Folding Gym Mat for Martial Arts Fall Training and Ground Fighting

Greatmats 5x10 foot by 2 inch folding gym mats provide excellent shock absorption against falls and offer a durable surface ideal for martial arts training. This is ideal when training in the throwing arts such as judo, hapkido, jiujitsu and aikido. The two inches of cross linked polyethylene foam offer disperse weight for safer landings and offer enough firmness to accommodate grappling, wrestling and other ground fighting.

Greatmats also offers other sizes of folding mats for martial arts training to help you accommodate the space available to you for both practices and storage. Many of these panel mats offer connector strips on all four sides, allowing for you to expand your training surface area in any direction. Two 5x10 mats placed side by side makes a perfect home wrestling or grappling space. For larger groups, just keep adding mats until you've reached the desired coverage area.

If if you've already got a padded martial arts flooring system, it may need a little extra cushion for those practitioners learning new throws or falls. Simply throw down one of these mats under the area where the throw will take place for additional body protection.

If you're working on sky falls or other high impact falls where precarious positions may be likely, you'll likely want a folding crash mat. These mats are made of a softer foam material and with greater thickness. These mats are made specifically for fall protection and would not make a great surface for stand up fighting or grappling as you will sink into the foam. These are also availabe in non-folding options.
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