Traditional types of flooring, like tiles and hardwood, are also naturally slick, and that can be risky in certain applications. Non slip flooring with a textured surface can help to increase your safety in areas where falls are more likely, like in spaces where the flooring is often wet.

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If you need non slip flooring for your commercial or residential installation, you’ll find plenty of quality flooring options to choose from at Greatmats. Our non slip products are available in an array of finishes and colors, and they’re also available with special features like a waterproof design, a modular installation, and shock-absorbing properties to help keep people safe if a fall does occur. Designed for many different applications, our non slip products make safety a top priority.

Commercial Non Slip Flooring

Commercial non slip flooring options offer the enhanced durability that a tile or mat needs to withstand the high traffic and increased demands of a commercial installation. Options like our interlocking rubber gym floor tiles are available in three different thicknesses. Made of USA recycled materials, these tiles all carry five-year warranties. They have a non-slip surface that allows athletes to train at a high intensity while also helping to prevent slips and falls.

Products like the Heronair Industrial Matting are suitable for many different options, including in restaurants, spas, warehouses, and bars.

For a large-scale installation, LonRidge Vinyl Rolls offer excellent slip resistance while the roll’s eight-foot width can quickly cover significant surfaces. This vinyl flooring features a cross-hatch pattern to help prevent slips, and it’s suitable for interior or semi-interior installations. The speckled decoration helps to mask dirt, and the flooring is durable and easy to maintain, ideal for exhibit, specialty vehicle, entertainment, and marine use.

Options like our field mats and ground protection mats are an ideal choice for landscaping and construction fleets. These mats not only help to keep machinery from sinking down into softer ground, but they also provide important traction to keep wheeled vehicles moving forward safely and easily. With a bold cleat design, these mats provide traction to help machinery navigate slick surfaces. When placed with the traction side down, they work to secure the mats into the ground, preventing them from shifting underneath vehicles’ weight.

Non Slip Flooring for Wet Areas

Non slip flooring for wet areas like boat surfaces and docks, pool surrounds, showers, and locker rooms and bathrooms is designed to be comfortable underfoot while also maximizing safety.

Products like the Life Floor Ripple 3/8 Wet Tiles are soft and feature a non-slip surface. They’re specifically designed for use in wet areas, and are approved for indoor and outdoor spaces. They’re 1-foot ASTM fall height rated, and are anti-microbial, UV resistant, and waterproof, making them a comfortable and safe option for many wet areas.

The 3M Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Floor Matting is also ideal for use in pool surrounds and other wet areas. These cushioned vinyl coils are slip resistant while helping to reduce impacts. The loops help to clean shoe soles and also allow water to drain away, helping to prevent standing water.

Greatmats also offers a wide assortment of pool deck tiles, all designed to be easily installed. Options like the Safety Matta Perforated tiles have an interlocking lug system for a strong, secure closure. The tiles are made from recycled materials and feature a raised, perforated surface that allows water to flow through. The tiles create a secure, non-slip flooring for wet areas, thanks to the diamond shield tread.

Non Slip Flooring for Home Use

You can also outfit your home with non slip flooring, and Greatmats offers many flooring options suitable for home use that are available within multiple budgets. You can use Lightweight Gym Floor Foam Pebble Top Tiles to create a home gym or workout room, a weight room, or another exercise space. This waterproof flooring is durable and easily installs in just minutes.

Outdoor carpet and rubber tiles can be laid over patios, decks, and other flat surfaces. Soft and slip resistant, these tiles add a beautiful texture that will enhance your spaces visually, while the tiles’ performance enhances the safety and comfort of these areas for your whole family.

Non Slip Flooring Buyers Guide

Whether you’re working on a commercial or residential project, you’ll find plenty of non slip flooring options here at Greatmats. Our buying guide provides all of the essential information you’ll need on the products, including product reviews, installation tips, product suggestions, and more. We’ve also included some information to help you choose the product that’s right for your needs, especially when you’re working with challenging installations where water or UV rays are present.
If you need more help, please reach out to the Greatmats customer service team. Our flooring experts are always happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best flooring products for your project.