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Top FAQs for Professional Yoga Flooring

Quality attractive yoga floor tiles are a must have for studios. That's why Greatmats has a wide variety of yoga flooring for pro and residential setups. Our many different options offer style and comfort.

What Are the Best Flooring Options for Yoga Studios?

It really depends on the styles of workouts that will be occurring on the yoga room flooring. Think about the following elements:
  1. Safety: Seek out a smooth, continuous surface without gaps, nails, or other elements that could injure clients. Adequate traction and being slip resistant to help prevent falls is important too.
  2. Low maintenance: Choose one that is easy to clean and disinfect. Some of ours are equipped with Nano-Silver technology to create a healthier, safer environment.
  3. Durability: It is an investment, so select one that will last. Be sure to review warranties and lifespans for any models under consideration.

What Is Floating Yoga Flooring Over Concrete?

The raised floating designs are ideal for choices for yoga on concrete floors. The floater is one that uses an interlocking system during the install with no need for glues. It does not attach itself to the subfloor, hence the use of the word “float” in the name.

Is Doing Yoga Poses on Carpet Bad?

Not necessarily. However, for the maximum level of comfort and to reduce the stress on the body, a thick yoga mat on carpet is the better selection. It provides cushioning, which reduces stress on the joints. Yoga flooring over carpet is simply the smarter choice for workouts at the house or in a commercial location with instructors.

Is It Better to Do a Workout on Carpeting or Hardwood Floors?

Athletes can use either, but the best types of flooring for exercising will involve some sort of matting for yoga on tile floor, installed atop carpeting, or on hardwoods. The proper cushioning helps the body recover faster after tough workouts, giving the athlete the ability to maximize the time spent doing exercises, while reducing soreness the next day.

Is It OK to Do Yoga Flooring Classes Without a Floor Mat?

It is, but most students prefer having the proper yoga mat flooring on hand for a more enjoyable experience. Everything just goes smoother for students when high quality and shock absorbent materials that are specifically created for doing poses, rather than for general exercise classes, are available.

How Should I Choose Residential or Commercial Yoga Flooring?

  1. Amount of traffic: How much traffic will the yoga flooring see? For professional studios, investing in tough floorings is a must. However, significant durability becomes a little less important when choosing yoga flooring for home use.
  2. Types of use: Will the space be used for other purposes, such as athletic classes? If needing hot yoga studio flooring, be sure to choose a model that doesn't expand in hot temperatures.
  3. Cushioned: Perhaps nothing is more important in yoga flooring than the comfort that it has. Carefully consider the cushion and feel that’s desired for the space.
  4. Overall aesthetic: What type of style is planned? Contemplate the desired atmosphere, along with existing design elements or color schemes.
  5. Installation method: While all of ours are designed with easy installation in mind, there are multiple models that are ideal for temporary installation. Others are better for longer term installs.

Can I Use a Rubber Plank Flooring Option As Extra Large Yoga Mat Squares?

Plyometric rubber offers cushion for athletic subfloors and is durable. It has just the right combination of cushion and solid footing.

It is highly economical. It helps to protect the subfloor from wear and tear from moisture and humidity, which is especially beneficial in high traffic areas.

It is tough enough to be used alone, but it is also often used as an underlayment for dancing and athletics. It's a versatile choice. When deployed as a subfloor, it can add a great deal of usefulness to the area.

Greatmats has this in both 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch thicknesses, yielding a number of advantages, including:
  1. Helps to reduce the risk of injury during repetitive exercises
  2. It has cushioning, yet is still highly durable, much like cork floors
  3. Will not absorb water
  4. Strong enough to withstand the use of athletic shoes
  5. Quickly covers large areas with minimal seams
  6. Good value

If looking for excellent shock absorption and padding, then look at our martial art matting. Designed to absorb the impact of throws and takedowns, these are durable, yet are also well-padded to create a comfortable space.

The Pavigym Motion is an excellent choice as yoga tiles. This is made of virgin rubber material. This creates a stable and safe surface.

Customers appreciate the pro grade durability. It was created specifically with group fitness activities in mind. Pavigym has its Point Elasticity, which absorbs impact and prevents vibrations from being transferred away from the point of impact, resulting in fewer injuries. Measuring 3x3 feet, these are smart selections for yoga flooring.

If seeking something for the entire facility, consider our Martial Arts Karate. These are made of a high density EVA foam. While they are comfortable, they are still extremely long lasting. These do have give, but create a firm surface that offers plenty of support. Available in both brilliant colors and types of wood floor grain finishes that sometimes resemble reclaimed wood, these take only minutes to install with benefits like:
  • - They offer support, but are also forgiving
  • - Excellent wear resistance ensures they look amazing for years to come

Can I Use Vinyl Flooring for Yoga Studio Floors?

Blending together a professional woodgrain finish with a cushioned backing, our padded vinyl rolls are desirable choices. They will continue to look and feel great, even under frequent and regular usage.

Our Wood Performa Full Bolt features a rich wooden stain design and is comfortably padded with a closed cell foam backing.

For a beautiful selection, Fitflex 5mm Maple Full Roll is popular. These synthetic floorings are eye-catching, yet they never need to be sanded or refinished. They are made with recycled pre-consumer material and come with a 7-year limited warranty.

Our Woodflex-Gameflex Roll offers hygienic, antibacterial properties. Versatile and suitable for a variety of uses, it's backed by a limited 15-year warranty, making it a wise investment for reasons such as:
  1. Get the beautiful appearance of hardwood bamboo, but with padding underneath
  2. Quickly lay out over large spaces without obvious seams
  3. Minimizes maintenance, saving time and money

For a truly beautiful finish, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are outstanding. These are available in a variety of different finishes that resemble fine wooden grains, ceramic, granite, concrete, and natural stone. They're a cost effective way to add a luxurious touch.

But they offer more than just great looks. These are manufactured to include Nano-Silver anti-bacterial technology. This germ killing technology actually makes a facility safer from bacteria, like staph and E.coli, viruses, and molds. The microscopic pieces of silver aren't visible to the eye, but they make it a healthier place to be.

Don't forget that the Nano-Silver could be a potential selling point to help bring in new clients. Customers love the toughness of these. Ours are a perfect option for indoor or outdoor yoga flooring for a professional or home studio.