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Where Would You Use Resilient Rubber Flooring?
Greatmats discusses where would you use resilient rubber flooring as in applications where you want durability and comfort.
What Is A Skipping Mat: Pros, Cons & Affordable Products
Greatmats discusses what a skipping mat is and identifies the pros and cons of using a jump rope mat in your workout.
What's The Best Dugout Flooring?
Dugout flooring for baseball and softball players to sit in can be found at Greatmats.
What's the Best Table Tennis Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best table tennis flooring options including the best materials.
What Types of Flooring Can Be Installed Over Laminate?
Choosing what types of flooring to put over the top of an existing laminate floor is a relatively easy process.
What Is The Best Strength and Conditioning Turf
Strength and conditioning turf will provide a safe and stable surface work muscle and endurance building workouts.
Where Can You Use Rubber Floor Covering?
Rubber floor coverings work great for patios, garages, basements, decks, gyms, and trucks.
What Styles Do 3/8 Inch Gym Floor Mats Come In?
At Greatmats, we have ⅜-inch thick gym floor mats in multiple styles to fit the various needs of your gym including straight edge and interlocking.
Is There Such A Thing As Rubber Laminate Flooring?
Rubber laminate flooring and mats can be found at
When Would You Use Rolled Rubber For A Shelf Liner?
Greatmats discusses when you should use thin, non-slip and heavy duty rolled rubber as a shelf liner and 2 exceptional products.
What's the Best Rubber Workout Floor?
Here are some of the best rubber workout floor options for use at home or in a commercial gym.
Can You Play Recreational Croquet On Artificial Turf?
Greatmats answers the question of whether or not you can play croquet on artificial turf surfaces.
What Is the Best Vinyl Dance Floor?
Greatmats discusses what is the best vinyl dance floor for weddings or studios which include Marley and portable tiles.
What is the Best Gym Flooring for Insanity Workouts?
Greatmats discusses 5 top options for the best gym flooring for Insanity workouts. The ideal gym flooring will provide support and non-slip safety features.
What Is The Benefit Of A Tatami Mat For Jiu Jitsu?
Greatmats discusses benefits of using a tatami mat for jiu jitsu with no skin burn surfaces.
What Is The Cheapest Rubber Flooring?
Cheap rubber flooring thats inexpensive, affordable and durable can be found at
What Is the Best Turf for Softball?
Greatmats discusses the best turf options for softball practice fields and baseball areas.
What's The Best Flooring For Bungee Fitness Facilities?
Bungee fitness flooring can be found in foam, turf, and rubber flooring. Find the best bungee workout flooring at Gym Rubber Floor.
The Top 4 Uses of Rubber Floor Rolls 3/8 10% Color Geneva
3/8 Inch thick Rubber Flooring Rolls are one of the most popular rubber flooring solutions for a variety of uses.
The Best Mats For Silat Martial Arts
Greatmats identifies a number of floor mats that are best for silat martial arts including foam puzzle mats and roll out mats.
What Is The Best Gym Flooring For Tire Workouts?
Tire workouts are great creating muscle and are often used in crossfit. Find the best tire flipping flooring options at Greatmats.
Gym Flooring - Rubber and Foam - Pride Athletics Testimonial
Discover why this Kentucky athletic center chose Greatmats athletic flooring for its new fitness facility.
What Is Laminate Roll Flooring?
Greatmats answers the question what is laminate roll flooring and what types of flooring are available.
What Is The Best Impact Resistant Flooring?
Impact resistant flooring is great for absorbing shock, heavy weights, and heavy drops. Impact resistant flooring is ideal for gyms, garages, work shops, and high impact areas