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Flooring Accessories
We sell a wide variety of flooring accessories for your installation, including floor glue, floor tape, and floor cleaners. Shop now!
Welding Thread 500 LF - LonEquator
LonEquator Welding Thread for heat weld installations of LonEquator Vinyl Flooring. Available in 500 LF spool.
Welding Thread 500 LF - LonCourt UV
Select Welding Thread - 500 LF LonCourt UV to complete your LonCourt UV Vinyl Flooring heat weld installation. Excellent option for athletic facilities.
Do rubber mats damage hardwood floors? thumbnail
Can you use rubber mats for home gym flooring over hardwood floors?
Do rubber mats damage hardwood floors? What to consider when using rubber for home gym flooring over hardwood and a look at other options.
laminate flooring planks thumbnail
Does A Laminate Floor Look Cheap?
Just because a laminate floor often comes with a lower price tag on many other flooring types, it doesn't have to look cheap.
gravel under pavers thumbnail
Why Would You Use Gravel Under Pavers?
Gravel under pavers are great for outdoor landscapes that need help draining. Use pavers with sand, rocks, and gravel to create a drainage solution.
Beveled Drain Step Anti-Fatigue Mat Black 1/2 Inch x 3x5 Ft.
Beveled Drain Step Anti-Fatigue Mat Black 1/2 Inch x 3x5 Ft. Black by NoTrax is perforated rubber mat is an ergonomic anti fatigue safety mat.
Lonseal Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring Rolls
Lonseal flooring commercial sheet vinyl rolls are available for everything from marine and aircraft to deck and sports court applications. Check out Greatmats selection.
Welding Thread 500 LF - Theatrical No Glare
Welding Thread 500 LF - Theatrical No Glare is used for heat weld applications of Theater No Glare Flooring. Available in 500 LF spools.
Rubbery Foam Laundry Room Flooring thumbnail
Best Laundry Room Flooring and Utility Room Flooring
Laundry room flooring and utility room flooring can be found at Greatmats in multiple styles and textures.
modular artificial turf system interlocking tiles thumbnail
What Is The Advantage Of A Modular Turf System?
Greatmats discusses the advantages of using a modular turf system that can be installed or removed quickly.
waterproof interlocking carpet tiles thumbnail
Are Interlocking Carpet Tiles Waterproof?
When installing carpet tiles in basements or garages, make sure they are waterproof. Here is a guide to the top 3 waterproof interlocking carpet tiles.
Greatmats Logo thumbnail
Greatmats Glossary Guide to Specialty Flooring Terminology
Learn the specialty flooring lingo, what the terms mean and how they can guide you to the right specialty flooring
Rubber Roof Top Tile thumbnail
The Pros and Cons of Rubber vs. Concrete Roof Tiles
Trying to decide between concrete and rubber roof pavers? In this post, we lay out the pros and cons of each. Click to read more.
dog agility mats interlocking tiles thumbnail
Best Flooring Options for Indoor Dog Agility
The best surface for dog agility training and competition almost always included EVA foam mats. Here are three of the best options for dog agility flooring.
Rubber Flooring - Mats, Rolls & Tiles for Gym, Basement & Outdoor
Rubber flooring options for gym floors, playgrounds, horse stalls & outdoor. Interlocking tiles, mats and rolls, free samples, live support.
Commercial Mats and Flooring
Greatmats offers all types of industrial, warehouse, commercial, and rooftop rubber, vinyl, carpet, and plastic flooring and mat options. Check out our selection now.
Perforated Honeycomb Rubber Mats
Honeycomb Rubber Mats provide anti-slip and anti-fatigue comfort. They offers excellent drainage.
Performa GritTuff Black Interlocking Fatigue Mat 3x3 Feet
Performa GritTuff Black 3x3 ft. provides anti-fatigue and drainage properties, keeping work areas dry. Use Performa Black Mat in slippery areas for safety.
Anti-Fatigue Mats & Flooring | Greatmats
Shop our anti-fatigue mat collection for all types of commercial kitchen and industrial purposes - mats, tiles and matting rolls available in rubber, foam, pvc and more.
Commercial Rubber Flooring
Greatmats offers a wide range of commercial rubber flooring for retail, athletic & school installations. Check out our selection of mats, rolls & sheet rubber flooring.
Ergonomic Flooring and Mats
We offer ergonomic flooring mats and tiles in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Use for standing work stations in industrial and commercial settings.
Supreme Sliptech Black/Yellow 3x5 feet
Supreme Sliptech Black/Yellow 3x5 Feet non slip safety fatigue mat is designed for fatigue relief. Use in industrial warehouse work settings.
FlexeCork Interlocking Cork Rubber Tile 1/4 Inch
Rubber Flooring All Types, Mats, Rolls and Tile Options
Find the best Rubber Flooring options for your specific needs, home and pro. Free samples and design help, live customer service, price match guarantee.
Welding Thread 500 LF - LonEco Topseal
LonEco Welding Thread is designed for commercial installations. Use this quality welding thread for heat welded flooring in schools, office, institutions and more.
Buy Rubber Flooring thumbnail
How to Buy Rubber Flooring - Sheet, Mat & Tile
Learn how easy it is to purchase rubber flooring from Greatmats specialty flooring retailer
DIY Basement Floor Carpet Tile thumbnail
How to Install DIY Basement Flooring
DIY basement flooring can be installed easily using the appropriate flooring products from Greatmats. Use this guide to install basement flooring. Click here now.
Drainage Floor Mats and Matting
Drainage Floor Mats make your wet areas safer. Use for pool decks, industrial areas, commercial kitchens, retail spaces, locker rooms, and much more.
homestyle stone tile
How Many Types Of Floor Tiles Are There?
Greatmats identifies some of the many types of floor tiles and breaks them down by use location, styles and materials.
Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats
Commercial kitchen floor mats are available for a wide variety of environments. These are designed to withstand the rigors and challenges of use in busy restaurants.
Party Room Rubber Flooring thumbnail
Jack's Ultra Sports - Rubber Flooring Rolls - Conway, AR
Discover how and why Conway Arkansas' Jack's Ultra Sports uses Greatmats rolled rubber flooring for its front entrance, party rooms and check-in areas.
virgin rubber floor tiles for gym thumbnail
When Would You Want Virgin Rubber Gym Flooring?
Greatmats identifies a few instances when using virgin rubber gym flooring is advantageous over recycled rubber flooring products.
Rubber Patio Paver Tile Brick side thumbnail
Combat Global Waste With Recycled Rubber Paver Tiles
Discover how Greatmats recycled rubber pavers for patios help save the environment and your pocket book.
All Rubber Mats - Commercial & Residential
Find rubber floor mats of all types for anti-fatigue, gym, horse and home. Use for outdoor and indoor installations. Order a free sample or call now.
Stall Mats for Horses & Livestock Barns
Find interlocking stall mats, including custom sized kits for horse and livestock stables and barn stalls.
Ballet Dance Floors For Studio & Home
Professional quality ballet floors for dance studio and home use. Find portable ballet dance flooring in full rolls and custom cut lengths.
Commercial Wet Area Slip-Resistant Flooring
Choose Commercial Wet Area Flooring to add safety to food prep stations and industrial wet areas. Available in sizes and styles suitable for many areas.
installing artificial grass turf with tools thumbnail
Installing Outdoor Artificial Grass Turf for Residential Homes
Greatmats lays out the steps for installing residential artificial grass for lawns and yards. Grass turf is becoming a very popular choice for homeowners.
Horse Stall Mats - Rubber Barn & Stable Mats
Quality rubber equine mats for barn stalls, aisles, and washbays in variety of sizes. Single 4x6 mats and interlocking stall kits.
Blue Sky Playground ADA Ramp 3.25 Inch x 6x4.3 Ft.
Blue Sky Playground ADA Ramp 3.25 Inch x 6x4.3 Ft. is made from 100% recycled rubber for durability and feature a unique interlocking design. Made in the USA.
The Babinski Foundation German Shepard  thumbnail
Rubber Flooring For Dogs - Rehab and Training
An animal shelter and rehabilitation center, The Babinski Foundation finds Greatmats' rolled rubber to be the best choice flooring to train their animals.
Home Sport and Play Workout Floor thumbnail
What Kind of Workout Floor Should I Exercise On?
Discover what you need to know about exercise flooring and choosing the right options for your environment and type of use.
Vario Floor Cleaner Kit 1 Liter
Vario Floor Cleaner Kit 1 Liter Bottle with microfiber cloth 40 x 40 cm. Use on Vario All Around Dance Floor.
Horse Stall Mat Classic Interlocking 3/4 Inch x 10x10 Ft. Kit
Horse Stall Mat Classic Interlocking 3/4 Inch x 10x10 Ft. Kit is made from 100 percent vulcanized recycled rubber. Skid resistant, non-porous and easy to clean.
non-slip rubber matting for dog cage thumbnail
Where Do You Find Non-Slip Rubber Matting For Dog Cages?
Greatmats offers a wide variety of non-slip rubber matting for dog cages that work perfectly in everything from small to large kennels.
pistol squat thumbnail
How to Do Pistols - The Advanced Squat: Fitness Training Series #9
Learn how to do the pistol squat - an advanced one leg squat - from CrossFit Duluth's Dale Collison in Part 9 of the Greatmats Fitness Training Series.
TruTread Black Mat 3x15 Feet
TruTread Black Mat 3x15 ft. is made of heavy duty rubber with drainage holes. Use TruTread in areas where spills are a hazard to keep workers safe and dry.
Packers Chemical Tanks thumbnail
Rubber Chemical Tank Mats - Packers Chemical Testimonial
See why this sanitation chemical company uses large horse stall mats to create a buffer between his floor and high capacity chemical tanks.
Home Quarantine Dance Studio Flooring thumbnail
Home Quarantine Flooring Projects - Martial Arts, Dance, Gym
DIY home improvement projects for home gyms, home dojos and home dance studios in the basement, garage or attic.
Apache Grip Carpet Mat 3x10 Feet
Apache Grip Carpet Mat 3x10 Feet features a nylon surface and cleated rubber backing for safety. Use the Apache Grip Carpet Mat for commercial entrances.
Welding Thread 500 LF - LonWood Performa
Welding thread for heat welded LonWood Performa Yoga flooring installations. Available in 500 LF spools in colors to match your yoga studio and aerobic gym flooring.
interlocking rubber floor tiles thumbnail
Where Do You Find Discount Rubber Tiles?
See our list of top 5 discount rubber floor tiles and affordable pricing for these interlocking rubber tiles in varying thicknesses.
MI1000 Adhesive 4 Gallons
MI1000 Adhesive 4 Gallon can be used for a wet-set or semi-dry set adhesive.
WorkStep Black Mat 3x5 Feet
WorkStep Black Mat 3x5 ft. is an easy to clean drainage mat. Use WorkStep Black mat where you need a perforated anti-fatigue mat.
Sterling Playground Corner Black 3.25 Inch x 2x2 Ft.
Sterling Playground Corner 3.25 inch Black to complete your playground tile installation. Durable rubber interlocking playground tiles.
Sterling Playground ADA Ramp Black 4.25 Inch x 4x4.9 Ft.
Sterling Playground ADA Ramp Black 4.25 Inch x 4x4.9 Ft. ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. Can be used in different applications from playgrounds to recreational areas.
AquaFlow Outdoor Entrance Mat 36x59 Inches
AquaFlow Outdoor Entrance Mat 36x59 Inches are a commercial and business entry mats made of recycled rubber for any type of climate. Made in the USA.
Horse Stall Mats Kit Cobblestone 3/4 Inch x 12x24 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 4 reviews -  $893.76
Horse Stall Mats Kit Cobblestone 3/4 Inch x 12x24 Ft. are made from durable 4x6 ft rubber mats. Use stall mats kits for horse barns, stalls and aisle ways.
Borders for Outdoor Court Tiles 12 x 1-3/4 Inch
Borders for Outdoor Court Tiles provide a finished, ramped edge for your TopCourt and Outdoor XT3 courts. Beveled edge tiles in many colors.
Supreme Soft Foot 2x60 feet
Supreme Soft Foot 2x60 feet 5/8 inch thick fatigue soft mat is designed for industrial fatgue mat use. Use in standing industrial and warehouse settings.
Borders for Indoor Court Tile Solid Surface 1/2 Inch x 1-3/4 inch x 1 Ft.
Borders for Indoor Court Solid Surface Tiles provide a finished, ramped edge for your court perimeter. Beveled edge tiles in many colors.
StrongPlay Playground Edge ADA Ramp 1.75 Inch x 35.43x15.75 Inches
StrongPlay Playground Edge ADA Ramp 1.75 Inch x 35.43x15.75 Inches use with StrongPlay Playground Tiles for a safe transition from the play area. Made of recycled rubber.
Welding Thread 500 LF - LonCoin II
Use LonCon II Welding Thread for heat weld installations. Commercial sheet vinyl flooring welding thread for LonCoin II is available in spools of 500 LF.