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Light Colored Wood Grain Foam Flooring Tiles thumbnail
What Are The Best Light Wood Floors?
Greatmats identifies the best light wood floor options and flooring solutions for home and commercial applications.
floating vinyl flooring tiles thumbnail
What Is The Most Popular Floating Vinyl Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what products are the most popular floating vinyl flooring including tiles and plank options.
Rosco Adagio Elite Customer Studio thumbnail
River City Dance Chooses Adagio Marley Flooring for Clogging and more
See why Sheryl at River City Dance uses Adagio Marley flooring in her studio.
engineered hardwood thumbnail
The best maple flooring options and alternatives
The best maple flooring alternatives are affordable & give you that rich beauty maple delivers. These options are easy to install & come in a variety of colors.
vinyl flooring rolls with fiberglass thumbnail
When Would You Want Fiberglass Flooring?
Greatmats identifies some instances where a person would want to use a fiberglass flooring?
vinyl plank flooring cleaning with a swiffer thumbnail
Can You Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring?
Greatmats discusses whether you can or should use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring to dry or wet mop your floors.
Clogging dance floor thumbnail
Professional Cloggers Use Greatmats Dance Floors
Elite clogging surfaces and dance floors are available at Gym Rubber Floor and are used by some of the top professionals in the industry. View our video now.
Wood Grain Modular Flooring Tiles thumbnail
What Is Modular Wood Flooring?
Modular wood flooring options are a popular system for basement floors, garages, trade shows , home office as permanent or temporary modular floors.
Raised Tiles for Best Living Room Flooring thumbnail
What is the Best Living Room Flooring?
Greatmats identifies products that make the best living room flooring, from products with the look of wood, the cozy appeal of carpet, or the price of laminate.
interlocking flooring for a garage thumbnail
What Are The Types of Interlocking Flooring?
Greatmats identifies nine popular types of interlocking flooring that is easy to install and a versatile flooring choice.
walnut vinyl flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Walnut Flooring Alternative?
Walnut flooring is traditionally made out of wood. Greatmats walnut flooring comes in foam, vinyl, and vinyl peel and stick planks.
Max Tile Raised Floor Tile thumbnail
Carpet vs. Vinyl - What's the better DIY basement flooring?
Exploring the best DIY options for basement flooring.
The Best Flooring For Bachata Dance thumbnail
The Best Flooring For Bachata Dance
Bachata, a smooth and sensual dance with hip movements and a syncopation or tap steps, has a Dominican Republic origin and is now practiced worldwide.
Where Do I Find Acid Resistant Floor Tiles?
Greatmats discusses where you can find acid resistant floor tiles for industrial settings or other workplace settings.
Arts & Crafts Flooring thumbnail
What's the best flooring for an arts and crafts room?
Greatmats discusses 4 arts and crafts flooring ideas that are easy to install and will provide a comfortable floor surface.
easy diy interlocking vinyl flooring tiles thumbnail
What Is Interlocking Vinyl Flooring?
Greatmats talks about interlocking vinyl flooring options and why they are such a great flooring choice.
dark wood floors thumbnail
What Are The Best Dark Wood Floors?
Dark wood floors are perfect for giving a room a warm and clean design. Look no further then to find beautiful brown oak flooring.
How Long Does Peel And Stick Flooring Last?
Peel and stick flooring that are made of vinyl and carpet can be found at Greatmats.
best laminated floor tiles on raised base thumbnail
What Are the Best Laminated Floor Tiles?
Greatmats offers a number of luxury laminated floor tiles that look great and work for a DIY installation.
Jazzercise Exercise Mat System thumbnail
What Is The Best Flooring For Jazzercise?
The best jazzercise flooring options will provide comfort, stability and durability for group dance exercises all in one package.
commercial vinyl flooring  thumbnail
The Best Types Of Vinyl Flooring
What is vinyl flooring? Vinyl is water resistant, making it suitable for areas prone to moisture like entryways, bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.
vinyl wood flooring thumbnail
What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring?
Vinyl flooring comes in many different styles including vinyl planks, panels, mats, rolls, tiles, and peel and stick.
Wood grain look interlocking foam tiles for trade show thumbnail
Where Do You Find Tiles That Look Like Wood?
Greatmats discusses where you can find tiles that look like wood, including foam, plastic and vinyl.
Best She Shed Flooring Options thumbnail
What is the Best She Shed Flooring?
Greatmats helps you sort through the best she shed flooring ideas and has numerous options from which to choose.