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Peel and Stick Laminate Floor Tiles thumbnail
What is better - laminate or vinyl plank flooring?
Laminate Flooring vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Discover how they differ and when each is best.
How to clean protective wall padding thumbnail
How Do You Clean Protective Wall Padding?
Greatmats discusses a few steps of how to clean protective wall padding successfully.
How Many Square Feet Is A Jiu-Jitsu Mat? thumbnail
How Many Square Feet Is A Wrestling Or Jiu Jitsu Mat?
jiu jitsu mats are great for wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Use these interlocking wrestling mats at home, in your garage or for commercial use.
trade show flooring thumbnail
The Best High Heel Friendly Trade Show Flooring
High heels have nothing on these popular trade show flooring tiles from Greatmats. Each floor tile mentioned here is resistant to puncture.
dog rally obedience championship training mats  thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For Dogs Doing Rally Obedience?
Rally obedience training for dogs or rally-o, require soft cushioned dog training mats and flooring. Find these dog obedience training mats at Greatmats.
4x6 Punter Top Straight Standard Rubber Mats close up. thumbnail
4x6 Textured Rubber Mats for Gym and Horse Stalls
Learn the benefits of the 4x6 foot rubber Sundance horse stall mats for home and commercial gym use as well as horse stalls. View our video today.
How Thick Should Dog Daycare Flooring Be thumbnail
How thick should rubber flooring be for dog daycares?
Greatmats discusses how thick rubber flooring for a dog daycare should be, usually rubber floors between 1/4” and 3/4” thick provide a great surface for dogs.
gymnasium wall padding how to repair damage thumbnail
Can You Repair Gymnasium Wall Padding?
Greatmats discusses ways you can repair damaged gymnasium wall padding and how you can maintain it to minimize damage.
Terracotta look outdoor flooring tiles thumbnail
What Flooring Looks Like Clay or Terracotta Floor Tiles?
Greatmats lists a number of flooring options that look like clay or terra cotta floor tiles for home or commercial applications.
artificial grass outdoor turf for gyms thumbnail
Is Outdoor Turf Good For Gyms?
Outdoor turf can be used for indoor gyms and indoor soccer fields. Find indoor gym turf options at Gym Rubber Flooring.
non-slip rubber matting for dog cage thumbnail
Where Do You Find Non-Slip Rubber Matting For Dog Cages?
Greatmats offers a wide variety of non-slip rubber matting for dog cages that work perfectly in everything from small to large kennels.
Green Interlocking Playground Mat thumbnail
Interlocking Playground Mat - BB Tiles 2.5 Features and Benefits Video
This 2.5 inch thick interlocking playground mat offers many features and benefits that make it more than just a cheap outdoor playground flooring option.
Tap Dance Mat Kit 3x3  thumbnail
How Big Is A Tap Mat?
When selecting a tap mat, you will want to know how big it is. Various sizes of tap dance mats are available, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and other sizes available.
dog agility mats thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For Dogs Doing Canine Freestyle?
When choosing the best flooring for dogs, select one that will provide support to the bones and joints, and one that will also allow for free movement.
Green rubber playground tiles thumbnail
Interlocking Park Playground Mats - Rubber Outdoor Safety Flooring
Greatmats stocks interlocking rubber playground tiles with a six foot critical fall height rating. These work great as park playground mats for child safety
Adagio Marley Dance Flooring thumbnail
The Top 2 Factors in Choosing Dance Flooring
Dance flooring in solid wood, laminate, and rosco adagio marley can be found at Find the best option based on your style, ex. Ballet, hiphop, moderd, and tap.
Artificial Turf Styles with Varying Thicknesses thumbnail
Why Are There So Many Artificial Turf Thicknesses?
Greatmats identifies many thicknesses of artificial turf and their specific uses and base layers. The purpose of the turf will determine the required thickness.
sports hall gym wall pads thumbnail
Why To Use Sports Hall Wall Padding?
Sports hall wall padding is used for safety, protection, and promotion of logos or mascots. Find the best wall and door sport padding at Greatmats.
donkey in a stall peeking out thumbnail
Do Donkeys Need Stalls & What Size Should They Be?
Greatmats discusses how donkeys can benefit from a stall in a barn, even though they have a reputation for being hardy animals.
Sterling Playground Tile Gray thickness. thumbnail
Sterling Playground Tile 3.25 Features and Benefits Video
Learn what makes Greatmats Sterling Playground tiles at a 3.25 inch thickness special.
Racquetball Flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Portable Racquetball Court Flooring?
Greatmats identifies the best options for portable racquetball court flooring that is durable, attractive and easy to clean.
jessica from catapult movement sitting on a stack of blue and black folding gym mats thumbnail
How Jessica Thompson Found The Right Folding Gym Mats
Thompson knew that she needed quality gym mats for Catapult Movement, her Mobile Acrobatics Studio and someone recommended Greatmats!
gym wall padding thumbnail
How To Measure For Gym Wall Padding Cutouts
Gym wall padding can be customized and is sold at
using equine padding for horse fence thumbnail
What's The Best Fence Padding For Horses?
Greatmats discusses a couple options for the best fence padding for horses and how they are beneficial.