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What Are The Thickest Exercise Mats?
Greatmats identifies a number of thick exercise mats that will work well when more cushion is needed including 1 and even 2 inches thick.
Top 5 Best Home Wrestling Mat Options
A home wrestling mat needs to provide safety for wrestlers over a multitude of surfaces, including concrete, carpet, tile &amp; more. Here are the best options.
Do MMA Mats Need An Underlayment?
We sometimes get the question about whether MMA mats need an underlayment. Well… the short answer is “That depends.”
What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring?
Vinyl flooring comes in many different styles including vinyl planks, panels, mats, rolls, tiles, and peel and stick.
What are the best judo mats for their price?
Greatmats discusses what are the best judo mats for the price, along with the most versatile, suitable and affordable for various applications.
Thick Foam Mats - The Best Foam Flooring Tiles and Padding
Choosing the best thickness of foam flooring including mats, tiles and rolls, for any occasion. Padded floors are a great asset for safety and comfort.
What Are The Dimensions Of A Turf Soccer Field?
Greatmats discusses what the dimensions are for a turf soccer field and lists 6 popular suitable products.
What Kinds of Floor Tape Are There?
Greatmats discusses the different types of floor tapes and which kind works best for different flooring situations.
Most Affordable Flooring Options: Rubber, Foam, Vinyl, Carpet & More
Greatmats talks about affordable flooring, listing prices per sq ft for a number of products from foam mats to artificial turf.
Uses For Rubber Flooring Beyond the Gym
Greatmats discusses many uses for rubber flooring other than gym or fitness flooring.
Home Gym Flooring Over Carpet: Exercise Mats For Carpet
Building a home gym on carpet requires isn't always easy. Greatmats offer tested home gym flooring for over carpet with unique features.
Why Would You Put A Rubber Mat Under A Pool
Greatmats discusses why you would choose to use a rubber mat for underneath a pool instead of foam or other substrates.
What Are Judo Mats Made Of?
Judo mats are made from many different materials including a variety of foams and covers.
Install Home Marley Dance Floor Over Carpet or Concrete
Installing DIY home marley dance floors over concrete or carpet is easy with blog.
The Top 3 Customer Uses for Plyometric Rubber Rolls
Learn how Greatmats customers use and feel about their plyometric rubber flooring.
Carpet Tiles And Mats Materials
Carpet tiles are made from materials such as peel and stick, raised carpet tiles, modular carpet tiles, and foam carpet.
Which Artificial Turfs Come In The Color Orange?
Greatmats identifies artificial turf products that comes in the color orange in addition to many other color options.
Folding Martial Arts Mats for Fall Training and Ground Fighting
Greatmats 5x10 ft by 2 inch folding mats are great for fall training in martial arts such as judo, hapkido, jiujitsu and aikido
What Types Of Flooring Are Used In A Dance School?
Dance school flooring allows for free, expressive movements. Greatmats has dance suitable for specific types of dance.
Aerobics Flooring, The Top 5 Floor Options for your Studio
Aerobic flooring top 5 best options for home and pro aerobic workout studios. Use aerobic flooring in rubber rolls, modular tiles and foam mats.
The Cost Of An Artificial Grass Putting Green Cost
In trying to determine an artificial grass putting green cost, there are a number of things to consider, like the specific products you’re considering installing.
What Is The Best Flooring For Swing Dance?
The best flooring for swing dance accommodates the fast, challenging moves that make this genre so fun and exciting.
How Much Do Vinyl Dance Floors Cost? Dance Floor Tiles?
Dance floors can very i cost and be made from any number of materials, including the most popular surfaces of vinyl or wood. A vinyl dance floor can come in rolls of vinyl.
What Is The Best Flooring For A Retail Space?
Flooring for retail space includes vinyl, rubber, and carpet. Use these products for display areas, front desks, entryways, or retail flooring.