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Modular flooring carpet and foam tiles are versatile, easy to install, and offered in a wide variety of styles. It's no wonder that modular floor tile is extremely popular for home, commercial, and athletic use. They’re available as snap-together designs.

Benefits of Modular Flooring Systems

The top reasons to use modular floor tiles are:
  1. The extremely simple installation means it can occur as a DIY project, saving money over professional installations.
  2. If damaged, replace only that single piece rather than having to replace an entire structure.
  3. To expand coverage in the future, just add pieces to the edges.
  4. Whenever required, disassemble them, place them in storage, and then reinstall them again in the future without worrying about damaging them.

The true benefit of modular floors lies in the top layer textures, paired with the choice of multiple bases. When our customers are seeking to maximize traction, create more forgiving surfaces, or anything in between, Greatmats can meet all of those needs and more.

Some are perforated all the way through, and they can be used in wet areas. Water drains through the material. With the raised floor tile bottom, air can freely circulate to draw wetness away from the subsurface for faster drying.

This becomes an excellent choice for a basement. Moisture is a common problem in basements, as it seeps through the cement. But the lifted base encourages airflow and allows the area to dry out.

Many of our modular floor tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Looking for something a little different? We offer choices designed with surfaces consisting of artificial grass, vinyl, or even carpet. This will create a truly unique look and feel. Multiple colors are available too.

Cover the desired space in a short time. Installations are simple and fast, creating a great DIY option. Homeowners can usually lay them out with no help required.

Often, there's no need for tools or adhesive. Use a sharp utility knife or a table saw to cut them to fit wall-to-wall installations.

Certain models are manufactured from recycled plastic content, which is usually considered green and may even contribute to LEED points.

PVC Modular Floor Tiles

These are excellent picks for a temporary installation situation, such as for trade shows. They allow for the creation of a welcoming feeling in an otherwise impersonal space.

When it comes time to pack up and head out to the next show, they are easily manageable. Just disassemble them and conveniently pack them up. There is no lugging heavy, bulky rolls of materials between locations and booths.

These styles are also popular choices for various athletic applications. Because of their anti-fatigue properties, they work very well for athletes. They can be used for indoor basketball courts or gym spaces.

We stock multiple athletic court options, including flat-topped basketball or volleyball courts as well as perforated outdoor tennis or roller hockey surfaces.

They are less expensive than actual wooden courts. This means smaller programs on a tight budget can afford them. Homeowners can install them in the backyard, creating instant athletic spaces at a great price.

Most material design choices can be painted with court lines, giving the finished product a professional feel.

Raised Modular Flooring Tiles

A modular flooring solution can be used for an entrance area as well. For convenience, add or remove pieces as needed to change the amount of coverage. This quick-dry design is nice wherever shoes track in snow and rain from the outside.

If wetness is prevalent, which is common in an entryway, a basement, or a garage, lifting the base away from the cement subfloor helps it dry thoroughly.

When water appears, there’s no need to pull up or remove the modular basement floor tiles. (To facilitate a quicker drying process, though, pulling it up is an option.)

Our modular floor tiles work in non-damp areas too. They are highly versatile and durable. They can serve a number of purposes, thanks to their low maintenance requirements. Common use cases include family rooms, portable dance floors, commercial meeting areas, and everything in between.

Modular tiles are made with high-quality materials and feature outstanding levels of durability. If one piece becomes damaged or worn, just replace it, rather than pulling up the entire installation.

Often times, a modular tile is strong and durable enough for use in warehouses. Modular tile flooring can sustain heavy weights and busy foot traffic. It is ready to hold up to the rigors of warehouse environments.

Many of them even offer cushioning properties. This allows employees to remain comfortable and work more efficiently. This can equate to increased productivity and a healthier workplace environment.

They are available in many different variations. Greatmats has a large number of models that will fit the requirements of any project.

FAQ Modular Flooring Q&A

What is modular flooring?
It is built on a foundation made from soft PVC, rigid PVC, or high-impact polypropylene. This foundation raises the primary layer above the subfloor, protecting it from water damage. Additionally, the entire material is commonly non-absorbent, resisting dampness problems. It has a comfortable feel, meaning it works nicely as a modular dance floor system, basketball flooring, or in a cellar. Temporary dance flooring is great for hotels or locales that host events like weddings or reunions.

What are modular carpet squares?
Modular carpet tiles allow the introduction of carpeting into almost any area, including cellars with dampness issues. They have a raised base design, which lifts the surface off of the concrete and away from dampness. They are self-drying, so there's minimal maintenance required.

Which types of interlocking tiles are better for modular flooring?
Our vinyl interlocking floor tiles are set up to be portable. They can be taken apart and reinstalled with little to no risk of causing damage to the interlock system, making them extremely valuable for locales where portability is key. They typically feature hidden interlock or snap connection mechanisms. This allows for a clean-looking finish while maintaining the versatility of a modular flooring option.

What is the best garage flooring?
For a garage, cement is typically found in the subfloor. For those who want to create a comfortable space for a workshop or a man cave, though, modular flooring performs nicely. It can insulate people from the cold concrete. And it can have a raised-up bottom surface that sits on tiny pegs or legs above the concrete, which helps draw any excessive wetness out. The legs allow air to move freely underneath the surface, removing moisture.

Is modular wood flooring good to use as trade show flooring?
Yes, as wood interlock products contain a faux wood grain in the visible section, mimicking the appearance of traditional wood planking. Installation and disassembly go quickly with these pieces, which is perfect in an exhibition hall where time for set-up and tear-down is usually limited.