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gymnastics mat stack thumbnail
What Size Mat Should I Use for Gymnastics?
Learn a little about choosing the right size of gymnastics mats for your gym, home or school with this Greatmats guide.
vinyl floor runner in a commercial kitchen prevents slips thumbnail
When Should You Use a Vinyl Floor Runner?
Greatmats discusses when you should use a vinyl floor runner and what the benefits are for commercial or industrial areas.
gym flooring options thumbnail
Competitive Fitness Room Flooring Options
Rubber flooring options for cross fitness training and competitions are great for all gyms and fitness rooms where free weights and body weight exercises are practiced.
Folding Gym Mats for Aikido Mats and Martial Arts thumbnail
What Are The Best Aikido Mats?
Greatmats addresses the question: what are the best Aikido mats? See a list of the top 6 recommended mat for the martial arts practice of Aikido for home or pro use.
carpet tiles best flooring over basement concrete thumbnail
Best Basement Flooring Over Concrete Ideas & Options
Find the best basement flooring options and ideas for products that can be laid directly over a concrete basement floor, temporary or semi-permanent installations.
best home gym flooring options - 2024 top picks thumbnail
Best Home Gym Flooring Options for 2024
2024 list of the Best Home Gym Flooring products for spare room, garage &amp; basement gyms over concrete or carpet floors; includes tiles, rolls and portable mats.
balcony with artificial grass flooring and concrete railing thumbnail
Why Use Artificial Grass For A Balcony, Deck Or Patio?
Find out how you can use artificial grass on your balcony, patio or deck surfaces and what products are best to use.
dance floor for birthday party thumbnail
What's The Easiest Way To Build A Dance Floor For A Birthday Party?
Dance floor for birthday partys and events are found at
Best jiu jitsu mats for home thumbnail
What Are The Five Best Home Jiu Jitsu Mats?
When looking for the best home jiu jitsu mats, consider size, thickness, impact absorption, surface texture and storage.
long lasting and durable martial arts mats  thumbnail
How Long Do Martial Arts Mats Last?
Read about some of Greatmats customers and how long their martial arts mats have lasted which is 16 years for one customer.
Pricing of Cheerleading Mats and Rolls thumbnail
How Much Do Cheer Mats Cost?
Greatmats discusses the question of how much do cheer mats cost and the variety and sizes and prices available.
flooring for under a parrot cage thumbnail
What Do You Put On The Floor Under A Bird Cage?
Greatmats identifies options that you can put on the floor under a bird cage or other animal cages.
Rolled Rubber Weight Room Flooring thumbnail
Endless Uses for Rolled Rubber Flooring
Discover why rolled rubber flooring is growing in popularity in anyplace from gyms to liquor stores to event centers.
Adagio Home Dance Floor Kit thumbnail
Best Dance Floor Kit Options in the USA
Dance floor kits make assembling a dance floor a simple and easy task. These kits provide you with the elements you need to create a dance floor in a variety of settings.
hapkido martial arts shoes thumbnail
In Which Martial Arts Do You Wear Shoes?
Greatmats identifies which martial arts practices where you would wear shoes.
How to get rid of rubber smell in a vulcanized rubber mat  thumbnail
How to Get Rid of Rubber Mat Smell - Neutralizing Rubber Odor
Learn how to get rid of rubber smell from rubber mats. Removing the rubber odor from rubber mat flooring isn't hard work, but may take some time.
Best Exercise Bike Mat thumbnail
What is the Best Exercise Bike Mat?
Greatmats identifies the best exercise bike mat options, from raised floor tiles, to rubber rolls and rubber tiles used under fitness equipment.
Wood Grain Tiles for Music Studio Flooring thumbnail
What kind of flooring is good for a music studio?
Greatmats identifies 3 music studio flooring options that will offer a natural, high quality sound and work well for any home, basement or commercial studio.
playing floorball with goal thumbnail
What's The Best Surface For Floorball
The qualities to look for in floorball flooring include durability, shock absorption, traction, and the ease of installation and maintenance.
turf on balcony with drainage tile underneath thumbnail
Can You Put Turf On A Balcony?
Greatmats identifies a couple options for putting turf on a balcony which can use drainage tiles underneath.
playtime artificial grass turf has chargeguard and silverback technology thumbnail
What Is SilverBack & ChargeGuard In Artificial Turf?
Greatmats explains the technology of Silverback and how it improves the longevity and also Chargeguard which reduces static electricity.
green gym turf thumbnail
Best Gym Carpet Flooring: Mats, Carpet, Fake Turf & Interlocking Tile
Gym carpet flooring for a commercial or home gym. These carpets come in interlocking tiles, turf and mats.
gym turf for workouts in commercial fitness center thumbnail
Different Types of Gym Turf & Best Products
Greatmats discusses what the many types of turf that gyms use and what qualities to look for.
gym turf thumbnail
Gym Turf - What purpose does it serve?
Gym turn is growing in popularity do to it's versatility, look and feel. Find out how gyms are using artificial turf and why.