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How Large Are Interlocking Foam Floor Mats?
Greatmats discusses the sizes and how large interlocking foam floor mats are which is commonly around 2x2 feet.
Oak Parquet Flooring Costs & Alternatives
Oak parquet flooring is beautiful and adds a special aesthetic to a space, find out what the costs are and if alternative products are a good fit for you.
Is Doing Yoga on Carpet Bad?
Can you do yoga on carpet? Greatmats discusses the best options for using yoga mats or flooring over carpet.
What Are Virtual Gym Classes?
Virtual gym classes are a great way to get exercise from home via the internet, you can use plastic, foam, and rubber gym floor mats and tiles.
How Big Is a Cheer Mat?
How big is a cheer mat? Cheer mat options are many, with various sizes, thicknesses, styles, and purposes.
Are Foam Mats Good For Insulation?
Foam mats are great for insulating and keeping feet warm from a cold environment.
Wall Mat Options and Services
Provide the most safety you can for your training spaces other padded areas with the addition of one of Greatmats dozens of Wall Padding Options.
What Is The Best Padded Yoga Studio Flooring?
This padded yoga studio flooring is great for home or pro workouts. It is easy to install over concrete and over carpet. Choose from foam, rubber and PVC.
What's the best flooring for an exercise room?
Greatmats identifies the best flooring options for a home exercise room based on environment, use, workout type and desired look of the workout room floor.
What Is the Best Turf for Softball?
Greatmats discusses the best turf options for softball practice fields and baseball areas.
What Are Garage Floor Mats?
Garage floor mats will provide protection for the subfloor in the garage, which is likely concrete.
Can You Purchase A Plyometric Rubber Roll In Custom Lengths?
If you are wondering if you can purchase plyometric rubber rolls in custom lengths, you will be happy to learn that yes, you can order this by the foot.
What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Gym Floor Mats
Gym floor mats, made from plastic, for home and commercial use can be found at
How Large Are Karate Mats And What Size Is Right For You?
Karate mats, at Greatmats, are the best quality and are great for competitions. Easy to install karate mats come in puzzle foam mats, rolls, and are easy to build.
What Is the Best Grow Room Floor Material?
Greatmats discusses what is the best grow room floor materials and types of flooring.
What Is The Best Slip Resistant Locker Room Flooring?
Slip resistant locker room flooring provides an additional touch of safety in a potentially hazardous environment.
How Long Do Gym Floor Mats Last?
Gym floor mats, made from rubber, and foam, if properly cleaned and maintained, are designed to look great and perform well for quite some time
Portable Tap Dance Floor Options With DIY Installation
Tap dancing flooring is a can be installed permanently or as a portable dance flooring. Greatmats has everything you need to make a portable tap dance floor.
What Are The Best Social Distancing Mats?
Create social distancing mats with our indoor and outdoor PVC flooring rolls and interlocking colored floor tiles.
What Kind of Flooring Is Used in Commercial Gyms?
Greatmats identifies a number of options to be used for commercial gym flooring including rubber mats, tiles and rolls.
What type of floor mats offer the most padding?
Greatmats identifies padded floor mats products that provide cushioning and a padded surface for kitchens, kids rooms, family room and more.
What is the Best Flooring for an Indoor Playground?
Greatmats identifies the 4 best flooring products for an indoor playground that provide excellent fall protection, safety and durability.
Which Carpet Tiles Are Available In Purple?
Greatmats identifies a list of purple carpet tiles available for home and commercial use, either solid colors or multi-colored patterns.
Cool Garage Tile Floor Ideas
Garage Tile Floor and Foam Tiles for Garage Floor are great for creating a stylish space for your cars, workshop, or for creating a home garage gym.