Can You Install Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood?

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

  1. How Do You Know If You Can Use Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood?

  2. What Is the Easiest Laminate Tile to Install?

  3. What Is the Best Laminate With Anti-Fatigue Properties?

  4. What Type of Vinyl Planks Will Not Show Imperfections in the Subfloor?

  5. Is There Any Option for Peel and Stick Laminate Over the Top of Hardwoods?

When installing laminate flooring over hardwood, the type of material in use in the laminate is important. Vinyl or laminate that requires a glue down install or uses a peel and stick adhesive could cause damage to the hardwood subfloor or may show imperfections in the subfloor.

Laminate flooring over hardwood can create a significantly updated look for a room without the hassle of refinishing and replacing worn out wood flooring. Just put the interlocking laminate tile over the hardwood, and it will create a better look at a lower cost than redoing the hardwood.

To return to the original subfloor at some point, just disassemble the tiles and place them into storage.

As an added benefit, the layer of laminate flooring over hardwood may provide a more user-friendly cleaning cleaning experience to keep it looking like new.

How Do You Know If You Can Use Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood?

For the best results when installing your vinyl or laminate interlocked tiles atop the wood floors, think about the following issues.

  • Hardwood in disrepair: If the existing hardwood floor has significant holes, warping, unstable footing, or other issues that will compromise the laminate layout, repairs should occur first.
  • Unattached hardwood: If the hardwood floor is not properly affixed to the subfloor material, the tiles of laminate flooring over hardwood will not work well, as the two flooring layers may shift and move against each other.
  • Tight doors: Check the height of the laminate flooring. If doors opening to the room are nearly scraping against the hardwood now, the extra height from the tiles will block the doors, so the doors may need trimming before the install occurs.

What Is the Easiest Laminate Tile to Install?

Customers appreciate the tab and loop, hidden interlocking edges on the Easy Installation Max Tile Raised Floor Tile product. Just line up the tabs on one edge of the 12x12 inch tile with the loops on the adjacent tile and pop them together. After installing the tiles, no one can see the interlocking section. They’ll only see a clean line installation.

Each 5/8 inch thick tile consists of a faux slate or wood design printed on vinyl over a plastic base. Installers do not need to add an underlayment to install these tiles, which allows the install to go quickly.

The Max Tile is a durable product, carrying a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. To return to the original hardwood flooring, just disassemble these tiles and place them in storage until the next time they’re needed.

What Is the Best Laminate With Anti-Fatigue Properties?

For people looking for a different type of laminate to place over an original hardwood flooring, consider the Anti-fatigue Cork Laminate Flooring Latvia product. The cork layer provides cushioning for the lower leg joints, hips, and back.

Cork is a natural product that offers water- and abrasion-resistance, while also serving to insulate against noise.

As an advantage when going over a hardwood floor, installers do not need glue to assemble the planks. This means customers can return to the original hardwoods at some time in the future without having to worry about a significant mess. For the install, just press the edge of one plank into the adjacent plank, locking them together for a secure layout.

What Type of Vinyl Planks Will Not Show Imperfections in the Subfloor?

The SupraTile Designer Vinyl Top has a nearly 7 mm thickness measurement (more than 1/4 inch), which allows it to resist showing imperfections in the floor better than thinner glue down or peel and stick laminates (which often measure 1/8 inch in thickness).

The SupraTile’s design allows it to work over almost any kind of firm subfloor, even if it isn’t perfectly smooth, including hardwood, concrete, or old asbestos tiles. It’s made to hide minor cracks, bumps, and undulations.

The SupraTile uses an interlocking edge on each plank, which creates an easy installation. Just pop the tiles together, and the interlocking edge becomes hidden under the clean, straight edge on the connected planks.

Is There Any Option for Peel and Stick Laminate Over the Top of Hardwoods?

Customers can place a peel and stick vinyl or laminate flooring over hardwood, but it requires quite a bit more prep work. Sand the existing hardwood flooring to create a perfectly smooth finish. (Understand that the peel and stick adhesive could leave residue if removed later.)

The other option is to add an engineered plywood layer (1/4 inch works best) over the top of the existing hardwood. Then place the peel and stick tiles on the plywood.

To receive an option other than the typical faux hardwood peel and stick vinyl tile, consider the Vinyl Peel and Stick Slate Floor Tile, featuring a faux slate finish. These 12-by-12-inch tiles go down quickly, covering the space in no time. They are water resistant and wear resistant, so feel free to install them in high traffic areas.

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