How Big Is An Anti Fatigue Kitchen Runner?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: July, 2021 - Modified: November, 2023

An anti-fatigue kitchen runner comes in many sizes and offers ergonomic benefits and cushioning to make standing and cooking or washing dishes much more comfortable.

Some anti-fatigue kitchen runner products are long and skinny, like 3 feet by 20 feet, while others are available in standard mat size of 2 feet by 3 feet or 3 feet by 6 feet.

Greatmats offers some of the best anti-fatigue kitchen runner products available, with different sizes to choose from.

8 Popular Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Runner Mats

  1. WorkStep Black Mat - 3x20 Feet
  2. SaniTop Black Anti-Fatigue Mat - 3x10 ft
  3. WorkStep Red Mat - 3x15 Feet
  4. VIP Topdek Junior Black Mat - 3 feet x 9 feet 10 inches
  5. SuperFoam Solid Anti-Fatigue Mat - 3x8 ft
  6. Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat - 3x6 Feet
  7. Safety TruTread 3-Sided - 26x40 Inches
  8. Cushion Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat - 2x3 ft

Among this collection of 8 products, there are some with a 96 inch or longer length, and others with a length as short as 36 inches. Knowing which kitchen runner or mat is the right one for you really depends on the space you want it to fit in and the features and benefits you want it to provide.

WorkStep Black MatWorkStep Black Mat is a 3x20 feet runner that is ½ inch thick with molded beveled edges for increased safety.

This comfortable, anti-fatigue runner offers wear resistance and anti-slip traction in a product that is water repellant, low maintenance, and easy to clean. It’s available in grease-resistant options, and it can be used for custom configurations. It’s also available with a gritted surface for enhanced traction, if desired.

SaniTop Anti-Fatigue MatSaniTop Anti-Fatigue Mat is 3x10 feet and ½ inch thick. It’s made of natural rubber, and it features perforations for use in wet or dry areas.

Not only does this mat offer comfort, cushion, and anti-fatigue properties, it also provides slip and wear resistance, beveled ramps, and drainage properties. It’s an ergonomic safety mat that can be used in kitchens or other settings where you want to provide safety and stress relief from standing.

WorkStep Red MatWorkStep Red Mat is 3x15 feet and ½ inch thick. It features a comfortable, anti-fatigue design with molded beveled edges. It’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to most oils and chemicals.

This product offers anti-slip traction in a solution that is water repellant and wear resistant. It comes in a grease-resistant red or general purpose black color. It offers drainage, as well.

VIP Topdek Junior Black MatVIP Topdek Junior Black Mat is 3x9 feet and ½ inch thick. It offers increased productivity in a product that delivers excellent drainage.

This option comes in different sizes, as well. It’s suitable for kitchens or bars where there isn’t a lot of grease. It’s an anti-slip and anti-fatigue product that is lightweight and easy to handle.

SuperFoam Solid Anti-Fatigue MatSuperFoam Solid Anti-Fatigue Mat is a 3 by 8 foot product that is a closed cell Nitrile and PVC foam blend. It’s non-absorbent and resistant to grease, oils, and fats, It’s easy to move and a breeze to clean.

This mat can be used in wet, dry, or oily areas. It is slip and wear resistant and provides ergonomic benefits. It features beveled edges, and it is lightweight, but durable.

Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown MatHoneycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat is 3x6 feet with a durable hexagonal surface resulting in a product that will last.

This brown general purpose mat is to be used in non-grease applications. It offers anti-slip traction and excellent drainage, as well as comfort and cushioning.

Safety TruTread 3-SidedSafety TruTread 3-Sided mat is 26x40 inches and offers exceptional anti-fatigue comfort for wet, greasy, or dry environments.

This product has colored borders for increased safety awareness. It has an elevated construction that allows fluids to drain away from a work area. It is water repellant and wear resistant, and it offers anti-slip traction. Safety TruTread is also available with a gritted surface for extra traction.

Cushion Tred Anti-Fatigue MatCushion Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat is 2x3 feet and is made of natural rubber. It’s a heavy duty drainage mat that also offers anti-fatigue benefits.

This product is suitable for wet, dry, or oily areas. It is slip and wear resistant, and it offers safety and ergonomic features. It’s easy to clean, and it has a flexible design for comfort.

Greatmats - For The Best Selection Of Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Runner Products

The anti-fatigue kitchen runner products featured represent some of the best options available anywhere. With different sizes, as well as different benefits and features represented among these products, there is likely an option that is perfect for your space.

If you have questions about any of these products, or, you would like help deciding which one is right for you, just reach out to the helpful staff at Greatmats. They can send you samples, answer questions, and assist with ordering - ensuring you get the solution that is perfect for your kitchen or other space.