What Is the Best Vinyl Mahogany Flooring?

By Kyle Schurman Created: January, 2021 - Modified: October, 2021

  1. What Are Some Benefits of Mahogany Flooring Vinyl Rolls?

  2. Where Can Vinyl Mahogany Flooring Be Installed?

  3. How Do Mahogany Vinyl Rolls Look?

  4. What Is the Best Way to Install a Vinyl Roll of Mahogany?

When seeking to simulate mahogany flooring with a vinyl alternative, consider the LonMarine Wood Vinyl Rolls from the Greatmats lineup of vinyl flooring. There are two styles of this vinyl flooring that feature mahogany, including a solid mahogany and a mahogany with holly coordinating trim.

Natural hardwood mahogany flooring is an expensive style of hardwood to install, so it may not fit into every budget. For those who appreciate the look of this impressive style of flooring, vinyl alternatives give the look of mahogany at a fraction of the cost.

What Are Some Benefits of Mahogany Flooring Vinyl Rolls?

Rolls of vinyl give quite a few benefits when installed, including:
  • It’s hard for someone to tell the difference between the hardwood and the vinyl at a glance, as the rolls have the same rich color as the real thing.
  • The vinyls can simulate the plank layout of the actual hardwood, giving it a realistic look.
  • The cost of covering the entire room with the vinyl rolls is far less than using real hardwoods.
  • With vinyl, there is no need to undergo a refinishing process, as may need to occur occasionally with actual hardwoods.

LonWood Mahogany Vinyl Flooring

Compared to actual mahogany hardwood, the vinyl does have some disadvantages, including:
  • Mahogany is an extremely hard style of wood, even outperforming oak in terms of stability, but vinyl can’t match this level of hardness.
  • The resale value of a home or office building with actual mahogany wood installed will be higher than one with a vinyl that looks like mahogany flooring.

Still, vinyl mahogany is a nice alternative when looking to save money, meaning, depending on the needs of the location, the potential negatives are not as important as the benefits the vinyl provides.

Where Can Vinyl Mahogany Flooring Be Installed?

One of the biggest advantages of the LonMarine roll is its ability to handle a few different potential use cases, as it has a high level of versatility.

Primarily, this brand works for fully interior installs. It is slip-resistant flooring that’s going to work well in an indoor environment, including an indoor marine environment, protecting those walking across it from the possibility of slipping.

There is an opportunity to do semi-exterior installation with this model as well. However, adding a finish to the vinyl when it’s in a semi-exterior location limits the potential install options. There’s also the opportunity to do the semi-exterior install without using a finish.

How Do Mahogany Vinyl Rolls Look?

The LonMarine vinyl closely approximates the look of the actual mahogany wood. The shades of color in real mahogany hardwood primarily deliver a rich, reddish brown, although a few shade variants are possible. This color evokes feelings of sophisticated designs in homes and commercial buildings. It also has a smoother, subtle grain than some other hardwoods, enhancing the feeling of luxury.

When choosing this roll to complete the look of a particular room, customers can choose the style of finish that it will appear to have, simulating a hardwood finish. Select a finish for the vinyl of either:
  • Matte
  • Gloss

Having the ability to select the desired finish ensures that the mahogany flooring in vinyl material will match the decor and the furniture that’s already in the room. It also creates a seamless design that helps to deliver the perfect look.

The LonMarine rolls provide the appearance of marine wood, which is a unique, striking look, using a color coordinating trim.

What Is the Best Way to Install a Vinyl Roll of Mahogany?

For the LonMarine roll, the installation process can be quite involved, often requiring the help of a professional. This vinyl will need to undergo a gluing to the subfloor. It is not possible to use vinyl tape or another temporary kind of adhesive to install this type of flooring. It’s only appropriate for a permanent install.

The subfloor requires quite a bit of preparation before attempting the install, including patching of any low spots or holes, removing previous adhesive materials, and undergoing a thorough cleaning. Installers must allow the roll to acclimate to the humidity and temperature in the area of the install before beginning the process.

Because of the heft of each roll at about 260 pounds, it can be difficult for someone to do a DIY installation. It may take a professional installer to do the job, as the pro may have the equipment required to move the large roll into place before laying it out. With multiple people on hand to move the roll, though, the layout can be a DIY job.

Each LonMarine roll of mahogany flooring measures 6 by 60 feet, giving installers the ability to cover a large space in a short time. At just 2 mm in thickness, installers easily can cut the roll to fit in a smaller space, if needed.

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