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Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles 2x2 Ft x 8 mm Color


Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles, Interlocking Rubber Mats, Gym Floors

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles, Interlocking Rubber Mats, Gym Floors

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(16 Reviews ) Write a Review
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Top Features for Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles 2x2 Ft x 8 mm Color

  1. Interlocking tiles require no adhesive for easy DIY installation
  2. Easy to install and keep clean
  3. Great for home gym floors
  4. Made in the USA
  5. 8 mm thickness for durable long lasting surfacing
  6. Designed to withstand the weight of exercise equipment
  7. For larger areas use a 3x3 ft interlocking rubber tile
Use Types

Home Gym Floors, Basement Floors, Garage Floors, Exercise Room Flooring, Weight Rooms, Commercial Gym Flooring

Gym interlocking rubber flooring tiles, Outdoor interlocking rubber tiles and mats

represent an extremely popular flooring option for home gyms and weight rooms. These types of floors also work well for weightlifting rooms in schools, small athletic studios or residential multipurpose spaces.

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Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Weight rooms require flooring that will withstand the rigors of machines and free weights. We offer just the right product with its interlocking rubber floor tiles that measure almost 2-by-2 feet individually.

These easy-to-install DIY interlocking rubber floor tiles offer a smooth, non-slip surface with long-term durability. They'll provide a great value over the long term, which explains why they're some of the best-selling interlock rubber flooring products.

Here are the top five reasons to install our 2-by-2-foot interlocking rubber floor tiles.

1. Easy DIY Installation Interlocking Rubber Mats

Size and Weight: The interlocking rubber floor mats weigh a little more than seven pounds each, making them easy to handle and install. The square rubber interlocking tiles are easier to install than other rubber flooring options, including rolled rubber flooring.

The interlocking rubber floor tiles measure exactly 23-by-23 inches in size and offer 8 mm of thickness (roughly 0.31 inches). This size works well for indoor athletic flooring. The 8 mm rubber is durable and provides a bit of forgiveness over a traditional hard floor. The nearly 2-by-2-foot tile size means one person can carry and place the individual tiles with relative ease.

Subfloor requirements: Installation of these rubber tiles works best when performed over a flat floor. An uneven base floor could cause a raising of the seams between the tiles.

As long as the subflooring or current floor is hard and even, you can install our interlocking rubber floor tiles directly over the current flooring. There is no need waste time tearing out existing flooring.

Installing our interlocking rubber floor tiles over carpeting is possible, but the carpet needs to be flat with a low pile, similar to a commercial grade carpeting.

Determining Number of Tiles Needed: These interlocking rubber flooring tiles feature a tile coverage of 3.67 square feet after interlocking the tiles together. To help calculate the tile count for your room, try our interactive Floor Plan Designer or give one of our helpful representatives a call.

For larger commercial rubber gym floors where an interlocking rubber floor tile is needed, our larger Geneva line of 3-by-3-foot rubber tiles should be considered.

Laying rubber flooring tiles Because the dry lay interlocking rubber tiles fit together tightly, no adhesive is required to install this floor. Each tile contains the same interlocking pattern on all four sides - called a universal interlocking system. This allows rubber tiles will lock together, no matter which sides align, and allows the installer to work more quickly without having to line up each tile in a certain orientation.

Although installation of this type of floor requires no adhesive, it can still be used to permanently adhere the rubber mats. Double-sided carpet tape is a popular choice to adhere the tiles to the subfloor. When creating an island installation of the tiles, for example, adhering them to the subfloor works well to prevent movement of the island. However, if furniture or heavy exercise equipment will be placed on top of the island installation, there's no need for the adhesive, as the floor will be weighted down and won't slip.

These tiles are waterjet cut from a 4 ft wide rolled rubber material that is skived from a cylinder core, which means that some tiles may have a slight curve to the tiles. All of the rubber tiles in a job should be installed with the same side down. If the tiles do not want to lay perfectly flat during initial installation, try using indoor double sided carpet tape in order to hold the tiles flat. Often waiting some time to allow the tiles to relax flat will also work.

Cutting rubber tilesFor a wall-to-wall installation, a common utility knife with a fresh blade and a sturdy straight edge are all that are needed to cut the interlocking rubber mats at the edges or to go around obstacles to fit properly.

Many customers install this flooring with no help or with help from one person in a short amount of time - especially once they've gotten a feel for the installation process and have gotten into a rhythm.

2. No Slip, No Trip Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

The individual mats in our system feature tight-fitting seams. This feature of interlocking rubber floor tiles for home gym use works perfectly as those participating in the class or game won't trip over any exposed seams or uneven areas of the floor. And since the tight seams fit together perfectly, it eliminates concerns about debris collecting in the seams.

These tiles offer commercial grade construction quality, and they feature a non slip surface with just the right tackiness. Plus, the smooth rubber surface looks great.

3. Durable Rubber Interlocking Floors

Those seeking a durable residential flooring for home gyms, basements and garages will appreciate our interlocking rubber tiles. Be sure to read the customer reviews at the bottom of the page to learn why customers love having interlocking rubber floor tiles for home gyms.

When installing these interlocking rubber tiles in a home gym with free weights, 8 mm rubber tiles work great to protect the subfloor should a small free weight be dropped on the floor. For free weights of more than 100 pounds, at least a one-half inch thick rubber floor is recommended.

These rubber tiles provide some resistance to various types of chemicals, including alcohol, ammonia, bleach, disinfectant and human sweat. Should any of these substances end up in the flooring, it's still recommended to clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent damage. These tiles are partially non-absorbent, which also helps them resist odors.

Additionally, the tough rubber flooring shouldn't experience any color change if it comes in contact with any of these chemicals or substances. Be sure, however, not to use them in automotive areas, as automotive fluids are known to break down rubber materials.

These interlocking rubber mats are made completely in the United States and carry a five-year limited warranty.

4. Versatility of Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Should the interlocking rubber mats be installed in a building that is being leased, the building's owners may not allow permanent changes to the floor. Installing interlocking rubber tiles works well as a temporary floor.

If heavy equipment is being used in the building that could damage the original floor, the durable rubber floor tiles will also protect the original floor.

Rubber interlocking mats also help to dampen noise. The flooring will absorb noise from materials dropped onto it, as well as absorbing noise from workout machines. This helps prevent the nasty echo of hard open rooms.

Our interlocking rubber floor tiles fit well into multiple types of room designs with five different colors of tiles available for sale. The interlocking rubber mats offer the color combinations of 100 percent black, as well as 10 percent color fleck in blue/light gray, blue, and light gray. For the two-color combined options, each color in the combination makes up 5 percent of the blend. These interlocking tiles are not reversible. These tiles are also available in Black with 10% Tan/Brown color flec. Contact our customer service team with any questions.

Unlike other types of rubber flooring, our interlocking rubber tiles produce almost no rubber odor. The interlocking rubber tiles are constructed with a urethane binding agent that limits the odor produced. This makes them an ideal choice in a residential spaces such as home basements or garages, which may have limited air flow.

5. Rubber Interlocking Floor Ease of Maintenance

Daily cleaning of the interlocking tiles works by simply sweeping or vacuuming it. Should a more extensive cleaning be needed, apply a neutral pH cleaner with hot water using a damp mop.

If the floor should become damaged, you can simply swap out the damaged tiles without having to replace the entire floor. Interlocking rubber floor tiles are easy to disassemble and move, should they need to relocate.

These rubber interlocking floor tiles consist of recycled rubber material, qualifying them for LEED points and reducing environmental concerns.

We offer these interlocking rubber mats at the most competitive prices available. All colors are stocked, and black is ready to ship the next day via ground service to your door from our warehouse in Wisconsin. Speak with customer service about quantity availability for large installations.

NOTE: Understand that rubber mats will expand and contract slightly, depending on whether the tiles receive exposure to varying temperatures, sunlight or humidity. Because of the changes in size of the tiles when exposed to sunlight, it's not recommended to install these tiles outdoors.

Whether installed in a large commercial or small residential space, these interlocking rubber mats are up to the challenge.


Always use Neutral Ph cleaner on rubber flooring. Damp mop with hot water, use two bucks to keep mop clean.


Ships via ground service in cartons to your door and for larger orders via freight delivery shrink wrapped on pallets.

This Product Ships Freight Only.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Rubber
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 8 mm
Width 1.91 feet
Length 1.91 feet
SF per Item 3.67
Weight 7.40 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 8
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock Yes
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 60
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth
Surface Design Rubber Flat Solid
Installation Method Interlocking, Dry Lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Leed Points Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Product Questions:

Are there seams that will collect debris? And what about edging?
The seams are very tight as the tiles are cut using a waterjet cutting machine. The seams will not collect debris. You can use commonly found floor transition strips for the edges where needed.
can it be used outdoors?
No this is for indoor use only, rubber will expand with sunlight and heat.
Can I install this on top of existing carpet?
The 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch thickness is best over carpeting and only if the carpeting is fairly flat already, such as a commercial grade.
Is there a strong odor with this product?
All rubber has some odor level, how strong of a smell is individual. This tile has a lower smell than some rubber tiles as these tiles are not made with sulfur, which tends to produce a higher smell. We suggest requesting a free sample.

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Customer Rating:

Installed this product in our dog training area.
Improves the general appearance of the area.
Provides sound insulation and is comfortable underfoot.

only negative is it shows any dust/dirt tracked in especially
in winter weather. Positive is easy to wipe up footprints.
Any dog hair is easily vacuumed up.

Morton Grove, IL

Customer Rating:

High quality, but very smelly. We like the look of the mats and how easy they were to install. However, we were completely unaware of the awful smell. The smell permeated our entire house and was pretty unbearable. We've had all our bathroom and kitchen fans running for almost two weeks to get rid of the smell. It is still present and I can't workout in the room yet with this smell. Hoping it will end soon as I didn't see any mention of this by other buyers.

Seattle, WA

Customer Rating:

We love our new gym floor. It was very easy to install and it's the perfect floor for our home gym. Looks great, no rubber smell and was just what we were looking for. It is great for typical weight training and aerobic exercises. Perfect cushioning for the feet. We did buy the 8 mil blue and grey speckled on black. We've belonged to gyms and health clubs all our lives and now have set up our home gym to accommodate our needs without leaving home. Should have done this a long time ago. Thank you Eric at Great Mats - It was just a phone call order but I only had four pieces left - we nailed the correct square footage! The delivery was also simple - everything went smoothly. If we ever moved and had to build another home gym we would definitely go with this product again without hesitation.

Dover, NH

Customer Rating:

Great floor. Very nice quality. Easy to install almost all in one day one person. Ordered 130 tiles. Cut some pieces to fit but left any I could un cut so that It is easier to fit in a different space if I move and take it with me. Basement is unfinished so I think the uncut tile look works. The pieces I did cut were fairly easy, just ran box cutter knife over multiple times. Used piece of wood to cut on and a drywall T square ruler. Did extensive research for quality USA made product at good price, Greatmats had the best price for that thickness/quality and best shipping cost. Very nice helpful customer service, I actually called about a different floor lesser quality and was recommended this better quality floor at same cost (or lower I can't remember). Also very helpful regarding shipping options. Would use this company again.

Norridge, IL

Customer Rating:

Our Customer very satisfied with delivery and quality.


Customer Rating:

Fits together nicely!

Waukesha, WI

Customer Rating:

Excellent quality, heavy mat. Not soft, but perfect to workout on. Easy to install but requires very sharp knife and frequent blade changes.

Denver, CO

Customer Rating:

The tiles are well made, durable, easy to install. They do not move, stay well in place.
I am very happy with them.

Derby Line, VT

Customer Rating:

Great Service from GreatMats. Product easy to work with. Seams a bit to visible but all in all a good product..

Mount Prospect, IL

Customer Rating:

easy to install - but you will need a sharp knife.


Customer Rating:

We are using this product to instal in our home gym, in the basement of our house. We did a partial "test installation" of the product, to see what it would look like and how easy it would be to assemble. (We still have to do the full installation.) So far, we are extremely impressed. The tiles look absolutely amazing--we purchased the ones with tan / brown flecks. Previously, we had solid black rubber mats which showed every single foot print, water spot, etc. These markings do not show up as easily on this product. The tiles fit into place together perfectly, and so far, there has been so sign of any "slipping apart" which was a problem I had with my previous gym mats when doing my kettlebell, skipping and leg workouts. Also, there is a pretty good degree of cushioning for my aging knees, and I feel safe working out on these as there is no skidding or slipping.

Once I get the full installation complete, I will upload the pictures--I am confident it will look amazing!

Gorham, ON

Customer Rating:

Great product, good value, easy installation.

Louisville, KY

Customer Rating:

I had been looking around for some good flooring for a home gym and I came across great mats. the extra $150 to have it shipped to beat the quality you can get at any Lowe's type of store seems well worth it to me now. When I called they were very helpful and it shipped out within a couple of days. The install was very easy and I was able to cut the pieces and lay it within a few hours.

I even mis-measured and was 2 inches off so I had to get an extra 10 pieces shipped which they went ahead and did a special order for me and got them out the next day.

Overland Park, KS

Customer Rating:

These guys were by far the cheapest on the internet. Everything came as ordered and I was very pleased with the service and product (2 foot interlocking rubber mats), also I reccomend the 2 tone color as this hides dirt better. - Todd Southbury CT

Customer Rating:

great product. easy to install. can barely see the seams.

Spring Branch, TX

Customer Rating:

We purchased this for our basement gym. We installed Barricade over the concrete (insulated underlayment) and put the rubber tiles on top. It turned out great. The product is better than expected. There's some slight odor, but it's dissipating nicely. We would use this again. Also, we found Great Mats really nice to work with - very helpful on the phone; fast shipping.