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Gym Mats, Folding Gymnastic Mats, Custom School Gym Matting

Gym Mats All Sizes

Custom gym mats, Gym mats for sale, School folding gym mat
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Thickness 1-1/2 inch
Length 0.00 feet
Width 0.00 feet
Weight 0.00 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Top Features for Gym Mats All Sizes

  1. Durable foam core
  2. 6P compliant vinyl cover
  3. Double-stitched seams
  4. Custom thicknesses and sizes
  5. Made in USA
  6. For home and school use
  7. Made to order
Use Types

Folding Gym Mats, Gymnastic Training Mats, School Gymnastic Mats, Martial Arts Mats, Cheerleading and Tumbling Mats, Exercise Gym Mats

Custom gym mats, Gym mats for sale, School folding gym mat

Our custom for sales are available in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses. You can custom order the exact gym mats that will suit your needs. These folding gymnastics mats offer plenty of versatility, and are used for gymnastics training, tumbling, cheerleading, martial arts, and tactical training at home and school. We've found that these mats for sale tend to be particularly popular with elementary and middle school gym teachers, since the mats are affordable but also offer excellent quality and longevity.

Our folding gymnastics mats line offers a variety of features that make them an excellent choice for most athletic programs and uses.

Top 10 Best Features of Gym Mats

Durable foam core: Our custom gymnastics mats are equipped with a durable foam core to offer superb shock absorption. They help to take the sting out of landings, and minimize potential injury to athletes. This makes them an excellent multi-purpose folding mat for use in both schools and homes.

6P-compliant vinyl cover: You'll find 18-ounce 6P compliant vinyl covers on any of our gym mats for sale. These custom folding gymnastics mats have a 6P compliant vinyl, which means that the covers are free of lead. All of the covers on these gymnastic mats meet or exceed California state law Proposition 65 requirements, so you know you're bringing a safe product into your school or facility. The vinyl covers are comfortable against bare feet, but they're strong enough to also be used with athletic shoes. The covers can stand up to plenty of wear and tear, adding durability to these mats.

Double-stitched seams: These gym mats feature durable double-stitched seams which add to the life of the mats. This double stitching ensures that the seams - generally the weakest point of a product - are as strong as possible, and that the mats are ready to hold up to years of use.

Safe surface: Personalized gymnastics mats can serve as padding to create a safe surface for many different types of activities. You can use these mats to convert floors, walls, poles, posts, and more into a safe area for play, practice, and more. Since the mat's surface is easy to clean, you can keep these mats clean, disinfected, and safe for children to use.

High-quality mats: We use the highest quality materials in the construction of these custom sized gymnastic mats for sale. This means that our exercise gym matting is of a high quality, and you can trust these mats for school gym classes, gymnastics training facilities, and more. You'll see that our mats are often used at competitions, too.

Custom thicknesses and sizes: Looking for something specific? Thanks to the ability to custom-order these custom size folding gym mats, you'll be able to get it. Our gymnasium mats are available in sizes ranging from 4-by-6 feet to 6-by-12 feet. You can also choose from three thicknesses, ranging between 1.5 and 2.5 inches.

Made in the USA: When you order one of our custom gymnastics mats, you'll be ordering a product that is made right here in the USA. Greatmats has partnered with a leading manufacturing facility that makes top-quality folding mats for gymnastics. They're also dedicated to detail and customer service.

For home and school use: Our personalized gymnastics mats are available in 14 different vinyl color options, giving you plenty of choices. You can order mats to match your school colors, team colors, or business colors. You can also use these mats at home to quickly convert any area into a temporary practice or play space.

Foldable mats: These gym mats fold up for convenient and easy transportation and storage. The larger folding gymnastic matting can weigh 30 pounds or more, but one person can easily carry our smaller mats on his or her own.

Made to order: These custom gym mats are made to order from the highest quality materials. Choose a color or a color combination to match your facility, and order a gymnasium mats that's the exact size and thickness that you need. Custom mat sizes are available by special order, too, so if you're looking for something that isn't listed here, please contact our customer service department.

Folding Gymnastics Mat Attachment Style Options

Our custom folding gymnastics mats come with hook and loop connector strap systems that allow you to attach the mats together. Depending on the hook and loop system, you can attach the mats together to make a long runway, or to make a larger space. The hook and loop system holds the mats together securely, so they won't separate while in use.

We offer these strap attachment systems in two different options. (In each option, the V stands for Velcro, which indicates the attachment method.)

Gym Mats V2:

Our V2 system features hook and loop fasteners on the two short sizes of the mat. This design allows you to connect mats together end-to-end to create a long runway suitable for activities like tumbling runs.

Gym Mats V4:

Our V4 system has hook and loop fasteners on all sides of the folding gymnastic mats. You can place the mats from side to side for a larger, broader space, but can also attach the mats end to end for a long runway. This option provides you with the most versatility in how you connect the mats together.

The system that is right for you will depend on how you primarily plan to use the mat. If you want to make a large floor for activities like group practices or wrestling, then the 4V system is the best option.

The V2 option is more suitable for tumbling runs. With this system, you can also mount the connected pads on a wall, creating wall padding. If the area that you're looking to create is long and narrow, then the V2 system is the right choice.

If you haven't yet decided how you'll want to use your gymnastic mats, or suspect that you'll be using the mats to cover a large amount of square footage, then the V4 system will give you the versatility that you need.

Folding Gym Mats Color Options

Our personalized gymnasium mats are available in standard colors including blue, black, green, purple, and red, but some other standard colors may be available, depending on the style and size of folding mats that you purchase.

You may want to purchase different mats in different colors for more than just aesthetic purposes. If you have multiple levels of students who use the mats, the different colors can help to sort students by skill level.

Looking for something other than our standard colors? Custom colors are also available. Please contact our customer service team to place an order for a custom colored gym mats for sale. These custom color options are particularly great if you have school or gymnastics team colors that aren't standard. Some custom orders even allow you to alternate the colors from section to section, so you can incorporate multiple colors into your mat.

The mats feature an underside that is a grey vinyl, which is a cost-savings measure. We can provide mat undersides in other colors, though, as custom orders. Please specify whether you want a custom-made folding mat with a different colored underside when you place your order.

Similarly, our mats come with a Greatmats logo printed on them. This can also be removed for custom orders. Please let your customer service representative know if you do not want your mats to feature the Greatmats logo.

Gymnastics Mats Potential Uses

Since each gym mat has a smooth finish and lays flat, these mats are versatile and can be used for a number of purposes outside of gymnastics.

These gym mats can serve as mats for tumbling training or regular gym classes. They can double as take down mats in professional martial arts schools (as long as you select the 2-inch or thicker options). If you want to create a practice space for cheerleading and tumbling training in your home, these mats can offer the cushion and shock absorption you need.

Since you can fold up the mats when you're done using them, they have more potential uses than a rolled mat does. These mats can be laid completely flat to make a long runway for a tumbling run. You can also fold the sections up onto themselves to make a double- or triple-layer mat which offers additional padding.

Since you have different options in how you configure the mats, you can create different shapes and training options. These mats can be stacked for cheerleading and multiple jump practice.

While our mats are equipped with durable vinyl covers, we don't recommend that you use them outdoors for extended periods of time. The vinyl hasn't been treated for UV protection, so it's possible that prolonged exposure to the sun could degrade the covers. These mats can absorb moisture, so avoid placing them on a wet lawn. And if there are sharp objects in the lawn, like a stick or a rock, they could puncture the mat. Always store the mats indoors, and only use them outside in good weather and for short periods of time.

Gym Mats for Sale Portability and Size

When you order a custom size gymnastics mat from Greatmats, you can choose from three thickness options:
1.5 inches, 2 inches and 2.5 inches.

Because our custom vinyl mats fold up, they're easy to store and transport. The gym mats for sale are a great choice if you're working with a space that serves multiple purposes. For instance, you may need to clear the mats for one activity, and then put them back out for a gymnastics practice.

Depending on the mat's dimensions, a mat will weigh different amounts. The lighter mats are easier to move, but the heavier mats may require multiple people. Here are the weights of the different mat sizes:

1.5 Inch Thickness
4x6 feet at 18 pounds
4x8 feet at 20 pounds
4x10 feet at 25 pounds
4x12 feet at 30 pounds
5x10 feet at 29 pounds
6x12 feet at 24 pounds

2 Inch Thickness
4x6 feet at 20 pounds
4x8 feet at 22 pounds
5x10 feet at 32 pounds
6x12 feet at 38 pounds

2.5 Inch Thickness
4x6 feet at 21 pounds
4x8 feet at 26 pounds
5x10 feet at 26 pounds
6x12 feet at 43 pounds

For a pricing chart, see below. Discount pricing is available for larger orders, so please contact our customer service team to request a quote for your order.

Gym Mats for Sale Safety Tips

While mats can help to reduce the risk of injuries during activities like gymnastics, they aren't the complete answer to eliminating or reducing injuries. Mats aren't fail-safe, and can't substitute for proper instruction, spotting, and common sense in gymnastics and other athletic activities. Even with excellent padding, if an athlete lands on their head they can sustain serious injuries, so always use care during training.


Ships via ground service or freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground and/or Freight.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Product Type Mat
Material Type Vinyl covered Foam
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-1/2 inch
Width 0.00 feet
Length 0.00 feet
SF per Item 0.00
Weight 0.00 lbs
Packaging Bags
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Order Minimum 1
Surface Finish Smooth flat
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Layout flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited

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Pricing for 1.5 Inch Thickness with V2
4x6 ft - Retail $150.95 - On Sale $143.40
4x8 ft - Retail $197.55 - On Sale $187.65
4x10 ft - Retail $248.45 - On Sale $236.05
4x12 ft - Retail $298.20 - On Sale $283.30
5x10 ft - Retail $297.00 - On Sale $282.15
6x12 ft - Retail $409.65 - On Sale $389.15

Pricing for 1.5 Inch Thickness with V4
4x6 ft - Retail $179.60 - On Sale $170.60
4x8 ft - Retail $223.30 - On Sale $212.15
4x10 ft - Retail $279.65 - On Sale $265.40
4x12 ft - Retail $335.20 - On Sale $318.45
5x10 ft - Retail $325.55 - On Sale $309.25
6x12 ft - Retail $461.35 - On Sale $438.30

Pricing for 2 Inch Thickness with V2
4x6 ft - Retail $159.85 - On Sale $151.85
4x8 ft - Retail $208.35 - On Sale $197.95
5x10 ft - Retail $313.90 - On Sale $298.20
6x12 ft - Retail $433.95 - On Sale $412.25

Pricing for 2 Inch Thickness with V4
4x6 ft - Retail $187.70 - On Sale $178.30
4x8 ft - Retail $234.10 - On Sale $222.40
5x10 ft - Retail $364.15 - On Sale $345.95
6x12 ft - Retail $485.65 - On Sale $461.35

Pricing for 2.5 Inch Thickness with V2
4x6 ft - Retail $191.20 - On Sale $181.65
4x8 ft - Retail $211.85 - On Sale $201.25
5x10 ft - Retail $361.35 - On Sale $343.30
6x12 ft - Retail $485.25 - On Sale $460.95

Pricing for 2.5 Inch Thickness with V4
4x6 ft - Retail $219.15 - On Sale $208.20
4x8 ft - Retail $259.35 - On Sale $246.40
5x10 ft - Retail $411.60 - On Sale $391.00
6x12 ft - Retail $536.95 - On Sale $510.10

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Product Questions:

can I get any size I want made? like 3'6''x 9'3''? gary
Theoretically yes, please contact customer service or send an email.
what is v2 and v4
V stands for the word velcro, so V2 is hook and loop connectors on 2 short sides of the mat and 4 stands for hook and loop connectors on all four sides of the mat.
What is the shore hardness of these mats ?
These mats have either XPE crosslinked polyethylene foam interior or polyethylene foam interior, these types of foam are rated with a lbs per cubic foot method. This particular product page is for many mats and not just one mat.

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