UltraTile Rubber Weight Floor Premium Colors 1 Inch x 2x2 Ft. with Quad Blok

UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Color Stack
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors steel with reducer
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors bottom Joined
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors tile blue with reducer
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile dark gray with reducer
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors mocha with reducer
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors quarter.
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors holding tile.
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Colors Three Joined Tiles
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tile Full Mocha Color Tile
UltraTile Premium Rubber Gym Flooring Weights Floor Tiles with Dumbbell
RageTurf UltraTile Connected to UltraTile Premium Rubber Tile with Quad Blok
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Handling Time Estimate: 4-6 Weeks
  • Brilliant colors
  • Durable rubber floor material
  • Ergonomic Force Reduction & Energy Restitution
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  • Blue - Premium
  • Dark Gray - Premium
  • Mocha 2 - Premium
  • Steel 2 - Premium

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  1. Brilliant colors
  2. Durable rubber floor material
  3. Ergonomic Force Reduction & Energy Restitution
  4. 15 year limited warranty
  5. Durable 1 inch thickness
  6. Excellent Noise Reduction
  7. Withstands repeated impact from heavy weights
  8. Made in USA from 86% recycled rubber material

Home Gym Flooring, Sports Flooring, Rubber Gym Mats, Weight Room Floors

UltraTile Rubber Weight Floor Premium Colors 1 Inch x 2x2 Ft. with Quad Blok

are very durable rubber tiles that are designed for the most demanding athletic and weight room floors. Choose this high end rubber gym mat for home and professional weight rooms and gyms. In addition to premium colors, UltraTiles are also available in black, standard colors, and team colors, providing the opportunity to design your own custom floor.

UltraTile Premium Rubber Flooring Tiles, Multiple Premium Colors

For an athletic facility that wants to impress visitors with a high quality flooring that matches eye-catching design with excellent performance, count on our UltraTile Premium Rubber Flooring Tiles.

We deliver a type of floor that will meet the needs of any type of workout facility, home gym, or school weight room. This is one of the best types of impact resistant floorings available, ensuring long lasting value.

Great Looking Athletic Floor Tiles

Our premium rubber flooring is going to appeal to a gymnasium that is looking for a durable floor with a better look and design than what’s typically found with black rubber tiles. These tiles are available in colors including:
  • Blue Premium: Contains light blue and dark blue flecks
  • Dark Gray Premium: Contains black, light gray, and dark gray flecks
  • Mocha 2 Premium: Contains light tan, dark tan, and black flecks
  • Steel 2 Premium: Contains white, gray, and black flecks

Because the color flecks consist of the same rubber material as the tile’s base material, the flecks will not wear away like they may with some cheaper flooring choices. The flecks are part of the tile, ensuring a design that will continue to look great long into the future, even when used regularly.
Our manufacturer did not sacrifice durability to achieve a sharp looking design, as these tiles can stand up to repetitive exercises. When weightlifters drop free weights onto our premium rubber flooring, it will not show any damage or other issues.

Exercise machines and other heavy equipment will not damage these rubber mats either. They’re made to stand up to regular use in busy environments.

Additionally, these floors will provide excellent noise reduction, which makes the overall atmosphere in the fitness center more enjoyable for everyone, no matter what kind of workout they are planning.

UltraTile Rubber Weight Floor Premium Colors 1 Inch x 2x2 Ft. can also interlock with RageTurf UltraTile 1 Inch x 24x24 Inches, to create a dual workout area.

Safe Flooring for Workouts

Athletes appreciate the sure footing they receive when using these rubber tiles. They can trust that they will not slip when trying to make a quick movement or when needing leverage for weightlifting.

Rubber has a firmness that athletes appreciate, as they can trust the floor to support them without being too soft and causing them to sink into the material, as can happen with some types of foam flooring.

Even though these premium rubber flooring tiles are durable and firm, they have a nice level of cushioning that supports athletes by preventing lower body fatigue. Athletes can work out regularly without suffering from sore ankles, knees, and hips that can force them to cut their workouts short.

Easy Install Option Using Quad Bloks

Each of these tiles measures 2 by 2 feet and weighs 16 pounds, so one person should be able to carry them around and set them in place. The installation procedure is easier than many people think, as it features the Quad Blok system that may not require adhesive in some circumstances.

The lower section of these 1-inch tiles contains a series of pegs. These pegs fit into the perforations in the Quad Bloks, creating a secure fit.

Lay out the Quad Blok pieces in the proper location to match the desired spot for each premium tile. Then drop the tiles in place, securing them to the Quad Bloks. Installers can add glue to the Quad Bloks to create a more secure and permanent installation option, if desired.

Each tile includes one Quad Blok Connector for Tiles 1 inch x 4.5x4.5 inch.

Customers can lay out these tiles over the top of concrete, asphalt, vinyl, or plywood. When used indoors over these surfaces, installers can choose to go with glue or can use a dry lay option.

For an outdoor installation, the manufacturer requires a glue down installation on either concrete or asphalt.

Commercial Weight Room 2x2 Foot Tile Specifications

  • Width: 2 feet
  • Length: 2 feet
  • Thickness: 1 inches
  • Coverage per tile: 4 square feet
  • Weight per tile: 16 pounds
  • Pieces per carton: 100
  • Coverage per carton: 400 square feet
  • Colors: Blue Premium, Dark Gray Premium, Mocha 2 Premium, and Steel 2 Premium
  • Texture: Smooth with a slip resistant wear layer

Maintenance and Care

Our premium rubber flooring works nicely in busy fitness centers, as it doesn’t require significant maintenance and care. With just a little bit of work a few times per week, customers can keep the gym tiles looking almost like new.

Every day or two, customers should use a broom or a vacuum on the surface of the layout to remove dry debris. In a busy area where visitors may track soils into the building on a regular basis, sweeping or vacuuming may need to occur more frequently.

For soils that won’t come up with a broom, customers can mop the floor with a neutral pH solution, diluted with water as the manufacturer of the cleaning solution recommends. After soaking up excess water with the mop, let the tiles air dry.

Our high end flooring has a tough wear layer along the top, allowing it to stand up to regular cleaning without suffering damage. These tiles carry a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty.

This product is manufactured from 86% recycled rubber material.

UltraTile is a registered Trademark of Ecore International.


Always use a neutral Ph cleaner on rubber flooring material.


Ships via freight delivery, shrink wrapped on pallets.

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SKU# UltraTilePremC
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Rubber
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1 inch
Width 2.00 feet
Length 2.00 feet
SF per Item 4.00
Weight 16.00 lbs
Packaging Shrink Wrapped on Pallets
Number of Pieces per Package Type 100
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 60
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color or color fleck
Installation Method Quad Blok, adhesive
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
LEED Points Yes
Floor Score Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 15 year limited

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - UltraTile Rubber Weight Floor Premium Colors 1 Inch x 2x2 Ft. with Quad Blok

I purchased 56 0f the GREATMATS Ultra Tiles and connectors in mocha for our new home gym room. They arrived after a Greatmats employee (MH) intervened with the delivery company which was the only difficulty- inaccurate tracking, wrong delivery dates. These 1'' thick tiles are excellent. The floor looks great and the hardwood floor underneath is well protected. I put in the entire floor in two days by myself (I am a 71 year old retired professional). One day to install the whole tiles and one day to cut and install the 10 custom fit tiles. I used a jig saw with a Bosch T 318 B (12 teeth/inch-5 1/8 '' total length) with medium orbital cut on a Milwaukee 18v saw to cut the tiles. I did use a Delta Table Scroll saw to make precise cuts for the door moulding but it is hard to manipulate the 16 lb. 2'x2' tiles and this is not necessary. Just make a straight angle cut with the jig saw. I tried cutting a piece by hand with a very high quality box cutter but it took 5 passes with a lot of force and although described on the website as possible this is not really an option. I had to remove the door to the room and cut 1'' off of the bottom so that the door would clear the tiles. Instructions for this are available online. I had never done any of this before but I am pretty handy with tools. You can do this yourself.

EGrip III Adhesive 4 Gal Pail
EGrip III Adhesive 4 Gal Pail $281.65 /each $352.06

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