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Why Is Rubber the Best Material for Horse Stall Mats?

By Paige Cerulli Created: January, 2024

When it comes to flooring for your horse stalls (and the rest of your barn, too), rubber mats are a top choice. You’ll find horse stall rubber mats present in everything from the backyard barn to the boarding stable to the elite equestrian facility. When you understand the benefits that rubber material brings to the barn environment, it’s easy to see why these mats are universally a top choice.

Rubber for Horse Stall Mats - Benefits & Features

Rubber has several features that make it a desirable choice for horse stalls.

Strength and Durability

Flooring that’s to be used in horse stalls and barns needs to be supremely strong and durable. Rubber offers an optimal combination of both qualities.

Rubber stall mats are strong enough to withstand the weight of horses, including draft horses weighing more than one ton each. The strength of this material means it won’t be impacted or worn down by horses, and it can also withstand horses wearing shoes, including those with studs.

Rubber’s durability makes it a long-lasting floor choice that can withstand the challenges of a barn environment. Rubber can handle temperature extremes, and when used in barn aisles, it can withstand hot shoeing. Its durability maximizes the longevity of your investment in your horse barn, and many rubber stall mats are backed by multi-year warranties.

thick rubber horse stall mat folded over on floor


Rubber horse stall mats are waterproof, which contributes to a healthier stall environment. Vulcanized rubber doesn’t absorb liquids, and it can help to prevent urine from traveling down into the stall base. That quality makes for easier stall cleaning and can help to cut down on ammonia fumes and smell which can irritate your horse’s respiratory tract.


Rubber also contributes to your horse’s comfort in multiple ways. It helps to buffer the cold of a concrete subfloor, keeping the stall warmer and more comfortable for your horse.

Rubber also absorbs shock and adds a bit of cushion to stalls. It makes for a more forgiving surface than a concrete stall base, which can help to ease joint pain. Your horse will be more comfortable lying down on a rubber pad than on a concrete floor, so rubber can encourage your horse to get enough rest and can contribute to his overall comfort.

horse standing on comfortable rubber stall mats


Rubber stall mats also play an important role in maximizing traction. Most of our mats have a pebble top surface texture that helps to prevent slips and potential falls. While the surface offers traction, it’s still smooth enough to allow for easy stall cleaning.

horse stall mats have pebble texture for traction

Qualities to Look for in Horse Stall Rubber Mats

While rubber is a great choice for horse stall mats, it’s important that you buy the right mat design for your stalls. You’ll need to consider multiple qualities when deciding on the best mat for your use.

Mat Thickness

Rubber mats are available in multiple thicknesses, but we recommend ¾ inch mats for most applications. The ¾ inch mat is thick enough to prevent corner curling and lifting, and it also offers the durability you’ll want for most barn uses.

rubber horse stall mat showing 3/4 inch thickness with quarter

Stall Size

Consider your stall size, too. Standard stall mats are 4x6 feet, but you’ll find some options in other sizes, like 4x8 feet. We find the 4x6 matting is sized to be relatively easy to move, but it’s also large and heavy enough to have the weight needed to stay in place.

While you can cut stall mats to fit, if you want to save time cutting mats, consider buying a pre-sized stall mat kit. These kits are sized for traditional stall dimensions, like 10x10 and 12x12 feet, but at Greatmats, we also offer kits for custom sizes to save you time when you install the mats.

Mat Design

Horse stall rubber mats are available in straight edge or interlocking designs. The straight edge mats can be pressed up tightly against each other to keep them in place, but we also find that many buyers prefer the interlocking mats. Once connected, the interlocking mats essentially form a surface that is one piece, helping to prevent bedding from working its way down in between the matting.

Where to Buy Horse Stall Rubber Mats

At Greatmats, we have a fantastic selection of horse stall rubber mats for sale. We have both interlocking and straight edge mats, and we also stock plenty of pre-sized and custom-sized stall mat kits. In addition to mats suitable for horse stalls, we have a variety of rubber products that can be installed in barn aisles, grooming stalls, wash bays, horse trailers, and more.

Contact the Greatmats customer service team today to explore the mat options that are best for your barn. We can help you determine which products are available with the most cost-effective shipping, and we are happy to help you choose the products that are right for your needs.