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Which Wearwell Safety Mats Offer The Best Non Slip Surface?

By Paige Cerulli Created: April, 2022 - Modified: August, 2023

Workstations, manufacturing settings, and assembly lines can be full of potential dangers for employees, especially when you introduce liquids, oils, and grease into the equation. Safety flooring is essential in these settings, and Wearwell safety mats offer some of the best traction and non-slip surfaces that you’ll find.

The Best Wearwell Safety Mats

Wearwell safety mats are designed to withstand the potentially damaging materials in manufacturing and assembly environments, including oils and chemicals. They’re also created to maximize employee safety.

These mats all offer excellent traction and non slip surfaces suitable for different environments. To decide which is right for your application, it’s important to consider the specific safety issues that your employees face each day.

Best Wearwell Safety Mats

For example, you might look for an anti-static flooring for use in areas where you’re manufacturing electronics and medical equipment. Beveled edges are another important consideration, since they can create a smooth transition onto and off of the flooring.

We carry a wide selection of Wearwell safety mats at Greatmats. We’ve highlighted some of those with the best non slip surfaces below.

Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Open with Gritshield Tiles

Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Open with Gritshield Tiles

The Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Open with Gritshield Tiles are made with a softer compound to maximize the anti fatigue benefit for employees. The slightly softer surface helps to keep employees’ muscles working for increased blood flow, resulting in less muscle exhaustion and better productivity.

These tiles not only offer excellent ergonomic benefits and fatigue relief, but they also have a grippy texture to maximize traction. They help to prevent slips and falls in dry areas and are highly durable.

These tiles interlock to create a stable standing surface. They’re ideal for machining, general manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing settings.

Wearwell ErgoDeck HD Solid Black

Wearwell ErgoDeck HD Solid Black

The Wearwell ErgoDeck HD Solid Black is ideal for dry applications like machining and manufacturing settings. The tiles are made of a silicone-free PVC that’s highly durable and that can withstand rigorous use.

This industrial-strength PVC supports heavy cart and foot traffic, and the tile is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

This tile is available with a solid surface, or you can order it with a perforated surface suitable for use in wet areas.

Wearwell ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleats Open

Wearwell ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleats Open

The Wearwell ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleats Open tiles offer superior slip prevention and are suitable for machining and manufacturing environments. The silicone-free PVC tiles are highly durable and can even withstand power washing.

The tiles pair an open-top surface design with high traction to help keep workers safe even in wet areas. The open design allows for quick drainage, keeping liquid and small debris from pooling on the tile surface.

The ergonomic design helps to prevent fatigue. Additionally, the no-slip cleats provide aggressive traction to maximize employee safety.

Wearwell 24/Seven NBR Perforated 3x3 Mat

Wearwell 24/Seven NBR Perforated 3x3 Mat

The Wearwell 24/Seven NBR Perforated 3x3 Mat is made of more than 50% recycled rubber, making it an environmentally friendly option. This ergonomic pad helps to fight fatigue and keep standing workers comfortable.

The mat is oil-resistant, so it’s suitable for use in a variety of workstations and assembly lines, as well as in food processing areas and professional kitchens.

The mat features perforations that allow liquids to pass right through the mat, helping to prevent puddles and maximize worker safety. The perforations don’t affect the mat’s integrity, but they do make for easy cleanup, since liquids pass through the mat until they reach a floor drain.

The mat resists chemicals and oils ranging from citric acid to salt water and vegetable oil, as well as diesel oil, gas, and type A transmission fluid.

Highly durable, the mat is backed by a one-year limited warranty. It features interlocking sides for easy installation and removal as needed.

Wearwell ErgoDeck Solid Gritshield Tile

Wearwell 24/Seven NBR Solid Gritshield Mat

The Wearwell ErgoDeck Solid Gritshield Tile offers exceptional traction for maximum worker safety. The silicone free PVC tile features a Gritshield coating that creates a rough surface to minimize the chance of falls.

The tile has a solid construction, so liquids won’t drain through it. However, it offers important protection to the subfloor in areas where harsh chemicals are used and might be spilled.

The PVC creates a slight cushion to help keep workers comfortable. It helps to protect knees, hips, and ankles, reducing pain and fatigue for more productivity.

Since the mat is resistant to many fluids, it’s a good choice for use in workstations and assembly lines. It’s backed by a one-year limited warranty.

The interlocking design connects the tiles together securely for an easy installation. Since each tile weighs 5.4 pounds, they’re resistant to shifting.