The Top 3 Customer Uses for Plyometric Rubber Rolls

By Julia Nass Created: September, 2017 - Modified: August, 2023

Plyometric Rubber Rolls provide a shock-absorbent and durable foundation for athletes to work out on. Discover the ins and outs of the product and the top three ways customers are using it.

1. Home Gyms

Customers find that plyometric rubber gym flooring rolls do wonders for home gyms. Not only do the rubber gym flooring rolls protect bodies from injury, they also protect a home's structure. Three-eighths inches of high quality rubber material will protect wood, concrete and other materials from permanent damage. With plyometric gym flooring rolls, there's no need to worry about scratches, scuffs, and dings on subflooring that would be extremely costly to replace. Plus, these gym flooring rolls can be easily picked up and put away, so it's possible to turn any room into a temporary gym.

Take it from Brian in California, who utilizes 3/8 inch Plyometrics Mats in his home:

''I use the mat for Insanity and other cardio/plyometric/PAP workouts. At workout time, it's unrolled onto the living room floor. The floor is a wood laminate, and the mat does not slide at all regardless of lateral jumping. It provides great traction, even with substantial sweat on the surface. It's somewhat heavy, but that keeps it in place during use and is a function of its excellent durability. Very happy with this mat. When done working out, I just let it air dry, roll it up, and it's out of the way.''

2. Dance Subfloor

Another popular purpose for rubber gym flooring rolls is as a dance subfloor. Plyometric rubber flooring can be installed underneath Marley and other vinyl flooring to provide cushion and support for dancers. Plyometric rubber flooring contributes to the safety of any athletic space such as a dance floor. The rubber gym flooring rolls yields just the right amount of cushion to protect joints and limbs from impact injuries and strains. At the same time, these rubber gym flooring rolls have plenty of traction to prevent falls.

Victoria from Massachusetts uses 3/8 inch Plyo Mats in her dance studio, and wrote, ''I am very happy with this product. I used it as a sub-floor for a ballet studio, and it feels great! It gives some cushion for jumps, yet it is firm enough for pointe work.''

3. Commercial Fitness Facilities

Plyometric rubber rolls are easily installed in commercial fitness facilities. Plyometric rubber flooring comes in customizable lengths, starting at 30 feet long and can be cut down to fit any nooks and crannies. It doesn't take much to lay rolls flat and adhere to the subfloor with a double-sided tape. Once installed, plyometric rubber flooring won't slip or slide around, even under repeated intense movements or heavy impacts. Plus, buyers save money because they are able to install mats themselves and do not need to pay anyone to do it for them.

Tina, who runs a commercial fitness facility, reviewed Plyometric Mats after installing them in her new fitness center.
''The mats I purchased from Greatmats for my new facility are wonderful. They are much more comfortable than the mats I previously had and because they are in a roll, they don't walk everywhere.''

Other Reasons to Love Rubber Plyo Mats

Quality and Durability

Greamats' plyometric rubber flooring is made in the USA with high-quality and long-lasting material. Unlike lesser-made rubber flooring products, Greatmats' rubber will not flake or disintegrate on its own. These plyometrics mats are more durable than any foam product on the market and will stay in great shape for much longer. To back it up, plyo gym flooring rolls come with a five year limited manufacturer warranty.

Economical Choice

Despite the high-quality, these floors are one of the most economical gym flooring options out there. Rubber flooring rolls often cost less than other tiles and mat products. Plus, the initial investment should be the only one, as floors are made to last for years and years.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining rubber gym flooring rolls is simple. For basic cleaning, all a plyo mat needs is a daily vaccuum. For deeper cleaning, floors can be damp mopped with warm water and pH-neutral cleaners, as solvents and oil-based cleaners can erode the rubber.

Amazing Customer Support

Customers are often grateful to communicate with a company that not only listens to customers but truly cares. Greatmats is able to meet so many different needs with their products because of the dedication of their customer service team. The team is ready to respond to questions and concerns, whether they are about products, shipping or anything in between. Greatmats takes flooring seriously and customers can rest easy knowing the future of their floor is in the best possible hands.