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Basement & Garage Flooring Options & Ideas

Mats for concrete floors are available for different applications, including use in a basement or garage. Turn these spaces into a fun kids' room, a great exercise gym, or an entertaining recreation room with one or more of Greatmats' extensive variety of models. We carry a large selection of interlocked, rolled, and raised laminate flooring, as well as faux stone tile flooring material, many with a hidden interlock design. Often, our basement flooring ideas have a raised-off-the-subfloor configuration for usage in damp locations.

What Are the Best Basement Flooring Options Over Concrete?

Anything that provides insulation against cold and seepage will work nicely as a work mat for concrete floors. Basement flooring ideas that use a water-resistant configuration are especially useful. The Greatmats basement flooring options DIY installs are almost floating floors that can be removed, dried, and reinstalled in case of water seepage.

Basements present a lot of challenges. Here are four things to think about:
  1. Hard concrete or hardwood flooring: Try to soften the surface for a more comfortable living space or fitness area with a foam or rubber mat or flexible plastic tiles.
  2. Noise: Seek out noise-buffering qualities in rubber mats for concrete floors, as cement tends to echo.
  3. Prone to moisture: Condensation, drainage, and runoff are common causes of moisture headaches, so raised flooring is ideal here.
  4. Style: Multiple finishes are available that can deliver a sense of style that fits into the desired color scheme and decor.

Comfort, protection against wetness, and having a warm feel are all important when considering the top basement flooring options. With our catalog of models, installs are a piece of cake, and the easy waterproof flooring choices are extensive. They’re easy to clean too.

What Are the Cheapest Finished Basement Flooring Options?

The majority of our interlocking basement floor tiles with built-in vapor barriers are also going to be economical.

Inexpensive basement flooring ideas are easy to find when shopping with us, as we carry a mixture of rubberized layouts, foams, and plastics, all of which have outstanding performance and value. Additionally, it’s easier to stay on budget because the installation of these does not require hiring a professional, as customers can usually do it themselves.

Are Interlocking Carpet Tiles a Good Idea over Concrete?

We offer these in several configurations that insulate from cold flooring and resist soaking up moisture. Waterproof carpet tiles as unfinished basement floor ideas can handle any seepage from the cement, preventing mildew and mold from forming. Should flooding occur from a burst pipe, just disassemble the pieces and allow the subflooring to dry, which is something that’s not possible with glue-down rolls.

We also offer modular carpeted tilings that provide comfort in spaces in the house where carpeting may not have been possible in the past. Elevated on a plastic tray, dampness won't destroy this.

Snap-together configurations eliminate the hassle of tape or glue and create portability.

Do I Need Flooring Tiles with a Built-in Vapor Barrier?

These are a smart idea, as the majority of these cellar spaces will have some sort of dampness problem over time, whether from condensation, clogged gutters, excessive groundwater, or burst pipes. With barriers like this built into the dry basement flooring ideas, they won’t soak up the dampness, keeping them drier to the touch and resisting the formation of unwanted odors.

How Easily Can I Create a Kids Play Area With Floors That May Get Wet?

Greatmats offers a complete line of basement flooring options, including foam, vinyl, and rubberized flooring, for seamless possibilities. Use these for play spaces, gymnasiums, family rooms, and man caves.

We offer many choices that allow airflow underneath to encourage drying. Consider your short- and long-term needs when browsing our wide array of units.

Our interlocked foams are offered in various thicknesses from 1/2'' to 1-5/8'' for play rooms, home gyms, aerobic exercises, and martial art practice.

Choose our cushioned home sport and play mat with a scuff-resistant thatch surface texture for thick. When additional padding and cushioning is needed, we offer interlocking foam tiles up to 1.5 inches thick.

Our grappling floor mats are great for a concrete slab. They have a fall height rating of 4 feet and a non-skin-burning surface, making them popular for daycares in martial arts studios, homes, preschools, and indoor playgrounds.

Vinyl plank flooring for basements is also available for purchase. Our vinyl flooring has a competitive price point and long-lasting designs.

How Do I Lay Out Basement & Garage Gym Flooring?

For the young gymnast, consider gymnastics mats for residential use that can be installed directly. Gymnastics panels are excellent for cheerleading, tumbling, and gymnastics training. Stocked and custom-made for use at houses, these are portable.

For a weight training gym on a lower level of the house, consider our rubber floor mats for concrete. These are a great way to protect subflooring from weights and heavy exercise equipment. We have many different potential choices for home gymnasiums.

Our rubber basement flooring options are the easiest to install and remove and generate the least amount of wasted material. Our 3/4 inch or thicker mattings give the greatest impact absorption and protection from falling weights. Rolls are the most economical per square foot and leave the fewest seams.

Talk to a friendly customer service representative to determine which product is best for your application.

Is Faux Wood or Slate Flooring a Possibility?

Yes! Create a fantastic and relatively inexpensive wooden grain finish with our Max Tile and ProCourt models.

These can be laid out directly to provide comfort and a great look. Excellent for creating a warm ambiance for bar areas or pool table rooms, they are also ideal for aerobics training and dance practice if paired with a 3mm rubbery underlayment that provides extra cushion. These can be easily installed and transported if you are moving to a new place.

We even have foam mats with a real wood look, one of which is reversible. These are some of our most popular, with a faux oak design on the top side and a tan thatch texture on the flip side. Mixing and matching is possible. These add comfort and cushioning, as well as some sound dampening. Closed-cell EVA foam material presents waterproof basement flooring options.

For a simple overhaul, try our Slate Tiling product. This is high-quality and simple to install. Choose from one of the different colors or mix and match to create a fun and colorful space. This product features a hidden locking design that offers an upscale look.