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What Is the Best Flooring For An Exercise Room With Carpet or Concrete
The best home exercise room flooring options for basement and garage gyms with existing carpet or concrete floors.
Muay Thai Mats - Tysons City Boxing Testimonial
Muay Thai champion Dean Burr uses Greatmats martial arts mats at his Tysons City Boxing facility in Vienna, Virginia.
How to Install Gym Turf and Choose the Right Option
Greatmats discusses the process of installing gym turf and how to choose the right gym turf products.
Can You Use Horse Stall Mats For A Gym?
Greatmats discusses the pros and cons of using horse stall mats for a gym. These 4x6 rubber stall mats are thick, durable, tough, and absorb sound and shock.
What Is the Best Play Mat for Hardwood Floors?
Greatmats discusses what is the best play mat for hardwood floors and specific thicknesses.
What Is The Best Flooring Material For a Garage Gym?
Greatmats discusses what the best flooring materials for a garage gym are and recommended products. The best materials are include rubber, foam, pvc and cork laminate.
Peel & Stick Floor Tiles - Are They Any good?
The quality of peel and stick floor tiles can really vary. Here are some peel and stick flooring options, including some tips on what they're good for.
What Makes the Best Horse and Livestock Trailer Mats?
Horse, utility and stock trailers all have a need for trailer mats. Here are some of the best mats to use in the different types of trailers.
What Is the Best Diamond Plate Textured Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best diamond plate textured flooring for industrial settings that are rubber, vinyl or plastic.
How to Install Rubber Gym Flooring on Concrete & Other Surfaces
See how to use and Install Rubber Gym Flooring in home or commercial settings, over concrete, carpet, wood, ceramic tile or other surface. And when you shouldn't use rubber.
What are the best flooring materials for dog agility?
Greatmats discusses what the best flooring materials are for dog agility training. Specialized floors include foam, artificial turf and rubber, which provide cushioning.
Vulcanized vs. Non Vulcanized Recycled Rubber Gym Flooring
Vulcanized rubber gym flooring is strong and sanitary. Non-vulcanized rubber gym flooring offers more cushion and less smell.
Are foam mats waterproof?
Certain foam mats are waterproof. Others are not. Look for closed cell foams such as eva or cross-linked polyethylene foam mats when in you need waterproof flooring.
How to Install Indoor Artificial Grass Turf
Tips and recommendations for how to install indoor artificial turf grass for sports centers, gyms, dog training facilities and more.
What Is The Best Exercise Mat for Stretching?
Stretching mats should offer plenty of cushion to prevent soreness and plenty of stability for safety while standing.
What is the Best Recreation Room Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best options for recreation room flooring, from raised interlocking tiles to rubber flooring rolls.
How Long Does Artificial Turf Grass Last?
Artificial turf grass from Greatmats comes at a great price and comes with up to a 10 year warranty.
What Is The Best Greenhouse Flooring and Mats?
Greatmats identifies what the best greenhouse flooring is from perforated pvc tiles to rubber floor tiles.
What Is The Best Carpet For Basements With Kids?
Best carpet for basement and best basement carpet tiles for kids are found at Greatmats.
What Is Exterior Flooring Made of?
Greamats discusses the materials used to make exterior flooring, including rubber, pvc, polyethylene, carpet, etc.
What Kind Of Patterns Does Sheet Vinyl Flooring Come In?
Greatmats looks at what kind of patterns sheet vinyl flooring comes in including coin, diamond, pearls and smooth patterns.
Best Basement Workout Room Flooring Options
Workout room flooring for basement areas often require unique features. Here are the best workout room flooring ideas for basement home gyms.
What Is The Best Flooring For Hip Thrusts And Glute Bridges?
The best gym flooring for hip thrusts and glute bridges include mats and gym floor tiles from Greatmats.
What Are The Best Thick Gym Mats?
Greatmats identifies 6 of the best thick gym mats that protect from injury when an athlete is practicing skills or working out.