Snowmobile Shed Flooring Ideas

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2021 - Modified: January, 2024

When it’s time to store a snowmobile for a week, for the summer, or just the trailer ride home having the right flooring material in the shed is a must. Some of the best materials that will work as snowmobile shed ideas and floor installations include rubber and PVC plastic.

Both materials provide a reasonable level of traction for the vehicle, as well as a cushioned surface that protects the floor from track studs and skis of the snowmobile while it’s in storage.

Any snowmobile shed flooring ideas must take the studded rubber tracks on the vehicle into account, as well as the skis that contact the ground on the front. The flooring should not consist of rough materials. The floors should protect the existing floor from damage from studded snowmobile tracks while driving the machine into and out of the snowmobile garage.

What Are the Most Important Considerations for Snowmobile Shed Ideas?

Without some form of protective flooring inside the garage, shed, or trailer, the studs on the tracks of the snowmobile could damage the floor, including a concrete floor.

Many people prefer a type of flooring that they can disassemble and place into storage at any time. Having interlocking mats available as a snowmobile shed floor means customers can order a few extra tiles and install them in the bed of a trailer too, providing a safe means of transporting the snowmobile.

Additionally, snowmobile shed ideas for adding a floor need to have some protection against ice, water, and snow dripping off the vehicle when the customer stores it after using it. Good air circulation throughout the shed and garage helps with drying melted snow and ice as well.

Should the customer want to be able to work on the engine inside the shed, the flooring must resist damage from oils, fuels, and brake fluid. PVC plastic works better for resisting these types of harsh chemicals than rubber. Many PVC floor tiles designed for garage, workshops and warehouses, can serve to cover the entire floor as well without the need for rubber.

Rubber is a desirable flooring option for snowmobile shed ideas because it has a heavy consistency that will not slide out of position as the customer rolls the vehicle over the top of it.

Finally, the materials should be cost effective, giving customers the option for a large coverage area at a reasonable price per square foot.

What Are the Best Snowmobile Shed Ideas for Rubber Floors?

rubber matFor those who want rubber flooring in the snowmobile storage garage, one of the most cost effective options are 4x6 foot horse stall mats. These rubber mats are up to 3/4 inches thick. Other people may use rubber flooring rolls. The thicker the rubber flooring is the more protection it will provide the floor underneath.

Remember that oils and other chemicals can break down rubber material.

2x2 foot Sundance Interlocking MatsFor smaller rubber interlocking mats that will be easier for one person to install alone, consider the 2x2 foot Sundance Interlocking Mats. These mats weigh only 17 pounds each, which makes them easier to handle than larger options.

These interlocked mats also measure 3/4 inches in thickness. They have dimensions of about 2 by 2 feet with the puzzle style edges. When interlocked, each tile will provide about 3.67 square feet of coverage.

What Are the Best PVC Plastic Floor Options for Storing Snowmobiles?

PVC plastic tiles are much thinner and lighter than rubber tiles, making them easier to handle. Many PVC tiles have a textured pattern across the top, which ensures traction for moving the snowmobile efficiently. Additionally, people walking across the top of the tiles will use the textured surface to avoid slipping on snow or ice dripping off the machine. The PVC material is also completely waterproof, so no snow melt will soak into the tiles. Plus, they resist automotive fluids while rubber does not.

SupraTile Diamond Pattern TileThe SupraTile Diamond Pattern Tile offers a cost-effective option for creating a flooring for storing snowmobiles. Each tile measures only 4.5 mm in thickness (about 1/6 inches), which makes it easy to install or to carry back and forth from the storage shed to the trailer. Customers also appreciate the sound absorption properties of these tiles.

Coin Top Home Floor Tile Black or Dark GrayThe Coin Top Home Floor Tile Black or Dark Gray is another option for storing the snowmobile. It consists of high quality recycled PVC plastic material, making it an environmentally friendly product. The surface of the tile has a coin texture pattern, which provides safety for those walking across it. These also measure 4.5 mm in thickness.

Please note: Metal studs and carbides can tear up any floor. To make the floor last as long as possible, drive slowly and carefully when entering the shed, garage, or trailer. There is not a floor made specifically to stand up to the abuse that metal studs and carbides can cause. Damage caused by snowmobiles is not covered under warranty.