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Quality Reclaimed Flooring Products
Find out what reclaimed flooring is and the top products that Greatmats offers in this category for your home or commercial setting.
Best Options For Interlocking Carpet Tiles
Find a list of our best interlocking carpet tiles for home, basement, garage, trade show, office or commercial spaces that are durable and versatile.
What Should You Look For In Roof Garden Flooring?
Greatmats identifies what you should look for in roof garden flooring including styles, cushioning, durability, slip resistant, etc.
What Is A Soft Tile? - Flexible Flooring Options
So, what is a soft tile? A soft tile is a flexible flooring option that provides comfort and a wide range of colors and textures.
Comparing Plastic Floor Tiles For Manufacturing Facility Use
Greatmats compares 4 popular plastic floor tiles and how well they will work in manufacturing facilities.
How To Lay Flooring Over Cracks In A Basement Floor
Greatmats discusses how you can lay flooring over top of cracks in a basement floor and the best options for your space.
What Is The Softest Flooring?
Find out what the softest flooring options to install in your house, office, boat, porch, or other part of your home are.
What Is The Best Vinyl Boat Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best vinyl boat flooring options that are attractive, affordable and durable.
EVA Gym Floor Tile Uses Beyond Workouts and Fitness
EVA gym floor tiles serve more purposes than just for workouts and fitness routines. They're also great for horse trailers, art studios, basements and more!
Jews For Jesus - Rooftop Patio Flooring - Skokie, IL
Research done by a Chicago Non-Profit determined that Sterling Rooftop tiles provide the best bang for the buck of any rooftop patio surface available.
How to Choose The Best Outdoor Flooring
Learn where and how to choose the best outdoor flooring.
Agility Flooring - MasterPeace Dog Training Testimonial
Learn why this full service dog training facility is happy with its switch from rubber mats to Greatmats foam dog agility flooring.
Mats That Are Used In Martial Arts For Kids
Martial arts mats for kids can be found in durable foam and interlocking tiles and provide the benefits of a safe surface for training and learning.
What Is The Best Puzzle Exercise Mat?
Greatmats discusses the best puzzle exercise mats used for cardio or aerobic workouts or general exercises that absorb impact.
How to Choose Garage Floor Tiles
Learn what style of garage tiles work best for every garage flooring situation by following these garage floor tips.
The Ideal Surface For Vinyl Flooring Installation
Vinyl flooring installation can be found at Greatmats.
Where Do I Find 1 Inch Thick Interlocking Foam Mats?
1 inch thick interlocking foam mats can be use for home gyms, schools, martial arts, and dojo and can be found at
What types of flooring are good for high traffic wet areas?
Discover the top seven flooring options for high traffic wet areas and the features that make these flooring options such a great fit. Read more now!
What Flooring Materials Can Be Installed Over Grass?
Flooring over grass is great for outdoor events and grass protection from heavy machinery and walking.
Boxing Gym Flooring - Shoe and Boot Friendly Martial Arts Mats
Boxing gym floors need to accommodate shoes. But which martial arts mats systems will work best for karate and boxing shoes and boots.
Top 5 Basement Floor Choices for Fatigue Relief
Anti-fatigue mats for your basement floor can be founf at Greatmats. Check out the five best basement floor mats the best for fatigue relief.
How Do You Keep Patio Tiles From Becoming Uneven On Dirt?
Patio tiles or pavers over dirt is the perfect solution for your water drainage issues.
How to Clean EVA Foam Tiles or Mats and Vinyl Covered Gym Mats
How do you clean foam flooring you ask? This Greatmats tutorial offers tips on cleaning both interlocking EVA foam &amp; vinyl covered gym exercise tiles &amp; mats.
What Is The Most Versatile Form Of Foam Mat?
Foam mats that are versatile and can be used in areas such as home gyms, kids play area, and kitchen, can be found at