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Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

  • Cushion athletic flooring
  • Easy roll out 4 ft wide rolls
  • Tape or glue down installation
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  • Plyometric Rolled Rubber 3/8 Inch black color swatch Plyometric Rolled Rubber 3/8 Inch black color swatch

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  1. Cushion athletic flooring
  2. Easy roll out 4 ft wide rolls
  3. Tape or glue down installation
  4. Durable for athletic shoes
  5. Economical plyometric flooring option
  6. Order by the square foot
  7. Use for home and commercial

Use Types

Plyometric Flooring, Dance Studio Subfloors, Athletic Floors, Plyometric Training Facilities, Home Aerobic X Floors

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Aerobic X & Plyorobic Athletic Flooring

If you're ready to begin incorporating plyometric exercises in your workout routine, you're going to want to have a cushioned floor available. Plyometrics can be difficult on the joints of people when performed over a hard surface. That's where our 3/8 rubber flooring enters the picture, as it provides a cushioned resilience that absorbs impact to reduce leg injuries. Our thickness is perfect for the running, bounding and jumping exercises that are part of plyometric exercising. In fact, our gym flooring rolls are great for using in any situation where a little extra padding would be nice to have, such as for cheerleading practice, for aerobic studios and for dance studios.

The slight cushioning of the plyometric rubber flooring provides just the right mix of cushion and solid footing to allow for the sudden movements that occur in various types of exercising, including plyometrics.

Plyometric Exercises

The idea of using plyometric exercise has grown in popularity quite a bit in recent years. Plyometrics primarily aim to give athletes more explosive power in their muscles. Because of the tough jumps and sudden movements involved in plyometrics, injuries are a possibility. The cushioned surface in the plyometric mat works well to reduce the chances of these injuries. Some common types of movements that you'll find with plyometrics include the following.



Adhesive For Rubber Floors 3.5 Gal
Adhesive For Rubber Floors 3.5 Gal - 430 SF spread Weight: 43.00lbs $146.94 /sf $183.67


Product Questions:

Q: Can a ball bounce on this?
A: Yes, a basketball could and would bounce on this surface, but perhaps not as well as on a concrete or wood floor. Visit our blog about indoor and outdoor basketball court floors for better options.
Q: Would this work on a low pile carpet? We have some low pile carpet down in our garage (converted to a media room).
A: This rolled rubber option can be installed over a low pile carpet.
Q: How would this work in a Zumba studio?
A: This product can be used for some aerobics; it might be a little more grippy than is preferred for some twisting moves on the balls of your feet. We have other flooring options for Zumba and Jazzercise in this blog.
Q: Can this be used as a subfloor underneath a glue-down engineered hardwood floor? I Need it for dance. And does it smell?
A: We don't have testing for this type of use for a subfloor dance floor in a glued-down environment. We do use this rubber material for subflooring in a dry-lay installation with modular tiles.
Q: Can this product be used as a subfloor for a regular wood floor installation over a concrete slab?
A: If the wood floor is free-floating, then yes; if it's nailed down, then no. We have less thick rubber underlayment materials that are rated as flooring underlayments.
Q: Could this be installed with a cork floor on top of a concrete slab?
A: Yes, this rubber flooring material can be installed over any hard flat surface. Over wood or cork, we would recommend first laying down a sheet of plastic to protect the surface from any potential staining over time from the rubber material.
Q: Does it smell or outgas at all?
A: This type of rubber has a very low smell. All rubber has some level of smell. We have free samples that one can request on our site for review.
Q: We have a deck above our offices, and it is very loud when people walk across it. Would putting this on the deck above be a good way to reduce the footstep noise in our offices?
A: This product is for indoor use only. We have other outdoor rooftop and deck products on our site. If this is indoors, then this would be a good option to reduce sound.
Q: I have an application for this type of material that requires a wheeled office chair to be used. Will this matting allow an office chair to roll easily with a person sitting in it?
A: This product is a little too soft for this use type while the person is sitting.
Q: I would be putting this rubber matting over ceramic tile flooring that has 1/4-inch grout lines. Can I still put this directly over that flooring and then my marley on top of that for ballet and contemporary modern dance?
A: Yes, the rubber will span those grout lines for the most part.
Q: Could this be put down over a gravel floor in a machine shed? It would be mostly in front of the bench work area to stand on, but also an area to work on something.
A: Maybe it's ok if the gravel is compacted; this material in general should be on a hard flat surface.
Q: If I lay Marley over this, would you be able to hear tap shoes? Or do I have to add a layer of wood between the Marley and rubber?
A: When installing marley directly over the rubber underlayment, this will decrease the tapping sound. We have a modular hard plastic tile that is used between the rubber and the marley to maintain a very good tap sound. The plastic tile is called the Court Floor Tile Flat Top.
Q: Is this good flooring for a yoga studio?
A: This floor is likely too soft for yoga; I think vinyl planks or LVT flooring would be good.
Q: We are turning a part of our house into a dance studio. We have concrete floors, so we know we will need a subfloor. We are trying to accommodate both pointe work and tap dancing on this floor. Can you tell us the best way to do that?
A: The Dance Studio Subfloor Elite subfloor system with a rolled rubber base or foam tile base with the flat top court tiles on top will work well for both pointe and tap. Cover with the Adagio Marley as your finished dance surface.
Q: What type of glue do I need for installation on concrete? Spread or spot? And do you sell a transition threshold for a doorway?
A: The adhesive we sell is called our Adhesive For Rubber Floors, and it's available in 3.5-gallon pails. For the threshold, please purchase locally.
Q: Will this work for animals?
A: The Plyometric Rolled Rubber may be too porous for animals.
Q: Is the plyometric rubber durable enough to put workout machines on?
A: Exercise equipment may be installed over plyometric rolled rubber.
Q: I'm building out the back of my SUV, and I want a relatively soft, cushiony base on which to place a wooden bed frame, etc. Regular rubber would be a little too hard for what I have in mind. How soft is this product, and is it reasonably easy to cut to fit the contours of the truck floor?
A: To get a good idea of how soft this product is, it is in between the firmness of a pencil eraser and a car tire. It is easy to custom cut with a sharp utility knife using a series of shallow scores.
Q: Can this product withstand the dropping of metal plates and dumbbells?
A: This product is designed to withstand incidental dropping of weights from a relatively low height. If you intend to drop weights intentionally, you'll want at least a 3/4-inch rubber thickness.
Q: Is this suitable as a subfloor under Marley for pointe ballet?
A: Yes, and only if the Adagio marley is used, which is more stiff than the reversible marley.
Q: I am seeing that this is good for ballet and pointe but that it absorbs some tap sounds. We currently have 3/8” thick foam under Marley. Would this have less sound reduction than foam?
A: Yes. Foam will absorb more sound than rubber due to the density of the material.
Q: I have the Rosco Adagio flooring over foam tiles and plywood right now for our dancers. Could I replace the plywood with the plyometric rubber flooring over the foam tiles? My dancers do multiple kinds of dance, including tap and pointe.
A: We do not recommend doing pointe work over plyometric rubber. It is too soft and will leave a divot.
Q: Does this plyometric floor mat come with accent colors? Is it appropriate for gymnastics, fencing, track, etc.?
A: Our plyometric rubber products are black only. It is suitable for speed and agility exercises like track and is also good for fencing, but we don't recommend it for gymnastics.


SKU# 404F-38Inch
In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Rubber
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 3/8 inch
Width 4.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.80 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 9
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives Yes
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 47
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth Flat
Surface Design Solid Color
Installation Method Dry lay, tape or glue down on hard flat surface
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 Years Limited




Customer Reviews

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63 star ratings

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Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF


Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva Roll 3/8 Inch Black Per SF customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

Thank you so much for your help with the selection and purchase of the flooring for our home gym. The flooring is better than what I had expected, and I had high expectations. It is amazing that we were able to make this room our of part of a large storage area in our basement.

Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva Roll 3/8 Inch Black Per SF customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

I bought 5 rolls of the plyometric rubber. I installed it myself to make a home gym. We put some exercise machines on top and also use it extensively for HIIT workouts. I have found the rubber to work great for this purpose. It is not too hard on the joints and has not slipped. I used carpet tape to keep it in place. It took me about 12 hours to install but came together quite well and easy for someone who does not do this work very often. It stays pretty clean but picks up some marks at times. We vacuum it once a week and that keeps it quite clean. Greatmats was terrific in counseling me about picking the right flooring to use for the purpose I described. It was delivered on a pallet. The truck was able to put it directly into my garage. Thanks.

Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva Roll 3/8 Inch Black Per SF customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

We installed our 3/8'' GreatMats flooring in our home gym in 2020 and it has been a great way to finish off our home gym (for an unfinished basement). It is easy to keep clean and has been very durable! We like it so much we are ordering more to add on to our gym area.

rubber roll flooring in basement home gym review basement home gym plyometric rolled rubber flooring review

Customer Rating: 4 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

The product was what I expected. The issue I have, which will not prove costly I suppose is that one of the pieces we ordered was not the correct length and had a small section missing (like a rip). I had emailed the representative, sent images (twice) and requested some sort of response, but I continue to be ignored. This section is open and exposed to people and therefore not very appealing in the open. We are in the process of building a brand new building, and though I'm not one to be ''that'' guy, I have to say that I will be shopping around for a new provider since GREATMATS seems to not care about providing excellence in customer service. Our new space will be roughly 3000 sq feet and were planning on purchasing the same flooring for the new space.

This was all over the fact that one 30' piece was too short, had a visible chunk missing and I have been ignored by our rep. So very disappointed.

Customer Rating: 2 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

Average. Basically a rubber weight room floor with a plastic sheet for dance floor. Will be surprised how long this will last in a high school with daily dance practice. Also, tape is questionable as a means to lock the floor together. Lots of money so I am hopeful it will last a few years.

Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva Roll 3/8 Inch Black Per SF customer review photo 1

Customer Rating: 5 Stars - Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva 3/8 Inch Black Per SF

Greatmats was so helpful. I got the product that I wanted and the service that I wanted. We're a very ballet oriented studio. The technique is very important to us.

Plyometric Rubber Roll Geneva Roll 3/8 Inch Black Per SF customer review photo 1