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Kids Home Gym Foam Floor Tiles
Rubbery floor tiles are great for kids home gyms. These eva foam floor tiles offer fatigue relief whether standing, kneeling or laying down.
What's The Best Modular Kitchen Flooring?
Kitchen flooring raised floor tiles and anti fatigue tiles can be found at Greatmats.
Micah Morgan Named 2019 Greatmats National Fitness Trainer of the Year
MMFitness owner Micah Morgan earns title of 2019 Greatmats National Fitness Trainer of the Year for inspiration and outreach to the community.
What Is The Best Walnut Flooring Alternative?
Walnut flooring is traditionally made out of wood. Greatmats walnut flooring comes in foam, vinyl, and vinyl peel and stick planks.
How to Protect Vinyl Flooring from Chair Legs: Furniture Floor Protect
Save your new specialty flooring from indents, cuts, scratches, gouges and scuffs. Learn how to protect it by following the tips in this post.
What Are the Best Industrial Anti Fatigue Mats?
Discover why one anti-fatigue mat doesn't work for all situations. Greatmats outlines some of the top ergonomic floor mats for different applications. Read more now.
Field Protection Mats for Tire Traction - Smooth and Diamond Cleated
Field protection mats are a great way to add traction and stability for farm trucks and tractors on soggy ground during a spring thaw.
Therapy Horse Barn Stall Mats - Quarter Moon Acres Testimonial
Greatmats Horse Stall Mats help Wisconsin-based Quarter Moon Acres Equine Assisted Therapy Center improve the lives of its therapy horses.
Where Should You Use Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats?
Greatmats discusses where you should use interlocking anti-fatigue mats for industrial, commercial or residential applications.
What Is A Lift Gate On A Truck?
Greatmats explains what a lift gate is and why would you need one for a freight delivery of flooring products.
Greatmats Reviews - Product and Service Ratings
Discover what Greatmats customers have to say through google reviews, product analysis, service evaluation and other assessments on trusted review sites.
Cool Garage Tile Floor Ideas
Garage Tile Floor and Foam Tiles for Garage Floor are great for creating a stylish space for your cars, workshop, or for creating a home garage gym.
Are Standing Desk Mats Worth The Investment?
Greatmats identifies 10 standing desk mats worth the investments averaging in prices from about $12 to $100.
Outdoor Patio Tile Comparison - Perforated Plastic Flooring
Take a look at the similarities and differences between Staylock Perforated and Patio Outdoor Tiles as perforated patio tiles.
All About Easy Connect EZ Portable Dance Floor Tiles
Easy assembly portable dance floors with durable tab and loop durable connection system. EZ portable dance floor tiles are designed for repeated use.
Inexpensive Garage Flooring Ideas - The Top 5
Learn how to add class, comfort and style to your garage floor without breaking the bank with these economical garage flooring options. Read more now!
Wet Basement Flooring Options: Tiles With A Vapor Barrier
There are several methods of battling the problem of basement moisture, including landscaping, creating vapor barriers and raised floor tiles with a vapor barrier.
How to Clean Artificial Turf Grass
Greatmats discusses tips and directions on how to clean artificial turf grass according to manufacturers directions.
Temporary Flooring Over Carpet Ideas for Home and Dance
Find temporary flooring over carpet ideas for home &amp; DIY dance floors. Learn more about your flooring installation &amp; best material options in this post.
Portable Commercial Dance Floor Tiles Are EZ To Use
Commercial LVT topped portable dance floors are made of durable vinyl laminate top surface. They are designed for hotel and banquet use. Check out our selection now.
What Are The Best Slate Flooring Alternatives?
Greatmats discusses the best slate flooring alternatives that are attractive for use in kitchens, bathrooms and common spaces.
PVC Tile Installation with Hidden Interlocks Made Easy
Easy step-by-step instructions on installing Greatmats PVC HiddenLock Tiles
When Should You Use Sticky Floor Mats On A Construction Site?
Sticky floor mats for construction can be found at Greatmats.
What's The Best Vinyl Flooring To Install Over Tile Or Vinyl?
Tile over vinyl or vinyl flooring over tiles gives you the luxury feel of wood or stone at a fraction of the cost. These tiles and planks are easy to instal.