Taekwondo Mat Benefits - Sparring, Training, Competition

Pro Sport Taekwondo Mats - Features and Benefits

Taekwondo Mat Benefits: Sparring, Training, Competition

Greatmats 20 mm thick EVA foam taekwondo martial arts mats are great for striking martial arts where the vast majority of techniques take place while standing. It also offers significant protection from takedowns.

The professional quality foam material and its thatch surface texture is stain and scuff resistant, making it suitable for use with shoes and boots. The foam tiles will not absorb moisture, are reversible and provide excellent comfort and stability.

They are firm enough to prevent athlete's feet from sinking in yet offer enough impact absorption and cushion to significantly reduce fatigue and injury. Take a look at the following customers who use these martial arts puzzle mats for a wide variety of disciplines listed below.

Antioch Martial Arts/The Battle in the Midwest
Brookings Tae Kwon Do
Chon-Ji Martial Arts
Boscobel Family Martial Arts
Badger State Games
U.S. Taekwondo Academy/Wisconsin State Taekwondo Championships

Krav Maga
Fayetteville Krav Maga
Triumph Martial Arts

Kung Fu
Kung Fu Connection

Muay Thai
Tysons City Boxing

Tactical Hapkido Alliance

Freestyle Martial Arts
Valor Academy of Martial Arts

Sport Karate
Infinity Martial Arts/Infinity National Championships

Shotokan Karate
Justice Karate American Shotokan/USAKF National Championships

Wing Chun/Kickboxing
Centerline Martial Arts
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