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How To Remove And Replace Foam Floor Tiles

Date Published: 11-23 - 2021

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If you have a floor consisting of interlocking foam tiles - or puzzle mats - you may find that occasionally you’ll have a tile that has become damaged and needs replacing.

Fortunately, this is the simplest flooring system to remove and replace damaged tiles. We’ll go through a couple of different methods you can use.

If the damaged tile is in the middle of a large floor, you can pop out one tile relatively easily. Just push your finger in at the seam and peel the damaged tile out as the interlocking edges will release as needed.

Then simply press the new tile in that space just like a piece of jigsaw puzzle for a nice, finished surface. If your foam tiles are either too dense or too thick for you to separate an interlock with your finger, a thin, narrow tools can be used to get between the interlocks. Just make sure the end of the tool is narrower than your interlocks and be careful to insert it only between the tiles to avoid damaging the flooring you intend to keep in place.

If your damaged tile is close to an edge, the next option may be a bit faster and easier for you. Simply peel back the tiles at on the adjacent row until you get to the damaged tile - giving you easy access to remove that tile. These tiles are flexible and can either be folded over or removed completely. To reinstall a new tile and the remaining floor, just follow the same process - only in reverse.

There you have it. Enjoy your like-new foam flooring!


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