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Why To Use Sports Hall Wall Padding?
Sports hall wall padding is used for safety, protection, and promotion of logos or mascots. Find the best wall and door sport padding at Greatmats.
Rubber Pool Deck Tile Pavers - Comparing Pavers for Pool Decks
Which rubber pavers for pool deck application are the best? Check out our comparison of deck tile pavers here. We offer ideas for the cheapest, most attractive and more!
What Are the Best Mats for Online Pilates Classes?
What types of flooring works best for online virtual pilates classes that will provide a firm, but cushioned floor?
What's the Best Flooring for Online Exercise Classes?
Some of the best flooring for online exercise classes include foam mats, rubber roll and also turf tiles for your home.
Do Donkeys Need Stalls & What Size Should They Be?
Greatmats discusses how donkeys can benefit from a stall in a barn, even though they have a reputation for being hardy animals.
Where Would You Need Slip Or Skid Resistant Flooring?
Skid and slip resistant flooring products are used in many different types of settings and applications, including factories, bathrooms, restaurants and more.
What Kind Of Rubber Playground Border Is Needed For Interlocking Tile
Rubber playground borders for indoor and outdoor playground can be found at
How To Measure For Gym Wall Padding Cutouts
Gym wall padding can be customized and is sold at
Can You Cover A Wheelchair Ramp With Rubber?
A wheelchair ramp can be covered with rubber to deliver a non-skid surface that will not rot or rust.
Are foam mats waterproof?
Certain foam mats are waterproof. Others are not. Look for closed cell foams such as eva or cross-linked polyethylene foam mats when in you need waterproof flooring.
What's The Best Fence Padding For Horses?
Greatmats discusses a couple options for the best fence padding for horses and how they are beneficial.
What Are The Best Colored Puzzle Floor Mats?
The best colored puzzle floor mats provide a wide range of choices and eye-catching colors to your flooring.
Sterling Playground Tile 3.25 Features and Benefits Video
Learn what makes Greatmats Sterling Playground tiles at a 3.25 inch thickness special.
Are Rubber Mats Recyclable?
Greatmats discusses recycled rubber mats including how to recycle them yourselves or starting out with purchasing them with recycled content.
How Thick Should Wall Padding Be for Sports?
Wall padding thickness recommendations do vary depending on where the pads will be installed and for what purpose.
The Best Aerial Mats for Aerial Arts and Gymnastics
Aerial Gymnastics and Aerial Arts offer a great creative and physical outlet, but it also comes with risks. Choose the right aerial gymnastics safety mat.
Can I Use A Steam Mop On Laminate Floors?
Greatmats discusses if you should use a steam mop on laminate floors or what other choices would be better.
Top 7 Uses of Home Tatami Sport Tile 20 mm
Home Tatami Sport Tile uses go well beyond the dojo. Take a look at a few other ways Greatmats customers have used the foam tiles.
Commercial Carpet Tiles Pricing and Availability
How much do commercial carpet tile costs for installations in an office, retail space, or other location
The Top 2 Factors in Choosing Dance Flooring
Dance flooring in solid wood, laminate, and rosco adagio marley can be found at Find the best option based on your style, ex. Ballet, hiphop, moderd, and tap.
The Benefits Of A Rubber Counter Mat
Rubber counter mats are great for offices, kitchen counters, workbenches, and bar top.
What Size Horse Is A 10x10 Stall Good For?
10x10 interlocking rubber horse stall mats can be found at Greatmats.
Stage Pads & Mats for School and Gymnasium Safety
Learn how to use stage pads in schools and gyms. Protect students from stage edges with staging padding and stage mats.
Installing Outdoor Tile Over a Wood Deck - Options
When installing outdoor tiles over wood deck surfaces, you need flooring that is up to the task. Check out our guide to help you with the installation.