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What Are StayLock Tiles?
StayLock Tiles are a Greatmats product and available in 3 different designs, multiple colors with optional borders.
How Do You Install Sticky Floor Mats?
Sticky floor mats are needed for flooring construction projects. These sticky mats are disposable.
What Gym Mats Work Best for Darebee Workouts?
The best gym mats for Darabee workouts will provide for a wide range of potential exercises.
How to Install Carpet Tiles on Concrete
Learn how to install interlocking carpet tiles or squares with either a foam or plastic base in a basement or on concrete floors.
What Is The Best Walnut Flooring Alternative?
Walnut flooring is traditionally made out of wood. Greatmats walnut flooring comes in foam, vinyl, and vinyl peel and stick planks.
How Much Do Carpet Tiles for Basement Spaces Cost?
Greatmats discusses how much carpet tiles for basement spaces cost, you can expect to pay around $1 to $9 per square foot.
What Are Virtual Gym Classes?
Virtual gym classes are a great way to get exercise from home via the internet, you can use plastic, foam, and rubber gym floor mats and tiles.
What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Gym Floor Mats
Gym floor mats, made from plastic, for home and commercial use can be found at
Can Flooring Be Used On Walls?
Flooring on walls come in foam, vinyl, laminate, peel and stick variety's.
What's the Best Table Tennis Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best table tennis flooring options including the best materials.
StayLock Home Gym Flooring Testimonial - Ashley Radetich
New Jersey fitness and nutrition coach equips home gym with StayLock Orange Peel Tiles in multiple locations - over carpet and tile.
How To Make A Modular Basketball Dribbling Mat
Greatmats talks about how to create a modular basketball dribbling mat using a few of our interlocking modular tile products.
Is There Such A Thing As A Green Screen Floor?
Green screen flooring is important when filming or creating photo shoots. It allows you to remove or change the background image in post production footage.
Quality Reclaimed Flooring Products
Find out what reclaimed flooring is and the top products that Greatmats offers in this category for your home or commercial setting.
What Are The Most Popular Carpet Tile Installation Patterns?
Greatmats talks about popular carpet tile installation patterns and some excellent product options to make patterns.
Why Are Gray Carpet Tiles Such A Popular Choice?
Greatmats discusses why gray carpet tiles are so popular and provides a list of current gray carpet products.
Is PVC Flooring Good for Gyms?
Greatmats identifies 4 top PVC gym flooring products that offer durability, anti-fatigue properties, traction and strength for heavy equipment.
What Is the Best Flooring for Bootcamp Workouts?
Find out which is the best flooring for bootcamp workouts which can be intense and hard on the joints and body.
What Do You Put On The Floor Under A Bird Cage?
Greatmats identifies options that you can put on the floor under a bird cage or other animal cages.
What is better - laminate or vinyl plank flooring?
Laminate Flooring vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Discover how they differ and when each is best.
When Should You Use Sticky Floor Mats On A Construction Site?
Sticky floor mats for construction can be found at Greatmats.
Is LVT Flooring Better Than Laminate?
LVT flooring is similar to laminate and has many benefits. Find lvt can be found at
What Are The Best Slate Flooring Alternatives?
Greatmats discusses the best slate flooring alternatives that are attractive for use in kitchens, bathrooms and common spaces.
What Are The Top Cheap Basement Flooring Ideas?
Cheap basement flooring ideas that work well over concrete and are easy to install. These options come in carpet, rubber, and vinyl.