Where Would You Need Slip Or Skid Resistant Flooring?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: March, 2021 - Modified: March, 2024

Skid and slip-resistant flooring products are used in many different types of settings and applications, from pools, factories, bathrooms, retirement homes, restaurants, industrial facilities, showrooms, and other commercial buildings. Many playground and garage settings and gymnasiums are often outfitted with skid-resistant flooring, too, for aesthetic and safety reasons.

These types of flooring solutions are designed and manufactured with properties and features that help reduce slipperiness and increase traction. Some settings that could use concrete or wood, for example, will get slippery when wet. Choosing a slip-resistant flooring solution will help reduce injuries and even damage to the floor - as well as goods and tools that could potentially be dropped and broken.

Greatmats offers numerous slip-resistant flooring solutions, with the following 8 representing a great sample of some of the best:
  1. Patio Outdoor Tile
  2. Interlocking Dog Agility Mats
  3. Wearwell Ergodeck No Slip Cleats Open
  4. SoftFlex Floor Tile
  5. Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles
  6. Invigorator Mat
  7. Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll
  8. Tredlite Sponge Vinyl Ribbed Mat

Each of these 8 products is at the head of their class, with solutions suitable for pool areas, showers, decks, gyms, industrial settings, and more. Here, we will take a closer look at each of the products - highlighting their benefits and features and offering suggestions for suitable applications for each.

For Outdoor Patios, Pool Areas, And Wet Areas

Having an appropriate flooring surface in a pool, waterpark, or other wet areas is important for so many reasons. The safest wet area floors will protect from a fall injury, provide an anti-slip surface, prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and be one that is easy to clean and maintain. They should also be durable, versatile, attractive, comfortable, and designed for safety.

patio outdoor tilePatio Outdoor Tile is a lightweight PVC product that is known for its fast-drying, non-slip surface texture that provides a comfortable surface on which to walk or stand. This skid-resistant flooring can be installed over compacted surfaces, concrete, wood, and brick using a simple snap-together process. The resulting floor is one that provides a safe wet area perfect for pool surrounds, deck top floors, and any other outdoor area. The tiles prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and they have been UV treated. Aside from desks and pool surrounds, these tiles are also used for sports courts, gaga pits, boats, docks, and indoor lounges and shower areas.

heronrib wet areas safety matting rollHeronrib Wet Area Safety Matting Roll is great for indoor and outdoor pools, changing rooms, spas, saunas, Jacuzzis, surfing machines, splash pads, and more. It offers slip and skid resistance, and it is comfortable and safe for bare feet. It’s antibacterial and antifungal, and it is self-draining. It features a loose lay open grid vinyl construction, and it’s easy to roll up and roll out. It’s also easy to keep clean.

For Pets

Finding products that are safe for pets and pet handlers is super important. You want to find a solution that is slip and skid resistant but also made from materials that will not harm the pet or trainer.

interlocking dog agility matsWhen working with pets, it’s important to have the right kind of surface on which they can train. The Interlocking Dog Agility Mats are just that. They offer the ideal skid-resistant flooring option for any agility space - providing maximum comfort for trainers and dogs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, or other agility pets with their non-slip grip top. They are densely constructed and free from lead and latex, and they hold training equipment in place. They are also waterproof, lightweight, and portable, and they require no adhesive or pad for installation. These mats are suitable for dog agility training facilities, dog obedience schools, and flyball courses.

For Factories, Businesses, And Industrial Environments

Choosing flooring solutions for a factory or industrial setting is one with many considerations to keep in mind. This type of flooring should be slip and skid resistant, and it should also resist chemicals and liquid and offer anti-fatigue benefits.

wearwell ergodeeck no slip cleats open surface matsWearwell Ergodeck No Slip Cleats Open surface mats offer a high traction, open-top surface that promotes drainage and flow-through of liquid and debris. They also offer an ergonomic design and offer fatigue relief, and their no-slip cleats prevent unwanted slips and falls. They are great for workstations and other industrial environments, and they outperform and outlast grit. Their positive interlocking system prevents separation, and they are designed to endure constant power washing and aggressive maintenance. They are suitable for machining, general manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing environments.

invigorator matAn Invigorator Mat is another great option for industrial space, as it is super easy to clean and features a durable fluted vinyl surface that enhances traction. It is perfect for shipping, machine shop, and maintenance areas, and custom-cut lengths are available.

tredlite sponge vinyl ribbed matA Tredlite Sponge Vinyl Ribbed Mat is great for a hostess station, cashier stand, industrial area, or work station, and it is designed to increase comfort and safety. It features a fabulous slip-resistant surface, and it insulates against cold and noise. It’s a super economical product that comes in black and it has four rounded sides. Available in ribbed surface texture, it’s an attractive mat that does an excellent job providing fatigue relief.

For Assisted Living And Senior Citizen Housing Environments

Flooring is a very important element to consider for an aging person’s home, as it can directly impact their quality of life, safety, and well-being. It can also affect their mobility and their overall confidence. Flooring for assisted living and senior housing does not have to be limited to carpet, as there are slip and skid-resistant flooring solutions at Greatmats that are ideal for any room or space that seniors will utilize.

softflex floor tileSoftFlex Floor Tile is a perfect flooring solution for a senior citizen’s bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. This soft PVC flooring is made in the USA with a unique texture designed for both safety and comfort, and it also allows for the flow-through of water with its raised design. This product is simple to install without adhesive, resulting in a waterproof, slip-resistant, antimicrobial floor. It comes in numerous colors and provides anti-fatigue benefits, as well.

For A Variety Of Settings And Spaces

If you are seeking skid and slip-resistant flooring that can be used in play areas, workout spaces, and a variety of other home or commercial settings, selecting options that are versatile enough to look and perform well is essential.

interlocking rubber floor tileInterlocking Rubber Floor Tiles work well in home gym, basement, or garage settings. They are 2x2 by 8mm, easy to install, and designed to withstand the heavy weight of exercise equipment and constant foot traffic. They also dampen noise. The tile’s thickness provides for durable, long-lasting surfacing, and they are simple to keep clean by sweeping and vacuuming. They offer a smooth, but non-slip surface that will provide years of quality flooring in a variety of settings, like home gyms, basements, garages, weight rooms, and more.

Greatmats - For Slip Resistant Flooring For All Spaces and Places!

Choosing safe floors can take some time and research, but taking the time to find one that features the benefits most important to you is well worth the time investment.

Greatmats offers the best selection of skid-resistant flooring solutions for virtually any application - from an outdoor pool area to a factory or industrial setting. There are many circumstances and settings that call for safe and comfortable flooring, and Greatmats has you covered. There are many different products available that will look attractive while performing well in a home or commercial setting.

If you still have questions about which product is right for you, the friendly customer service team at Greatmats can help you determine the best solution for your project - based on the size and location of your project, your design preferences, and your budget. They will help you find the solution that will be the perfect complement to your space.

The 8 products highlighted provide a snapshot of many different types of flooring available, with a solution that would be perfect for any project. Regardless of the flooring product you choose, you simply can’t go wrong when you purchase from Greatmats.