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Greatmats Yoga Flooring at Kismet Yoga + Fitness

Date Published: 01-23 - 2019

Shop Yoga Flooring Now: https://www.greatmats.com/yoga-flooring.php

"We are a hot yoga and hot fitness studio and are known for a great variety of classes from a relaxing stretch class to intense cardio class with yoga and everything in between!"

"We were comparing various products and found that even with the cost of freight to ship and exchange rate, Greatmats cost was more effective to similar products. We specifically wanted a thicker mat and found that the product and price point were exactly what we wanted! Durability and longevity were key."

"They are used in the practice area of the studio. They are super thick and have tolerated daily temperatures up to 38 degrees Celsius, traffic of 50-100 people per day exercising on the mats with weights etc in addition to be washed/sanitized twice a day."
Lani Evers
Kismet Yoga + Fitness


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