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Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

By Brett Hart Created: December, 2018 - Modified: April, 2021

When looking for the proper mat to workout, many people find themselves asking '''' As a matter of fact, there is.

While in some cases the two can be interchangeable, you’ll find picking a mat designed specifically for the type of exercise you are doing will help you get more satisfaction out of your workout.

Different types of exercise require different levels of support or cushion and it’s important to get it right.

Yoga Mats

yoga matWhen performing yoga techniques, cushion is helpful to prevent fatigue on bones and joints, but stability is a must. Therefore, yoga mats are a thin form or exercise mat, typically maxing out at 1-inch thickness. Firmer mats can push to that 1 inch level, but generally, thinner yoga mats are preferred due to cost, portability and storage.

It also important that mats used for yoga offer a non slip surface and will not move around.

Often used in thicknesses as thin at 1/4 inch, yoga mats are not designed to handle high-impact exercises. One inch thick yoga mats will not be as portable, but they can offer more versatile for exercises that extend beyond yoga.

Exercise Mats

exercise matOften call gym mats, exercise mats are used for a wide variety of activities and therefore, usually require a greater thickness, starting at that 1 inch mark and working all of the way up to 3 inches depending on amount of impact absorption needed.

Again, these mats are designed for body weight exercises and are not generally recommended for heavy exercise equipment or free weights. In most case, you’ll be doing your exercise either seated or laying down on exercise mats and thicker exercise mats are often designed to lessen the impact of falls.

What is the best exercise mat to use?

Now that you know the difference between a yoga mat and exercise mat, this should help you answer the question of ''What is the best exercise mat to use?''

The thickness and density of your yoga, exercise or gym mat will play a big role in how effective they will be in helping you make the most out of your workout and keeping it enjoyable.

As always, if you need addition help in choosing between the many exercise mats available, call a knowledgeable customer service representative at Greatmats. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Now you know the answer to ''Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?''