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Options for MMA Mats

MMA workouts can yield many benefits for people, such as improved physical fitness, better mental health, greater self-discipline, and high-level skill development related to martial arts. However, athletes must be able to participate in workouts regularly to receive these benefits.

The best MMA mats can keep athletes healthier and physically fresher, ensuring they can make the progress they’re seeking. With poor MMA flooring, bumps and bruises are likely that detract from the demands of the MMA discipline. Trust Greatmats to have MMA pad and dojo mat options that will perfectly fit your needs, yielding the perfect atmosphere when training to be your best.

Types of Mats for MMA

When selecting the best MMA mat for sale, Greatmats has a wide range of options.
  • Puzzle mats work well for a combination of traction and cushioning.
  • Roll-out mats let you set up areas where you need extra, temporary cushioning.
  • Folding mats are easy to store after the workouts while delivering extra cushioning during the workout.
  • Crash mats create maximum cushioning levels among the custom MMA mats’ thicknesses.
  • Non-traditional pads work nicely for providing cushioning on and around walls, support poles, support posts, and I-beam posts.
  • Tatami surfaces on the pads help to prevent skin burns.

Use Types for Mixed Martial Arts Mats

In addition to MMA workouts, Greatmats offers a number of products that work for other martial arts disciplines and for specific skill-building workouts in a dojo, studio, or gym, including:
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • BJJ
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Martial Arts
  • MMA
  • Taekwondo
  • Grappling
  • Sparring
  • Striking
  • Stunts
  • Wrestling

MMA Pad Benefits and Features

Because Greatmats only carries the highest-quality MMA pad products, you receive a number of desirable features that benefit your athletes.
  • Use these high-quality mats in a studio or at home.
  • Our mats can deliver a competition-level floor for practice or tournaments.
  • They can stand up to rigorous use.
  • Our mats have a high level of traction, so students can work on controlled movements.
  • Shock absorption levels in these mats reduce injury risk.
  • Folding and roll-out mats can yield a compact size for storage.
  • Our products are highly affordable, yielding a desirable cost per square foot of coverage.

MMA Mats Q&A

What thickness should MMA mats have?

The best thickness of MMA pads should be between 1.25 and 2 inches. However, the proper thickness depends on the skills being practiced and the risk of falls. Use interlocking 2-inch puzzle mats for extra cushioning to protect against falls, for example.

What is the best 1.5-inch thick grappling and MMA matting?

The best grappling and MMA puzzle mats that are 1.5 inches in thickness often consist of EVA foam. These mats deliver a great floor in terms of surface quality, cushioning, and traction.

Which MMA pads are the best to use for a comfortable training surface?

The most comfortable training surface in MMA mats for home or studio use could be EVA foam puzzle mats, cushioned foam MMA folding mats with a vinyl cover, or cushioned roll out mats with a vinyl cover.

What are mixed martial arts mats made of?

The materials mixed martial arts are made of include EVA foam, cross-linked PE foam, and XPE foam. Some mats have a vinyl cover to protect the foam.

Where would the average person use their martial arts training?

Applying martial arts training to the real world could involve things like working as a law enforcement officer, cross-training for other kinds of athletics, self-defense, and in developing an attitude of being able to overcome hardships in your life.