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Combat Global Waste With Recycled Rubber Paver Tiles

By Julia Nass Created: June, 2017 - Modified: October, 2022

Often, companies use the ''green'' label as a way to bump up the price you pay. It can be difficult to navigate through the true meaning of green on certain products. With Greatmats' rubber paver tiles for patios, however, it's plain and simple. Rubber paver tiles are made from 100 percent recycled rubber material: all of the rubber comes from ground up car and truck tires.

Tire Waste

How does that translate to being eco-friendly? Every year, nearly 300 million tires are discarded after being deemed unusable. Wasted tires are extremely hard on the environment. They are not biodegradable and contain toxic chemicals that are released into the ground when put into a landfill. Tire waste is a serious global problem due to the large size of tires, the enormous number of them that go to waste (nearly 300 million each year), and their long-lasting durability.

Alternative Solutions

Many tires are burned for fuel. Although this is argued to be better than tires sitting in a landfill, burning tires releases emissions that are also damaging to the environment.

Recycling and repurposing tires is hands down the best option for solving the issues presented by tire waste. Greatmats is dedicated to reducing tire waste and environmental harm by utilizing recycled materials as much as possible.

Safety of Recycled Rubber

You might be asking yourself, if tire waste is damaging to the environment, won't it be damaging if used in other products?

Research based on shredded tire products such as rubber mulch and rubber crumbs has shown, however, that these products likely do not have a harmful effect on the environment.

When used above ground, recycled rubber materials do not have the capability to leach into soil the way tires buried in a landfill do. Further, in surface products there isn't enough concentration of chemicals for rain to cause chemical leaching.

Quality of Material

At Greatmats, using recycled material never forsakes quality. In fact, it's exactly the extreme durability of tires that allow for premium rubber paver tiles.

Just as tires are made to be tough and weatherproof, rubber pavers are as well. Even though rubber paver tiles are relatively thin, they have a life-expectancy of nearly 20 years. They are guaranteed to remain resilient against the damaging effects of heavy rains, moist soil, harsh winters, and intense sunlight (although high heat can cause rubber to expand slightly). Rubber paver tiles are non-absorbent, UV resistant and won't ever crack or freeze.

Use and Design

Rubber paver tiles are a safe, non-slip option as well. The grooves in their design allow for water to channel off the tiles so water doesn't pool up on the surface. Rubber pavers have great traction as well, which makes them ideal for heavy foot traffic. Although they are most commonly used in yards as patios or walkways, rubber paver tiles can also be used under vehicles (although staining may occur).

Easy Installation

Rubber pavers that are lightweight and straight-edged require adhesives for installation. If installing over a wood surface, staples can be used. Otherwise, lightweight rubber paver tiles require a polyurethane adhesive.

That being said, installation is still a quick process. Their size and weight makes them one of the easiest rubber tiles to handle, pick up and transport. You can find more details on proper installation techniques on the Greatmats website or by contacting Greatmats with any questions.


Greatmats recycled rubber Equine Paver Tiles come in green, terra cotta, black and grey. They feature an architectural brick design design on the surface.

Financially Friendly

Recycled rubber patio pavers are not only eco-friendly but budget-friendly as well. Even with the Green label, Greatmats offers incredible pricing. You can find rubber patio pavers on sale at, and you can always be in touch to inquire about volume discounts.


Overall, rubber paver tiles are a win in every way. If you take high-quality and green products seriously, recycled rubber paver tiles are an easy choice. Not only does using recycled material provide a solution to an enormous environmental problem, but it's exactly the recycled material that allows rubber pavers to uphold such a supreme quality. Further with rubber pavers, you're staying both environmentally and financially conscious.