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What Kinds of Floor Tape Are There?

By Kyle Schurman Created: March, 2021 - Modified: August, 2023

Certain types of flooring installations require floor tape to secure the flooring to the subfloor or to connect pieces of the flooring together. Many different kinds of floor tape exist, each of which fits a specific use case, including:

  • Vario All Around Dance Flooring Tape
  • Vinyl Dance Flooring Tape
  • Vario Silver Metallic Flooring Tape
  • Gmats Double Sided Flooring Tape
  • Success Tape
  • Gym Floor Cover Rolls of Tape

Using the right kind of tape is important to properly secure the flooring to the subfloor, while also avoiding causing damage to either the flooring or the subfloor. Using the wrong type of tape for a certain install may leave a sticky residue on the flooring or on the subfloor that’s difficult to fully remove, creating an unwanted mess.

Certain types of floor tape will require a special applicator or dispenser, so it is important for the installer to fully understand the instructions for applying the tape before starting the project.

What Kinds of Floor Tape Work Best With Vinyl Dance Floors?

Vario All Around Dance Flooring TapeWhen installing vinyl dance flooring, installers can use adhesive for a permanent type of layout, or they can use floor tape to secure the edges and seams of the marley flooring in a temp install. With tape, once practice or the performance is over, just pull up the tape and return the vinyl marley to storage.

A good choice that will work on many types of professional marley is the Vario All Around Dance Flooring Tape. This is a PVC tape that matches black colored vinyl flooring, so the 2-inch-wide tape will not be visible.

Vinyl Dance Flooring TapeA slightly less expensive style of floor tape that also works to secure marley in a semi-permanent or temporary install is the Vinyl Dance Flooring Tape roll. It has 2 inches of width and appears in black or gray colors, as well as in a transparent model.

Vario Silver Metallic Flooring TapeFor a metallic looking dance floor, there is also flooring tape to match. Take, for instance, the Vario Silver Metallic Flooring Tape has a noticeable silver color. This works beautifully to match the Vario Met Silver Metallic vinyl floor. It measures 2 inches in width and also works well to mark certain spots on the dance floor that will be easily visible to dancers needing to hit a mark during a practice session or a performance.

Can You Use Tape to Secure Flooring to a Subfloor Discreetly?

Some types of tapes for floors work to secure various flooring materials to the subfloor. This allows for a secure installation without the need to use glue.

Gmats Double Sided Flooring TapeFor marley dance floors consisting of vinyl, the Gmats Double Sided Flooring Tape is the preferred option, allowing for either a permanent or a semi-permanent installation. The 2-inch-wide tape has adhesive on both sides, which secures the tape to both the subfloor and the back of the dance flooring for the desired level of adhesion.

Success TapeSuccess Tape is a double sided tape option for securing rubber or vinyl flooring to a hard surface subfloor. This tape also works to place a roll of vinyl or rubber over the top of carpeting, if desired.

This specialized flooring tape has a width of 39 inches, allowing the installer to lay out wide strips for a secure adhesion to the subflooring.

Can You Use Floor Tape to Connect Gym Floor Protective Covers?

For a school, church, or athletic facility that invests in vinyl gym floor covers, having an ability to tape the covers together helps to hold them in place during an event, while reducing tripping hazards.

Gym Floor Cover Roll of TapeThe Gym Floor Cover Roll of Tape is the perfect choice for this use case, as the clear tape secures the covers together temporarily. When the installer removes the tape at the end of the event, it does not leave any residue behind that could create a mess.

To simplify the application of this tape, invest in a Walk Behind Tape Dispenser. The installer can comfortably stand upright while rolling the tape onto the seams between the covers.