What's the Best Surface for Virtual Golf Lessons?

By Kyle Schurman Created: March, 2021 - Modified: November, 2021

Virtual golf lessons represent a great way to make the most of practice time for golfers, but golfers need to have the right artificial surface available to receive the greatest benefit from workouts at home. Artificial grass that closely mimics the natural turf on the course is best. Some of the best options for faux golf turf for lessons include:

  • Greatmats Golf Tees Turf Pro
  • Greatmats Golf Turf Pro
  • Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit
  • Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit Junior
  • Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit Ace
  • Golf Putting Green Turf Professional Mat
  • Golf Putting Green Practice Mat Kit 3x8 Feet
  • Golf Putting Green Practice Mat Kit 1.5x8 Feet
  • Golf Practice Mat Residential
  • Golf Practice Mat Commercial Heavy Duty

Virtual golf lessons can be a good idea for players, whether they just don’t have time to go to the course for a swing lesson in person or whether local health regulations force golfers to stick to remote golf lessons on Zoom.

A player can use a synthetic golfing mat to practice full swings at the house while following a YouTube lesson, or a player can work on putting with a putt mat at home while taking remote golf lessons.

Both private lessons and group lessons are available online. The instruction becomes far more meaningful when golfers are able to use fake grass during the indoor practice session. Some players may even go to a local park to perform the virtual golf lessons outdoors with a hitting mat.

What Is the Best Artificial Golf Grass for Covering Large Spaces?

For those seeking to have a huge space to take virtual golf lessons at home, rolls of artificial turf are the best selection. A roll will cover a large space in very little time, while also providing a reasonable cost per square foot of coverage, making the roll an economical choice.

A roll is also a smart selection for the country club that wants to create a space for people to take lessons outdoors at a driving range, while minimizing the maintenance required for the space. By using faux grass rolls in the driving range space, golfers will not take repeated divots out of the natural grass, leaving the driving range area chewed up and muddy.

For remote golf lessons for kids or players who are beginners, rolls of fake turf yield a durable choice, as these inexperienced players are more likely to take deep chunks out of natural grass, leaving the area needing constant repair and maintenance. Youth players just learning the game will not destroy a practice area that features nylon grass blades.

Greatmats Golf Tees Turf ProOne of the most popular choices for artificial turf rolls that deliver a reasonable value is the Greatmats Golf Tees Turf Pro product, which has a 1-inch pile height for a very realistic golfing surface indoors or outdoors.

This 12-foot wide roll is available in custom cut lengths (with a minimum order of 15 feet of length), so installers can order just the right size for the projected use case.

No matter how much rain the area received in recent days, this roll of faux grass will give the golfer a consistent surface from which to practice and to take virtual golf lessons. Developing a consistent swing is far easier when the golfer doesn’t have to worry about the conditions of the natural grass in the practice area.

Greatmats Golf Turf ProFor a shorter pile height and a lower cost in synthetic turf, consider the Greatmats Golf Turf Pro product, which features a 1/2-inch pile height. Because of the short pile height, this turf works for practicing putting, chipping, and full swings.

This durable roll of faux golfing grass ships in widths of 15 feet. Customers can select custom lengths with a minimum order of 15 feet of length required. Use this roll indoors or outdoors, as it has UV stabilization built into it.

Are Practice Green Mats Available for Practicing Approach Shots?

Rather than creating a huge space for remote golf lessons, some players may prefer to set up a mat for making the swing and having a second mat set up in the distance to mimic a green, allowing the golfer to work on approach shots and chipping, using the second mat as an aiming target.

Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat KitA popular option for this use case is the Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit, which consists of a 4-by-6-foot mat with a 1-inch foam backing and a 5/8-inch attached synthetic turf layer. The foam provides the cushioning needed to allow for a soft landing area for chip shots. The kit includes:
  • Cushioned 4x6 golf mat
  • Flags and flagsticks
  • 4-inch practice cups
  • 12x18 inch practice chipping mat
  • 12 floating golf balls

At a 4x6 size for the primary landing mat, golfers can take it anywhere for virtual golf lessons.

Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit JuniorFor a smaller practice green mat that costs a little less, while still providing the same level of cushioning, consider the Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit Junior. This kit contains the same items as the full size kit, but the practice green mat measures 3 by 4 feet.

This 3x4 junior practice mat is suitable for chipping practice. It provides the same 1-inch foam backing and 5/8-inch attached faux turf layer as the full size mat for remote golf lessons.

Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit AceFor an even smaller mat that measures 3x3 feet for a lower cost, the Golf Artificial Turf Floating Practice Mat Kit Ace product is an outstanding choice. It ships with everything that the other two kits have, and the landing mat also features a 1-inch foam backing and a 5/8-inch artificial turf layer attached.

All of these kits are made in the United States, and all of the primary landing mats carry an 8-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Do You Need a Putting Green for Remote Golf Lessons?

For those who will be taking virtual golf lessons for putting practice, having a practice putting green is a good idea. Having a practice cup is important in a putting green, so the golfer can receive constant feedback on the accuracy of the putting stroke.

Although some people may consider performing putting practice on carpeting, having an actual putting green works far better for remote golf lessons. The faux turf gives players a true ball roll, making practice sessions more valuable for generating a consistent putting stroke that they can use on the golf course.

Golf Putting Green Turf Professional MatFor an inexpensive option in a 3x8 foot mat, consider the Golf Putting Green Turf Professional Mat. This mat has a non-skid backing, so golfers never have to worry about the mat sliding across the floor while practicing putting during remote lessons. The 5 mm foam backing attaches to the artificial turf that measures about 7/16 inches in pile height.

This mat provides plenty of space for indoor putting practice. It ships with a putting cup, so golfers can visualize the line to the hole and figure out when they are making a consistent putting stroke.

Golf Putting Green Practice Mat Kit 3x8 FeetOne of the highest quality putting mats available is the
Golf Putting Green Practice Mat Kit 3x8 Feet. This mat has an excellent size for practicing short and medium length putts, which represents the most useful way to spend practice time at home. From this distance, golfers can learn how to maintain a consistent putting stroke.

This 3-by-8-foot mat has a 5 mm (about 0.2 inches) foam backing, and the mat has an entire 20 mm (about 0.8 inches) thickness measurement.

As an added advantage, this mat has practice cups on either end of the mat. Golfers can save time by putting from both ends of the mat, rather than always putting in the same direction and having to retrieve the ball each time.

Golf Putting Green Practice Mat Kit 1.5x8 FeetFor a narrower putting mat that carries a lower cost, try the Golf Putting Green Practice Mat Kit 1.5x8 Feet. This putting green includes putting practice cups on both ends, allowing golfers to save time versus having to retrieve the ball and always putting from the same end.

Is a Practice Mat a Good Investment for Taking Golf Lessons Virtually?

When golfers will be taking lessons remotely that involve full swing practice, a high quality swing mat is a must have tool. These artificial turf golfing mats should be able to stand up to repeated practice swings, delivering durability in an artificial grass configuration that mimics what the golfer would receive from natural turf at the golf course.

Golf Practice Mat ResidentialFor a reasonably priced swing mat to use for practicing at home, the 3-by-5-foot Golf Practice Mat Residential product will deliver the results golfers of all levels are seeking. This mat uses a 5 mm foam pad backing that delivers a high level of stability and consistency, helping golfers develop and maintain a consistent swing over and over.

Attached to the foam is a faux turf layer that measures a little more than 1/2 inch in pile height, delivering a realistic feel for full and partial swings golfers will want to make when practicing outdoors or indoors with a golf simulator machine or a practice net. It has a hole to insert a practice tee too.

Golf Practice Mat Commercial Heavy DutyFor those who need a greater size and a greater level of durability in the practice mat, the 4-by-5-foot Golf Practice Mat Commercial Heavy Duty product is a popular selection, especially for golf courses or country clubs where pros give lessons in person.

This high quality golf practice mat contains a 5/8-inch thick foam backing that delivers an impressive level of stability for golfers seeking a consistent surface from swing to swing. Attached to the foam layer is a 1-inch faux turf pile height, which gives a performance level similar to natural grass on a golf course fairway.