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What Makes a Good Handstand Mat?
Greatmats discusses which products will make good handstand mats, including wedges, folding mats, rubber and puzzle mats.
What Is An Anti-Vibration Mat?
Greatmats discusses what an anti-vibration mat is and why rubber is a good material for vibration reducing mats. Where are these mats most commonly used?
What's The Best Resilient Vinyl Flooring?
Resilient vinyl flooring is great for high traffic areas. Greatmats vinyl flooring comes in durable vinyl rolls, planks, tiles and more. oak,
What Are The Best Exercise and Workout Mats for a Garage?
Converting your garage into a home gym is an exciting project. Here are the best exercise and workout mats for covering a concrete or cement garage floor.
What Is the Best Noise Resistant Flooring?
Greatmats discusses some options for the best noise resistant flooring for residential or commercial settings.
What's the Best Floor For a Cross Fitness Gym?
The best xfit flooring option for gym and competition venues including rubber flooring rolls and tiles as well as stall mats.
What Is The Difference Between A Rubber Floor And A Wood Floor?
Rubber floor and wood flooring have many benefits. Find the best cost for rubber and wood flooring at
What Is the Best Vinyl Mahogany Flooring?
Get the best high quality Vinyl Mahogany Flooring for indoor applications including marine floors.
What Flooring Is Best For Jive Dance?
Greatmats identifies a few options that will work best for jive dance and upbeat, faster paced dancing.
What Flooring Is Best For A Rope Workout?
Rope workout flooring for gym workouts like hiit can be found at Greatmats.
How Large Are Martial Arts Mats?
Greatmats discusses sizing and how large martial arts mats should be for specific uses and environments.
What Are The Best Mats For Russian Martial Arts?
Greatmats identifies products that are the best mats for Russian martial arts including buza, sambo, arb, systema and mma.
How Long Do Gym Floor Mats Last?
Gym floor mats, made from rubber, and foam, if properly cleaned and maintained, are designed to look great and perform well for quite some time
What Are Virtual Gym Classes?
Virtual gym classes are a great way to get exercise from home via the internet, you can use plastic, foam, and rubber gym floor mats and tiles.
The Best Sizes For A Goat Stall
Greatmats discusses what the ideal size is for a goat stall which includes a general stall, birthing stall and even a milking stall.
Is Artificial Turf Waterproof?
Waterproof artificial turf can be used for indoor and outdoor use. Find the best waterproof turf at Greatmats.
DIY Home Gym Flooring: Best Budget Home Gym Floors
Inexpensive home gym flooring options with easy DIY installation and proven quality performance.
The Many Uses of Home Rubber Flooring Rolls
Greatmats customers give feedback on how they use 1/4 inch thick 4x10 foot rubber flooring rolls. Their responses might surprise you!
How Thick Should Gym Flooring Mats Be?
Discover how thick gym flooring should be and where to find thick rubber mats for your space. Read our flooring guide here, or contact live support to learn more.
The Top 5 Customer Uses of Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 inch 4x10 Ft
See how Greatmats' Customers choose to use its 4x10 foot Rubber Flooring Rolls at a 1/4 inch thickness.
What Gym Flooring Is Best For 5x5 Workouts?
5x5 workout flooring can be used for squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more.
What Are The Thickest Exercise Mats?
Greatmats identifies a number of thick exercise mats that will work well when more cushion is needed including 1 and even 2 inches thick.
Top 5 Best Home Wrestling Mat Options
A home wrestling mat needs to provide safety for wrestlers over a multitude of surfaces, including concrete, carpet, tile &amp; more. Here are the best options.
Do MMA Mats Need An Underlayment?
We sometimes get the question about whether MMA mats need an underlayment. Well… the short answer is “That depends.”