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waterproof foam mats thumbnail
Are foam mats waterproof?
Certain foam mats are waterproof. Others are not. Look for closed cell foams such as eva or cross-linked polyethylene foam mats when in you need waterproof flooring.
best flooring for metal shoe spikes thumbnail
What Is The Best Spike Resistant Flooring?
Spike resistant flooring is great for sport areas that where cleats are used. These areas include soccer fields, golf shops, track and field, softball, and cycling studios.
non slip laundry room thumbnail
Where Would You Need Slip Or Skid Resistant Flooring?
Skid and slip resistant flooring products are used in many different types of settings and applications, including factories, bathrooms, restaurants and more.
interlocking exercise and workout mats - eva foam material thumbnail
What Are The Best Interlocking Exercise Mats Made Of?
The interlocking exercise or workout mats at Greatmats are made from quality EVA foam, rubber options and also pvc plastic.
Best colored foam puzzle mats for kids and playrooms thumbnail
What Are The Best Colored Puzzle Floor Mats?
The best colored puzzle floor mats provide a wide range of choices and eye-catching colors to your flooring.
4x6 rubber mats thumbnail
How Much Do 4x6 Rubber Mats Cost?
4x6 rubber mats, 4x6 rubber stall mats, and 4x6 rubber gym mats can be found at Greatmats.
wall pad thickness thumbnail
How Thick Should Wall Padding Be for Sports?
Wall padding thickness recommendations do vary depending on where the pads will be installed and for what purpose.
Anti fatigue mats for workshops are heat resistant thumbnail
What Kind of Floor Mats Are Heat Resistant?
Greatmats discusses what kinds of flooring mats are heat resistant and what settings they can be used in.
costs of commercial carpet tiles thumbnail
Commercial Carpet Tiles Pricing and Availability
How much do commercial carpet tile costs for installations in an office, retail space, or other location
Home Tatami Sport Tile Special Needs Area thumbnail
Top 7 Uses of Home Tatami Sport Tile 20 mm
Home Tatami Sport Tile uses go well beyond the dojo. Take a look at a few other ways Greatmats customers have used the foam tiles.
should you steam mop your laminate floor thumbnail
Can I Use A Steam Mop On Laminate Floors?
Greatmats discusses if you should use a steam mop on laminate floors or what other choices would be better.
Stage pads in a school thumbnail
Stage Pads & Mats for School and Gymnasium Safety
Learn how to use stage pads in schools and gyms. Protect students from stage edges with staging padding and stage mats.
virgin rubber floor tiles for gym thumbnail
When Would You Want Virgin Rubber Gym Flooring?
Greatmats identifies a few instances when using virgin rubber gym flooring is advantageous over recycled rubber flooring products.
rubber counter mat thumbnail
The Benefits Of A Rubber Counter Mat
Rubber counter mats are great for offices, kitchen counters, workbenches, and bar top.
recycled rubber mats straight edge thumbnail
Are Rubber Mats Recyclable?
Greatmats discusses recycled rubber mats including how to recycle them yourselves or starting out with purchasing them with recycled content.
Aerial Arts Ribbon Practice over Aerial Crash Mats thumbnail
The Best Aerial Mats for Aerial Arts and Gymnastics
Aerial Gymnastics and Aerial Arts offer a great creative and physical outlet, but it also comes with risks. Choose the right aerial gymnastics safety mat.
color options for cork flooring thumbnail
Does Cork Flooring Come in Different Colors?
Greatmats discusses the cork flooring color options and styles that are available for purchase, from modern to industrial appearance.
Life Floor Foam Rubber Bathroom Flooring Ideas thumbnail
Bathroom Flooring Ideas that are Cushioned for Comfort
Looking for bathroom flooring ideas that will add comfort and style? Then, you can't go wrong with these cushioned floor options. Click to learn more.
What Are the Best Mats for Online Pilates Classes?
What types of flooring works best for online virtual pilates classes that will provide a firm, but cushioned floor?
i-beam pole padding for indoor gym thumbnail
What are the different kinds of pole padding?
Greatmats talks about the different kinds of pole, beam &amp; pilaster padding that is available for round, square and i-beam beams and support structures.
workout flooring for zoom fitness classes thumbnail
What's the Best Flooring for Online Exercise Classes?
Some of the best flooring for online exercise classes include foam mats, rubber roll and also turf tiles for your home.
spray tan mat thumbnail
The best spray tan mat
The best spray tan mats for home or commercial settings. These foam tiles are non-slip, durable and will protect your existing floor.
Home Kids Bedroom Flooring thumbnail
Mats for Yoga, Kids, Dog Agility and Kickboxing - 20 mm Foam Mats
Home Exercise and Play Mats from Greatmats are perfect for yoga flooring, kids play mats, dog agility mats, kickboxing mats and much more.
flooring that holds up best in a beach house thumbnail
What Flooring Holds up Best in Beach Houses?
There are a few flooring products that hold up best for a beach house or lake house.