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Comparing Home Martial Arts Interlocking Foam Mats - Greatmats Puzzle Mats

Date Published: 04-13 - 2016

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Let’s compare puzzle mats for home martial arts training.

Home puzzle mats are designed to provide a safe, comfortable and easy to install martial arts training space.

Greatmats offers professional quality home martial arts puzzle mats designed for multiple disciplines.

Thickness and surface textures are tailored to meet the needs of specific types of martial arts.

Our puzzle-style martial arts mats range from ⅞ inch to 1 ⅝ inches thick. Martial arts mats in 1 inch thickness or less are designed for striking arts such as taekwondo or karate.

1 ⅝ inch thick mats offer greater fall protection and are intended for disciplines heavy in groundwork and throwing. Our Home MMA BJJ mats offer a 4 foot critical fall-height rating.

The amount of contact the mat will have skin or footwear - for any given martial art - helps determine which surface texture works best.

Taekwondo mats feature a thatch texture that is resistant to scuffing from shoes and boots.

Karate mats have a smooth, leather-like surface that is easy on bare feet.

For wrestling, BJJ and MMA our no-burn tatami surface provides traction without causing floor burns.

Each interlocking tile is 2x2 ft in size and has a Shore C hardness rating of between 35 to 40, similar to that of a gel shoe insole. Most have two border strips attached for finishing edges.

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