a go-to solution for general and automotive manufacturing facilities across the country.

Greatmats - for the best products made in the USA!

Greatmats offers such a wide variety of Made-in-the-USA products. To inquire about the products highlighted here, or the many others available, simply reach out to the friendly and helpful team at Greatmats. Together, you can decide which flooring solutions are best for you.