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What is the Best Pile Height for Artificial Turf Grass?

By Kyle Schurman Created: July, 2023 - Modified: December, 2023

Using synthetic turf around your home or business has quite a few advantages, including requiring less maintenance and keeping a vibrant green color all year around. When choosing the best product for your needs, though, don’t forget to pay attention to the artificial turf pile height you’re using.

Different artificial grass pile heights and thickness measurements will fit different use cases. Think about what you are trying to accomplish with the synthetic grass, and then select an artificial turf pile height that matches.

We’ve put together a guide for how tall you want your artificial grass pile height for different use cases.

Best Use Cases for Low Artificial Turf Pile Height

A low pile height would measure less than 3/4 inches, or about 20 mm, in the turf layer. (Some products have a padded backing layer, but we’re only discussing the height of the turf blades here.)

low pile height artificial grass for golf and patios


Golfers wanting to create a putting green or a driving range will want a low height turf. The short turf won’t interfere with the golf swing, while also delivering a true ball roll for putting.


In a dog run, having a short turf height is ideal, as it’s easy to clean up feces after the dog is in the area. You also can rinse the dog run quickly with a garden hose and sprayer. Thoroughly cleaning a taller turf height would be more challenging.

Sitting Area

When you want to create a patio-like area for sitting with friends inside your landscaping space, shorter turf blades create a firmer location for chairs and tables. Thicker turf may cause the furniture to wobble, making the space less comfortable.


As a downside, the low height in the blades of synthetic grass are not going to give you a look that resembles a natural grass lawn. It’s so short that it may look up close a bit more like green carpeting than real grass.

Top Uses for Medium Artificial Grass Pile Height

An average pile height for synthetic grass is between 3/4 and 1-1/2 inches (or 20 to 40 mm). This is the most common height range for artificial turf.

artificial turf grass medium pile height for yard

Sports Field

When you want to create a sports field in the backyard or indoors that you and the kids can use, medium height grass blades deliver the best results. This turf has just a bit of cushioning, while allowing the ball to roll and bounce naturally.

High Foot Traffic

When using longer turf blades in high traffic areas, the blades may flatten down. However, medium-length blades are great for these use cases, as they have a more natural look and feel than low height turf blades without flattening.


Athletes often prefer a medium pile height in the faux turf as well. They receive a little bit of cushioning for their workouts without risking having their shoes tangle in long blades.


Because they can fit a wide range of use cases, medium pile heights are the most popular option. However, it may be better to go with a less common shorter or taller grass blade when you have a specific use case and outcome in mind.

Best Scenarios to Use for High Artificial Turf Pile Height

The best products for a tall faux grass pile height will measure at least 1-1/2 inches in thickness.

high pile artificial turf for high traffic use

Realistic Look

For those who want to create the most realistic look in the artificial turf as compared to a natural grass lawn, having the tallest pile height is the best option. Its height resembles a mowed lawn like you’d find at a home, rather than a tightly mowed sports field.

Additionally, taller blades allow for a greater variety in the shades of green in use, which enhances the resemblance to a real grass lawn.

Play Area

In areas where children want to run and play in bare feet, having the longer blades of faux grass will feel more like the real thing and will be more comfortable.

Ground Based Workouts

When you want cushioning for workouts on the ground, like yoga or even goat yoga or puppy yoga, the taller pile height has a cushioned, natural feel that helps with relaxation.


The primary disadvantage of using long blades in the artificial turf is that they may lay flat under constant foot traffic. If using the turf in a playground where kids are going to run along the same path constantly, such as when slides and swings are available, you may want a medium-length turf instead.

Reach Out for Help With Selecting Your Best Artificial Grass Pile Height

We know that finding just the right synthetic grass is a challenge. That’s why our customer service team specializes in understanding the subtle differences in these products, ensuring you receive the advice you need. Reach out to Greatmats today for help with your synthetic turf installation project!

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