Tap Dance Floor Kit 5/8 Inch x 4x4 Ft.

  • Kit contains 16 tiles
  • Modular design means no adhesive required
  • Vinyl tile never needs refinishing
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  • Tap Dance Board Kit light oak swatch. Tap Dance Board Kit light oak swatch.
    Light Oak
  • Tap Dance Board Kit maple swatch. Tap Dance Board Kit maple swatch.
    Maple Plank
  • Tap Dance Board Kit walnut swatch. Tap Dance Board Kit walnut swatch.
    Walnut Plank
  • Tap Dance Board Kit dark oak swatch. Tap Dance Board Kit dark oak swatch.
    Dark Oak
  • Tap Dance Board Kit cherry swatch. Tap Dance Board Kit cherry swatch.
    Cherry Plank
  • Tap Dance Board Kit court gym hardwood swatch Tap Dance Board Kit court gym hardwood swatch
    Court Gym Hardwood

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  1. Kit contains 16 tiles
  2. Modular design means no adhesive required
  3. Vinyl tile never needs refinishing
  4. Vinyl, waterproof, and features a protective coating
  5. Engineered for indoor and outdoor use
  6. 5 year warranty
  7. Take anywhere, easy setup and take down
  8. Easy snap together assembly

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Easy and fast install portable tap dance floor kit with wood grain look

Whether looking for sturdy floors for a studio setting or to set up a practice dance floor for home, the Tap Dance Floor Kit 5/8 Inch x 4x4 Ft. is an excellent choice. Snap each tile together easily, simplifying the layout. The quality of the vinyl is outstanding, as it is of a commercial grade. And it looks nice with its wooden grain finish.

Portable 4x4 Dance Floor - 16 Tiles

This provides excellent durability, as well as a sturdy material to ensure good footing for the dancer. Each piece measures 1 by 1 foot in size. Connect the 16 parts to create the space. When finished, the 4x4 dance floor flooring is ready to use.

It ships with the 16 pieces, as well as corner and edge pieces for the ideal finishing touch.

For designing spaces outside of studios, the portability of ours is unmatched. Pack it up and transport it wherever needed for assembly. Once finished, it's also easy to disassemble the event flooring and to return to the original subflooring.
If installing this in a basement or garage at the house, one order should suffice. These are perfectly sized for one person to use as a practicing area.

For larger installations, use multiple 4x4 kits, yielding plenty of space for accommodating numerous dancers. Because of the modular design, creating any final size is a snap. This gives the 4x4 dance floor a tremendous amount of versatility.

We do sell these as single dance floor tiles to add into the kits for making a non-standard size, such as a 16x16 dance floor for sale, or a 10x10 portable dance floor. Contact us to ask about ordering options. There’s a white dance floor for sale too, if that would meet a customer’s needs better.

Multiple Layout Options

Small island installations are possible in stage areas or in the front of rooms, allowing for seating to fill the remainder of the room. Or use a tight to the walls installation to result in a large practicing spot in a dance studio or at the house.

Ours is not limited to tapping or clogging. Other dancer styles can take advantage of the high quality and durable floorings that we offer, including the following.
  • Ballroom
  • Banquet
  • Clogging
  • Flamenco
  • Hip Hop
  • Irish
  • Latin

This portable diy dance floor can accommodate shoes with taps in the home, on a theater stage, or in the studio. It is engineered for indoor and outdoor use (if installed on a hard, flat surface). It will not absorb moisture and features a raised plastic base that allows for air flow beneath.

For ballet, modern, or jazz practice, we would recommend a marley material. Those with bare feet or with thin shoes probably will feel the seams in the dance mats, which might be uncomfortable, necessitating the marley.

Some studios will use this as a base for the types of dancing listed above. Then they'll roll out a marley mat over the top.

Our customer service team can suggest options for some other types of floors.

Some buildings that often are rented for multiple purposes may choose to have these on hand for creating floors for wedding receptions, anniversary parties, or birthday parties. A school might want to have this available for school dances in areas where a temporary flooring product is more convenient. There’s even a 4x4 playground border option.

They then can be disassembled to return the building back to its subflooring. These dance tiles are an excellent option for giving a room versatility whenever needed.

Portable Wood Grain Vinyl Tile

The luxury vinyls layers in our 4x4 floor that sits atop the plastic measures 3 mm in thickness. The tiling’s full thickness is 5/8 inches.

Wear any kind of shoe when using it, as it will even stand up to clogging shoes. These are Made in the USA products with a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Our just dance 4x4 diy dance floor is easily assembled and disassembled, featuring a snap together design that can be used numerous times. No adhesive or special tools are required.

Each weighs 2 pounds and covers 1 square foot. This means it's a breeze for a single person to assemble the 4x4 dance floor. However, moving the fully assembled collection alone is difficult, as the finished kit covers 16 sq ft and weighs about 35 pounds.

Although ours are UV treated are able to be used outdoors, we do not recommend installing them on grass, as it might be too soft for the Snaplock dance floor kit. Permanent outdoor installations are not recommended.

Two sides include male pegs, and the other sides have female loops. Place the peg over the loop and step down until it clicks in place. For the layout, just point the loops in the direction of the next piece, working across the space.

To add edges, attach the ramped borders using the same process.

By purchasing individual 1x1 sections that can be added to the kit, creating larger spaces or rectangular shaped spots is easier.

To disassemble them, lift up on the edge with the pegs while pressing down or stepping on the edge with the loops. The two should easily separate without damaging the hook and peg system, as these are made from a tough and durable type of polypropylene.

We recommend using a pull cart to stack them and quickly move through the room.

To make it easy to install in the future in huge coverage areas, consider leaving them in chunks of 2 by 2. This will make the disassembly and reassembly process much faster, but the larger chunks will be awkward and heavy to move and align.

Care for this product like any vinyls. Sweep it on a daily basis so it stays as clean as possible. Use a damp mop on it with a common household floorings cleaner and water, but avoid bleach.

Colors & Pattern Designs

  • Maple Plank
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Walnut Plank
  • Cherry Plank
  • Court Gym Hardwood

Contact us, and we'll help start the process developing spaces for practices at the house or while traveling. We even have replacement portable garage floor kits for assembling spots for dancer practices in this type of location.

Please note that when the kits are brand new, the floor may feel slippery. This improves over time as the floor is used more.

FAQ 4x4 Dance Floor Q&A

Can you put a 4x4 dance floor over carpet?
This modular floor tile can generally be installed over carpeting in commercial and many home installations. This installation is not guaranteed to work, as with some home carpeting, the padding and carpet thickness can vary. If the user is experiencing any issues when installing over carpet then the user may have to install some other flat surface under the tiles, such as plexiglass or plywood.

Can dancers use taps on laminate floorings?
Yes, but they may need to create a subfloor of plywood sheets before rolling laminate atop it. For simplicity, our customers appreciate our 4x4 dance floor, which delivers a high level of performance and portability.

How to make a portable tap dance floor or board?
Employing our 4x4 just dance model is one of the better choices available. The dance floor tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble, making storage a breeze. The advantage of storing it between uses gives our product a big advantage versus a 4x4 tap board.


Product can be damp mopped with common household floor cleaners, avoid bleach.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
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SKU# TapBoardKitMAX4x4
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Vinyl on Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 5/8 inch
Width 4.00 feet
Length 4.00 feet
SF per Item 16.00
Weight 35.00 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 95
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Wood grain
Installation Method Snap together
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included Yes
Floor Score No
Green Label No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited

Product Questions:

Q: Do you have this same portable tap dance floor in a 5x5-foot size? I cannot find it on your site.
A: We do not have a kit in that size, but you can create custom sizes using our portable dance floor tiles and Max Tile Border strips and corners.
Q: How well does this work on a typical carpeted floor? How thick is the mat? I'm interested in using this as a dance mat under my pole (for pole fitness/dance) and am wondering if I'd need to cut out a section for the pole or install the pole on top of it.
A: These tiles are 5/8 inch thick and will work well over low-pile carpeting with no padding. You should be able to install the pole on top of the floor.