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What Are The Best Cork Flooring Options?
Cork flooring is a great wood replacement and is more environmentally friendly. Cork flooring is great for installing in your living room, basement, kitchen and bathroom.
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Does Cork Flooring Come in Different Colors?
Greatmats discusses the cork flooring color options and styles that are available for purchase, from modern to industrial appearance.
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What Is The Best Underlayment For Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring underlay is needed to install many types of wood or laminate flooring. Instal over concrete to create a vapor barrier.
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What is better - laminate or vinyl plank flooring?
Laminate Flooring vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Discover how they differ and when each is best.
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What Are The Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring?
Discover the benefits and drawback of laminate flooring including everything from where you can install laminate to how easy its is to clean and refinish.
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How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last?
Greatmats discusses the question of how long laminate flooring lasts and names a few laminate flooring options for residential and commercial applications.
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Should You Mop Laminate Floors?
Greatmats discusses the question of whether or not you should mop, vacuum, wax, and perform other practices on your laminate floor.
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Can You Install Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood?
Greatmats discusses how you can install laminate flooring over top of hardwood floor and the best products options.
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Can You Put Heavy Furniture On Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring can support heavy furniture, but how long and how well it holds up depends on the quality of laminate and precautionary steps and maintenance taken.
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What is the Best Laminate Flooring?
If you're looking for the best reviewed laminate flooring options with a hardwood or grey weathered wood look, here are your top options.
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What's The Best Underlay For Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring underlay can be found at Greatmats in materials such as cork and rubber.
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Does A Laminate Floor Look Cheap?
Just because a laminate floor often comes with a lower price tag on many other flooring types, it doesn't have to look cheap.
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Is Cork Flooring Waterproof, And How Thick Is It?
Cork flooring tiles is a great waterproof option for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
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Can You Put Laminate Over Tile, Concrete Or Plywood?
Laminate flooring over tile, concrete, and plywood. Create a new, fresh look by installing laminate over your old flooring.
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What Is the Purpose Of Cork Gym Flooring?
Discover the advantages of incorporating cork flooring into your gym or workout spaces. Read more about this durable and strong flooring in this post.
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What is composite flooring? 
Greatmats looks at what is laminate flooring and multiple different materials that been blended together to result in a final laminate product.
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Top 5 Basement Floors for Dens
Basement den flooring ideas can be found at greatmats. Choose from 5 different den floor styles and materials.
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What's The Best Mold Resistant Flooring?
Mold resistant flooring is needed for areas that create mildew. Mold-resistant flooring includes bathrooms, fitness centers, basements, outdoor patios, and pool flooring.
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What are the Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the disadvantages of laminate flooring, along with the advantages of high quality laminate floor options.
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Is LVT Flooring Better Than Laminate?
LVT flooring is similar to laminate and has many benefits. Find lvt can be found at
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What kind of flooring is good for a music studio?
Greatmats identifies 3 music studio flooring options that will offer a natural, high quality sound and work well for any home, basement or commercial studio.
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Can You Put Laminate Or Vinyl Plank Flooring Over Tile?
Laminate flooring and vinyl over tile is easy to instal using Greatmats laminate and vinyl.
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Qualifications for Green Flooring Products
Greatmats discusses green flooring and what the qualifications are for those eco-friendly products.
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What is the Best Wine Cellar Flooring?
Greatmats identifies best wine cellar flooring options that include cork laminate, rubber and plastic options. The best options provide moisture protection.