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Basement Flooring Options - 136 Products

Basement Flooring Options, Foam and Rubber

136 Products

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Basement flooring options over concrete

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are available for different applications. Turn your basement into a fun kid's room, a great exercise gym, or an entertaining, recreation room with one or more of Greatmats' extensive variety of basement flooring options. We carry a large selection of interlocking rubber and foam tiles, rolled rubber, wood-look raised laminate or foam floors, soft floors, and modular slate-look tiles with a hidden interlocking design. Many of our basement flooring options are raised off the floor and are waterproof which makes them ideal for damp locations.

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Greatmats offers a complete line of basement flooring options, including interlocking foam and rubber flooring and modular wood look and seamless basement floor possibilities. Use our flooring options for basement home gyms, kids' playrooms, family rooms and man caves.

We offer many choices that are waterproof and allow airflow underneath the floor. Consider your short- and long-term basement needs as you browse our wide array of flooring options. Choose value-based interlocking foam for a safe and soft floor or our durable plastic snap together modular basement floor tiles for a longer lasting basement floor.

Kids Play Areas and Martial Arts Training

Interlocking foam tiles are offered in various thicknesses from 1/2 to 1-5/8 inch for kids' play rooms, home gyms, aerobic exercises and for home martial arts practice.

Choose one of our 7/8-inch interlocking foam tiles with a scuff resistant thatch surface texture for a thick and durable home martial arts floor or our 1-5/8 inch mixed martial arts and grappling mats for home wrestling and grappling training in your basement. Our 1-5/8-inch home grappling mats feature a fall height rating of 4 feet and no burn surface, making them popular flooring options in home daycares, preschools and indoor playgrounds.

Gymnastics Mats for Basements

For the young gymnast in your home, consider a gymnastics mat for home use that can be installed directly over your basement flooring. Gymnastics panel mats are excellent for cheerleading, tumbling, and gymnastics training. Stocked and custom made for home use in your basement, these portable mats are available in standard sizes and thicknesses.

Home Gyms

If you've ever considered putting a home gym in your basement, take a look at our rubber tiles, mats or rolled rubber basement flooring options. Rubber is a great way to protect your concrete from weights and heavy exercise equipment. We offer a number of different options for home gyms, including interlocking rubber tiles and easy to install rolls of rubber flooring.

Rubber Tiles are the easiest to install and remove and generate the least amount of wasted material. 4x6 mats give the greatest impact absorption and protection from falling weights. Rubber flooring rolls are the most economical per square foot and leave the fewest seams.

Talk to a friendly customer service rep to determine which product is best for your basement flooring application.

Basement-friendly carpet

We also offer modular carpet tiles that will allow you to enjoy plush carpeting in your basement or in other rooms of the house where you wouldn't have considered carpeting in the past. Elevated from the floor on a plastic tray, this basement-friendly tile won't get destroyed in damp rooms.

Snap together tile design allows you to install carpeting without the hassle of tape or glue so you can bring it with you if you decide to move.

Wood Look

Create a fantastic and relatively inexpensive wood look floor in your basement with our Max Tiles, TileFlex or ProCourt snap together flooring options.

These interlocking tiles can lay directly on your concrete floor to provide comfort and a great look in your basement. Excellent for creating a warm ambiance for bar areas or pool table rooms, they are also great for aerobics training and dance practice with a 3mm rubber underlayment that provides extra cushion and comfort. Just like our interlocking carpet tiles, these can be easily installed and transported should you choose to relocate.

We even offer interlocking foam mats with a wood grain look - one of which is reversible. These are some of our most popular basement flooring products. On one side, a faux oak design and on the other, a tan thatch texture. Either side can be placed up and you can mix and match because they look great together. These tiles add comfort and cushion to your hard basement floors as well as some sound dampening. Closed cell EVA foam material is totally waterproof.

Slate Look

For an easy basement flooring overhaul, try our Basement Floor Tiles Slate product. High quality and simple to install, this flooring option is a fast solution to enhance your basement floor surface. Choose from one of nine different colors or mix and match to create a fun and colorful flooring in your basement area. This product features a hidden locking design that offers an upscale look.

Room Designing Assistance

Whatever your choice in your basement floor, consider using the easy-to-navigate online floor plan designer. Simply go to a product page first, and then click on the Floor Plan Designer link to start your design process.

Easily create your room layout to scale, select products and colors and design your flooring. Greatmats professional and knowledgeable customer service team is available to assist with any questions.

Basements present a lot of challenges. You'll want to consider before choosing the best flooring solution for your space. Here are just a few of them.

1. Hard Concrete Floor Base: You may want something that softens the surface for a more comfortable living or fitness area such as foam, rubber, carpeting, or flexible ergonomic plastic flooring.
2. Cold Concrete Floor Base: You may want flooring that has thermal insulation benefits, such as foam or rubber

3. Noise: Many basements have concrete floors and/or walls. This can amplify noise, but many basement flooring options, such as foam, rubber and carpeting, can provide varying levels of noise buffering qualities.
4. Moisture: Condensation, drainage and runoff are common causes for moisture in basements. If this is your situation, you'll want to consider a raised floor alternative or something waterproof that can be easily removed and reinstalled.
5. Look: If you are planning you use your basement for a family room or bedroom and style is a major concern, modular carpet, woodgrain or slate-look tiles may be your first choices to explore.

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