What Is A Soft Tile? - Flexible Flooring Options

By Lisa Hobbie Created: June, 2020 - Modified: July, 2020

Soft tile is a flexible flooring option that provides comfort and a wide range of colors and textures. Compared to a hard floor such as wood, stone, or ceramic, a soft tile floor will provide anti fatigue benefits, as well as cushion and other features such as waterproof features and sound absorption. There are a number of popular soft tile options available at Greatmats, all of which provide an excellent mix of quality and affordability.  

Premium Foam Mats

Premium Soft Foam Mats Tiles
To transform a space into one that provides a vibrant look and a cushioned layer of safety for kids to play on, choose the ⅝ inch premium mat. These mats are an excellent choice for an area needing some thermal insulation, noise suppression, and/or waterproof properties. They are also stain resistant, which comes in handy if kids are eating or drinking in the play area. These mats come in 15 brilliant colors, so you can choose one, two, or many colors to create a custom design. 

This top quality EVA foam flooring in ⅝ inch thickness helps children avoid injuries like bumps and bruises from falls and provides shock absorption, too. It also features a thatch surface as the texture on these mats, so they will stand up to constant use and resist scuffing. This soft tile also includes a 1-year warranty against product defects, but you can expect them to last for 10 years or more under normal use.

Sport & Play Mat

Soft Tile Home Sport & Play Mats
This soft tile is among the best colorful interlocking foam mats. These mats are made of thick EVA foam, which provides a flexible consistency similar to a soft rubber while providing more cushion. They work great in nearly any setting or environment, as they are waterproof and stain resistant. 

Home Sport and Play mats provide anti-fatigue properties, taking pressure off of your ankles and knee joints - allowing you to train and work out longer and harder. Also, the foam mats absorb shock extremely well and also have a firmness that allows for quick and easy movement. 

They are also reversible and feature a tough top surface that is scuff resistant. Installation of the interlocking puzzle mat system is a breeze, and when it needs to be cleaned, this flooring can be vacuumed or damp mopped with common household floor cleaners. Or, if a piece of the system becomes damaged, simply flip it over or remove it and replace it in no time!

Wood Grain Foam Tiles

Wood Grain Soft Foam Tiles
For the rich look of hardwood with the added benefit of a comfortable foam floor, wood grain foam interlocking tiles are an excellent flooring option. These stylish foam floor tiles are among the best options for a versatile and durable DIY installation. They feature a high quality wood grain look, and provide a waterproof and cushioned floor that is lead and latex free. 

Wood grain interlocking foam tiles are 2x2 feet in size and made from 14 mm thick EVA foam. They can be cut to fit any space, which allows for a clean and tight wall to wall installation. Each square weighs just over one pound, so they can easily be picked up, moved, and reinstalled. This also makes replacing damaged tiles a breeze!  When spills occur, mops and sponges can be used for a quick and thorough clean up! 

Another awesome feature of the wood grain foam tiles is the anti fatigue design. Being made from closed cell EVA foam, these tiles provide a comfortable floor on which to sit or stand for extended periods of time. 

Reversible Wood Grain Tile

Reversible Soft Tiles Wood Grain
When looking for a soft tile that will work as a great exercise or activity flooring, this wood grain foam floor tile product is it. These 2x2 foot tiles are a cushioned, economical alternative to a traditional wood floor, and they work amazingly as exercise mats. 

This is a great DIY installation soft flooring option. It provides the look and elegance of a wood grain floor with added cushioning that is waterproof and durable. These 2x2 interlocking tiles are made from 14mm thick EVA foam and feature an anti-fatigue component that really helps you train longer and harder. 

The colored foam core helps keep the floor looking nice longer if and when wearing starts to occur on the surface. Plus, with a thatch surface on the reverse side, you can easily flip the tiles to preserve your wood grain finished side when high traffic or activity is taking place.

Interlocking Carpet Tile

Interlocking Carpet Soft Tiles
Not much beats the look and feel of plush carpet when your feet hit the floor, but traditional carpet is not always an ideal flooring option. That’s where foam backed carpet tile squares come in! 

These can quickly and easily be removed and reinstalled, and they can be installed directly over concrete or tile. 

One of the best and softest options is Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles. These carpet squares are easy to install and can be custom cut to fit any space. They provide an anti-fatigue and insulative value similar to traditional carpet, and they are waterproof and odor proof. They can simply be vacuumed for easy clean up, and since they will not absorb water, should they become wet, they can be stood on end and dried out. 

Let Greatmats go to work for you!

If selecting a soft tile flooring option is on your to do list, allow Greatmats to go to work for you. There are a number of popular soft floor options available, all of which provide an excellent mix of quality and affordability and come in forms of plastic, pvc, foam, rubber, and other floating floor options.  With a huge selection of options to choose from, top notch quality, years of satisfied customers backed by positive review after positive review, warranties, value, and knowledgeable staff, you can be confident in your purchase when it’s made at Greatmats!