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What's the Best Soft Play Area Flooring and Wall Padding?

By Paige Cerulli Created: April, 2024

An indoor soft play center can give kids a great way to play, learn, and burn off energy no matter the weather. When creating a soft play area, it’s important to focus on quality flooring and wall padding. Investing in the right products can help prevent injuries and create a safe indoor playground space for toddlers and children.

The Best Soft Play Area Flooring

At Greatmats, we offer several children's soft play flooring options. All of these products are comfortable and designed to help prevent injuries. We’ve highlighted some of the top options to consider for your soft play area.

Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles

soft play area foam mats

The Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles feature a fall height rating of up to four feet, so they’re ideal for use with many indoor playground equipment options. The no-skin-burn tatami surface texture helps prevent scrapes and burns if kids crawl or tumble onto the mats.

The tiles are waterproof, so cleaning up after a spill is no big deal. They also feature a reversible design to help maximize their lifespan. These foam play mats feature puzzle-style edges, so installing them is quick and easy.

Gym Mats 2 Inch x 4x8 Feet

folding gym mats for soft play

These gym mats can instantly add cushion to an indoor space. They feature two-inch-thick PE foam for excellent shock absorption, and that foam is enclosed in a durable vinyl cover.

You can easily lay these mats down to create padding on hard floors, and the hook and loop connectors on all four sides allow you to connect multiple mats for a larger soft play area.

The foldable mats can be stored away when not in use.

Home Cheer Mat

cheer mat for soft play

This home cheer mat is crafted from high-performance foam, adding cushion and shock absorption to a hard floor. It’s lightweight and can be rolled up for easy storage or transportation, so it’s great for home use when you want to create a play space for kids in a room that also serves other functions.

The needle punch top is durable, and you can connect multiple mats together.

Cheerleading Mats 6x42 Feet

cheerleading mats for soft play area

If you’re looking to cover a large area, such as for a commercial operation, these cheerleading mats may be the best choice. Measuring 6 x 42 feet, you can unroll them to instantly add cushion and shock absorption to your floor. They feature a cross-linked polyethylene foam and a needle punch carpet top for durability. Just move them into place and unroll them for a kid-friendly space.

The Best Soft Play Area Wall Padding

In addition to choosing quality soft play area flooring, it’s also important to pad walls, poles, and any other obstacles in the play area. We offer safety wall padding that’s designed just for the job.

Safety Wall Pads

safety wall padding for soft play area

The Safety Wall Pad is crafted with impact-rated polyethylene foam that can help to take the sting out of a collision and help prevent injuries. Measuring two inches thick, the foam is protected by an 18-ounce vinyl covering for durability. That vinyl is available in many colors, so you can order it in colors that complement the colors of the rest of the soft play area.

This wall pad is designed for safety. Its anti-mildew, anti-fungus, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties contribute to a safer, healthier play space. The vinyl is Class A fire retardant compliant. Plus, this product is made of at least 60% recycled materials, so it’s an eco-friendly choice.

The wall pad is available in custom sizes, and you can also order it with custom graphics and logos.

Pole Padding

safety pole padding for soft playing

We also offer a fantastic selection of pole padding. These pads can be wrapped around poles, posts, and I-beams to help protect kids in case of a collision. Choose from varying heights and customization options, including custom colors and graphics.

Additional Soft Play Equipment

You can also enhance your soft play area with additional soft play equipment and crash mats.

  • Incline wedge mats are a valuable training tool for all ages and skill levels. They are available in folding and non-folding options, and you can choose from a variety of sizes, too.

  • Gymnastics octagon mats are a popular choice for helping young gymnasts learn forward rolls and back handsprings. They’re available in six different sizes and multiple colors, and they’re tons of fun for kids to play with.

  • The safety landing mats feature eight inches of foam for maximum shock absorption. These non-folding crash mats add extra cushion and shock absorption, so they’re ideal for areas where kids will be tumbling or jumping and need some extra protection.

Order Your Soft Play Area Flooring and Wall Padding

As you explore our options for your soft play area, contact Greatmats customer support with any questions. We’re happy to help you determine which products are right for your project.