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What Makes a Good Mobile Dance Floor?

By Kyle Schurman Created: June, 2021 - Modified: January, 2024

A mobile dance floor provides an easy-to-use option for creating a space for dancing at a celebration or party at a business or at home.

This style of flooring needs to provide a few different benefits to be truly useful, including:

  • Ease of installation
  • Transforms a space quickly
  • Allows for DIY installs
  • Great looking design
  • Easy to store afterward

The floor allows the transformation of a space for multiple potential use cases involving dancing and events.

At a hotel or another business where hosting dances only occurs occasionally, the room can serve its primary use case the majority of the time. Installers then can lay out the floor and transform the room for the special event.

At a theater in a school or auditorium, having dance flooring available that’s portable is perfect. Installers can change out the flooring as needed for a play, a concert, or a dance.

An entertainment space could even host a last-minute concert with a live DJ when a mobile dance floor is available.

Should You Buy a Mobile Dance Floor or Rent It?

A rental mobile dance floor makes some sense for a one-time usage. However, for a bit more versatility, purchasing this type of floor is the better option.

Purchasing the floor ensures that it’s always available in the necessary size and configuration. A rental company may not have the flooring needed in stock at the desired price, especially at the last minute.

With the mobile dance floor purchased and in storage at the business, there’s no concern about preparing the space for an impromptu event. For a business that must try to make rental arrangements at the last minute, the rental process could take too long.

What Are Some Easy to Install Dance Floors?

One of the most important aspects of creating a mobile dance floor that will work for a quick layout ahead of a last-minute dance or concert is the ease of installation.

The tiles should be small enough to be easy to carry from location to location. They should have a connection system that makes the process go fast and that will work for a DIY layout, rather than needing to hire a professional.

EZ Portable Dance FloorOne popular option for sale for areas that host dances and similar types of events is the EZ Portable Dance Floor.

The ease of installation is found in the name with these tiles. They measure 12 by 12 inches and weigh only 2 pounds each, so one person can carry several of them into and out of storage.

The tiles pop together with a hidden tab and loop system on the underside of the tiles. This allows the install to go fast, but it also results in clean, straight edges being visible on the tiles. Those attending the dance may never know that it’s an interlocking floor - especially if border ramps are installed.

It has a vinyl layer that resembles a wood floor over the top of a durable plastic base that contains the interlocking system.

Portable Cam Lock Dance FloorAnother option with a wood grain finish is the commercial grade Portable Cam Lock Dance Floor. These 3-by-3-foot panels connect to each other with a Cam Lock system, which ensures a secure fit.

This is a durable vinyl flooring material that carries a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Five different wood grain colors are available, including:

  • American Plank
  • Dark Oak
  • Dark Walnut
  • Elegant Oak
  • Tropical Beech

Home Dance Subfloor KitTo create a bit of cushioning and noise reduction for mobile dance floor roll styles of flooring, such as marley flooring, some customers choose to add a Home Dance Subfloor Kit underneath them.

This is a lightweight and durable flooring system. It consists of foam tiles as the bottom layer, delivering cushion and noise reduction. The second layer consists of polypropylene plastic tiles to provide firmness. The dance floor -- purchased separately -- goes over the top.

All of the pieces of the kit have interlocking edges that simplify the installation process.

How Do You Create a Portable Dance Floor for Tap?

Tap Dance Floor KitWhen setting up a floor for a last-minute dance recital, installers have a couple of options.

The Tap Dance Floor Kit works well for practicing at home or for a quick performance.

If a dance studio is hosting a recital for many students with different dance styles, just lay out this tap kit for the tap performance. Then remove it afterward to return to the general use dance floor if it’s not already suitable for tap.

This kit measures 3 by 3 feet, providing plenty of space for one person to work on tap. The kit has nine tiles that pop together securely.

It uses a commercial grade vinyl, so the faux wood grain finish will continue to look like new. Border pieces are available to create a finished appearance.

Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Floor RollTo cover a large space, such as a stage, for a dance recital, the Rosco Adagio Touring Portable Floor Roll is one of the lightest rolls of Adagio flooring available.

This roll covers 534 square feet and weighs 163 pounds. Several people working together should be able to lay out the roll.

It is a thin type of vinyl, measuring less than 2 mm in thickness (about 0.08 inches), that works successfully for many types of dance.