Install Home Gym Flooring over Carpet & Workout Flooring

Best Workout Flooring Over Carpet For Home Gyms

For most gym flooring, you need a hard, level, flat subsurface to lay it on. If you try laying rubber or foam , it will sink at the seams. This can cause your tiles or rolls to come apart. This is also dangerous because it makes it very easy to twist an ankle. The solution is StayLock. StayLock tiles were specifically designed to provide fatigue relief for athletes doing aerobic activities. They protect flooring from weights and equipment.

They can be used directly over carpeting without presenting a danger to the carpet or the athlete. Made of soft PVC, these tiles are flexible and pliable. Because they are on a foot system, they elevate the workout surface and provide great cushion. They also provide excellent airflow beneath the tiles. This makes them great for damp areas such as basements. StayLock tiles are also non-absorbant.

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