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Weight Room Flooring for Schools, Gyms, Universities thumbnail
What is the best flooring for a school weight room?
The best flooring for school weight rooms is determined by the appropriate thickness, shock absorption and also noise reduction properties for weights hitting the floor.
interlocking rubber floor tiles thumbnail
What Are the Best Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles?
Interlocking rubber floor tiles are some of the most versatile flooring systems for both indoor and outdoor uses including gyms, basements and patios.
wood look flooring is faux wood in family roo thumbnail
What Is Fake Flooring?
When we talk about fake flooring, we’re really discussing flooring that mimics another type of flooring, it is not actually fake.
Create a professional home dance studio in the basement thumbnail
What's the Best Basement Dance Studio Flooring?
Discover what the best basement dance studio flooring options are and what our customers are using.
Rolled Rubber Basement Flooring thumbnail
Best Basement Flooring Material Options - Rubber, Foam, Plastic
The best flooring material options for basements include rubber, foam and plastic tiles for cold concrete surfaces.
Greatmats Jazzercise Flooring thumbnail
Aerobic Dance Flooring - Jazzercise Wichita Testimonial
Wichita Kansas Jazzercise studio owner finds Greatmats Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile to be the best fit for her booming dance fitness business.
Marley Dance Floor thumbnail
Permanent vs. Portable Dance Flooring
Discover the differences between portable and permanent dance floors and how they are constructed.
Modern flooring options for kitchens thumbnail
What Is The Most Popular Modern Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what are the most popular modern day flooring options and solutions for today.
dog proof flooring thumbnail
What Kind Of Flooring Holds Up Best To Dogs?
Dog proof flooring that is anti scratch, waterproof, and easy to potty train on can be found at
waterproof vinyl
What Is The Best Waterproof Wood Flooring Alternative?
Waterproof wood flooring comes in laminate, foam and vinyl. They are affordable and easy to install. Works great in bathrooms or any space needing protection from water.
Pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring thumbnail
What Are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring for home or commercial installations.
Soft Tiles foam flooring thumbnail
What Is A Soft Tile? - Flexible Flooring Options
So, what is a soft tile? A soft tile is a flexible flooring option that provides comfort and a wide range of colors and textures.
Wood Grain Foam Mats Soft Family Room Flooring thumbnail
What Are Some Family Room Flooring Ideas?
Greatmats identifies a number of family room flooring ideas! From vinyl to carpet to foam interlocking tiles or planks.
Savannah Manzel home dance floor thumbnail
Home Dance Floor Testimonial - Savannah Manzel and Family
World of Dance star Savannah Manzel and sister Scarlett use Rosco Adagio marley flooring for their home dance practice spaces.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks Hickory Options thumbnail
What Is The Best Hickory Flooring Option and Alternative?
Greatmats identifies the best choices in hickory flooring options and alternatives, hickory is a popular and beautiful product.
Softest Flooring Foam Mats  thumbnail
What Is The Softest Flooring?
Find out what the softest flooring options to install in your house, office, boat, porch, or other part of your home are.
glue base for rubber tiles thumbnail
How Do You Apply Glue For Rubber Tiles?
Glue for rubber tiles can be found at
Floating Raised Flooring System thumbnail
What Is A Floating Floor System?
A floating floor system simply locks together without adhesive, nails, or glue, but rather, in many cases, fits together like pieces of a puzzle.
What Is The Ideal Surface For Vinyl Flooring Installation thumbnail
The Ideal Surface For Vinyl Flooring Installation
Vinyl flooring installation can be found at Greatmats.
peel and stick parquet flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Parquet Flooring?
Parquet flooring can be found in laminate, vinyl, and carpet at Greatmats
should rubber flooring be glued down thumbnail
Should I Use Glue Or Rubber Flooring Adhesive?
Greatmats discusses whether you should glue rubber flooring or use an adhesive to secure it.
Rosco adagio marley dance flooring in california thumbnail
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In California?
Here's a look at some Greatmats customers and the most popular specialty flooring options in California.
flooring installation accessories tape dispencer thumbnail
What Tools Are Needed For Flooring Installation?
Greatmats discusses what tools and items are need to install flooring including tiles, rolls or mats.
The Academy Rosco Adagio Marley thumbnail
Rosco Adagio Dance Flooring: The Academy Testimonial
The Academy uses Greatmats marley dance flooring for four in studio dance areas as well as on stage at a local theatre.