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What you need to know about purchasing anti fatigue mats

By Julia Nass Created: March, 2018 - Modified: October, 2023

Does your work or hobby require you to stand on your feet for hours at a time? Do you ever feel sore or achy after standing for that long? Do you experience chronic pain in your feet, legs or back? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it is time to start planning for an anti-fatigue floor.

What Are Anti Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue flooring is designed to reduce stress in joints and muscles, increase blood flow and decrease fatigue. This kind of ergonomic flooring comes in a wide variety of materials, thicknesses and sizes, from large rubber rolls to modular, interlocking foam tiles. However, all anti-fatigue flooring is cushioned and flexible enough to keep blood moving throughout the entire body. Shock absorption also lessens foot-to-floor impact and thus decreases strain.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Anti Fatigue Mats?

Scientific studies show that those who use anti-fatigue mats experience significantly increased comfort while standing for long periods of time than they do on hard surfaces like concrete. People can become tired and strained after just 40 minutes of standing on a hard surface. Anti-fatigue flooring decreases injuries and lessens the leg and back pain that so many people experience from standing-intensive jobs. Anti-fatigue flooring allows people to stand for longer amounts of time with ease and comfort. Less fatigue and physical stress means greater focus, productivity and overall happier humans.

Anti fatigue mats tend to reduce slips and falls as well. Because they are designed for safety and comfort, they have excellent non-slip surfaces. Certain ergonomic mats are specifically designed for water-prone environments and will maintain traction even when wet. At Greatmats, all anti-fatigue flooring is easy to install, attractive, and durable. Not only is anti-fatigue flooring an important health and safety investment, it makes sense financially as well. Ultimately, buying anti fatigue mats makes better garages, workshops, factories, trade show booths and any other physically demanding environments.

Buying Anti Fatigue Mats is your go-to source for purchasing anti fatigue floors. With more than 200 ergonomic floor products to choose from, makes it possible to find the perfect anti-fatigue product for any kind of flooring needs. Despite all of the options, planning for an anti fatigue floor is easy at

Where to Start

To begin planning for an anti fatigue floor, simply start at homepage. Click on the drop down menu labeled ''Shop All'' and select ''Anti-Fatigue Mats.'' You will be taken to a page that lists a huge variety of anti-fatigue flooring products. You can scroll through products or filter them by style, thickness, material, and price.

Buyers Guide

On the left hand side of the page you will find Greatmats' special Buyers Guide resources. You can expand different resources to find anti-fatigue flooring related blogs, videos and how-to's. Read about the Top 5 Basement Floors for Fatigue Relief, watch a video on the benefits of the popular StayLock Bump Top anti-fatigue flooring or a tutorial on how to install it. Many questions you may have about purchasing anti fatigue flooring can be found in the Knowledge Base or on product pages.

With so many years of experience, Greatmats has a vast depth of anti fatigue flooring knowledge, and they share it with customers through the Buyers Guide. They also provide a platform for their customers and users to share their knowledge and opinions too. You can learn more about purchasing anti fatigue flooring from those that have done so before you. Product pages features customer reviews and questions. Customer profiles give insight to anti fatigue flooring from people of all sorts of backgrounds and occupations.

Contact a Flooring Expert

Not only does the Greatmats website contain a vast archive of information, but Greatmats customer service representatives do as well. If you still have questions that have not been answered by online information, or if you don't feel like navigating the Bueyrs Guide, give Greatmats a ring.

The support team is comprised of friendly flooring experts eager to help you in planning for an anti fatigue floor. They are motivated by client-satisfaction and making sure you find the perfect product for your budget. Customer service representatives will walk you through the entire planning and purchasing process if need be. You can reach them over the phone or via online messaging.

Request a Free Sample

Greatmats is happy to send you a free sample of nearly any product. When planning for an anti fatigue floor, it can be incredibly helpful to actually hold the product in your hand before committing to placing a full order. With free samples, you can get a true sense for the feeling, cushion, color and material of products. Ordering a free sample before purchasing anti fatigue mats can help you feel more confident and conclusive in your decision-making process.

Get the Right Price

Greatmats prides itself on selling the highest-quality products at the most affordable price. Find a better price somewhere else? features a price match guarantee to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. Further, Greatmats offers volume discounts for those purchasing anti fatigue mats. Do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote when buying in bulk.