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Playroom Floor Mats for Kids, Puzzle, Kids Floor Matting

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make a great choice for kids' playrooms and bedrooms, since they're non-absorbent and lightweight. Greatmats offers a wide variety of kids floor mats in a variety of sizes and colors. Make your home special with colorful floor mats for kids.

How To Choose Flooring Where Kids Won't Get Hurt

There's no way to 100% ensure that kids won't get hurt, but choosing the right kids floor mats can go a long way in keeping them safer. When you choose floor mats for kids, consider the following factors.
  1. Look for an ASTM Fall Height Rating. Floor mats for kids which have an ASTM fall height rating have undergone testing to determine the level of protection they offer against head injuries. Foam play mats or PVC plastic tiles are the most common flooring types used for indoor play areas, because of their fall height ratings.
  2. Check to see if the foam play mats have a slip resistant surface. Foam mats may be soft and cushiony, but if they are slippery then they may actually increase the frequency of falls and slips.
  3. Make sure the kids floor mats you choose can be installed over your existing flooring. Most foam mats are excellent for installation over concrete or hardwood, but they can slide or shift when they're installed over carpeting. If you're working with a carpeted room, carpet-safe raised PVC floor tiles may be a safer option.
  4. Consider environmental conditions. If you will be installing mats in a damp basement, make sure that the mats are waterproof. Even better, look for mats designed to allow for drainage and airflow, so you don't have to worry about pulling up the mats if they get wet. If you're installing mats in a hot and humid area, choose a product that has minimal expansion when humidity fluctuates. You may also need to allow expansion room to prevent buckling floors as conditions change.

Do you need a temporary play area that won't permanently take up a room in your home? Then our folding mats, roll out mats, and play mats may be the perfect option. These mats will quickly transform any room in your home into a safe play area for kids. They'll offer the same comfort and protection that a permanent flooring installation can provide, but you'll retain the use of your room for different activities. When the kids are done playing, just remove the mats and enjoy your room again.

You should also check out our wide variety of kids play rugs. These rugs can get kids in the mood to learn and play, while also livening up any room. Colorful play rugs provide endless entertainment and educational activities that can help kids learn essential skills, like counting, the ABC's, and symbol recognition.

Whatever your flooring needs, Greatmats has plenty of great floor mats for kids options.

Potential Uses for Kids Play Rugs and Floor Mats for Kids

Whether you have kids at home or run a school, daycare, or other facility for kids, then there are countless ways you can use kids play rugs and floor mats. Use playroom floor mats and kids play rugs to:
  • Create a permanent playroom in your own home
  • Line the floor of a child's room for ongoing, safe play
  • Create a temporary play space just about anywhere
  • Convert a basement into a friendlier, kid-safe area
  • Establish a safe play space in a day care, school, church, daycare, or other venue

Benefits of Kids' Play Mats

You'll also want to consider the following benefits of using play mats and playroom flooring:
  • Safe, forgiving play surfaces help to minimize injuries
  • Easy cleanup saves you time
  • Playroom flooring helps to protect your actual flooring from paint, spilled snacks, and other potential damage
  • Establish a play area anytime, anywhere with our portable options
  • Encourage play and learning with our diverse line of floor mats for kids

With so many varieties of playroom flooring and kids floor mats available, let's take a look at some of the options that are most popular.

Popular Kids Floor Mats

Foam Puzzle Mats
When it comes to creating safe, fun kids' spaces, foam puzzle mats are a highly popular option. Foam mats are affordable, and they're also easy to install. Puzzle-style tiles can be pushed together in seconds in order to assemble a soft floor.

Foam play mats make for forgiving surfaces, and are available in different thicknesses, surface textures, and hardnesses. Many foam play mats offer ASTM fall height protection, and some have surface textures that help to prevent floor burns against kids' skin. Additionally, all of our foam mats are low-odor, so they're a great choice for indoor areas including playrooms, basements, and bedrooms.

For wall-to-wall installations, foam mats can be easily cut. Just use a straight edge and cut the foam play mat with a sharp knife.

Foam mats are available in a seemingly endless supply of colors, so you can create a brilliantly colored playroom to match any child's dreams.

Economical Foam Play Mats
When you need to cover a large area, such as an entire room, or if you're working with a low project budget, our four-pack of interlocking foam floor tiles are an economical playroom flooring choice. These mats come in a pack of red, yellow, green, and blue, making for a brilliantly colored floor that kids will love. The foam play mats are waterproof, scuff resistant, and easy to clean - they're everything that you would want in a kids flooring. Plus, as 12mm thick, these mats are cushiony and ideal for playroom floors and basements.

You may also want to consider our 1/2-inch thick economy puzzle style mats. Suitable for play areas, these mats are available in black, gray, and blue interlocking tiles. Installation is easy, so you can quickly finish up your project and get on with playtime.

Colorful Play Mats
Possibly our most popular playroom floor mats, our 5/8-inch interlocking foam play mats are available in 15 brilliant colors, so you can get just the look that you're searching for. Mix and match mat colors to create a fun pattern, while also making a waterproof and stain resistant play area.

Suitable for both homes and schools, these durable mats can be laid directly over a concrete floor to create a safe play area. Each mat comes with two border strips, so you can create a clean, finished border in any space. Best of all, these foam play mats are shipped right to your doorstep for the ultimate convenience. You'll receive 25 mats per carton, and can quickly get started on your flooring project.

Alternatively, our 1/2-inch floor mats are another popular product. Available in black, gray, and blue, you can purchase these mats at discount pricing, so even when you're working with a tight budget you can get the flooring that you're looking for. These floor mats are a great choice for kids bedrooms, playrooms, and basements.

Scuff Resistant Foam Play Mats
If your kids play hard and you need a play mat that can hold up to rigorous use, our Home Sport and Play 7/8-inch mat is a perfect option. This mat is scuff-resistant and features a cross-thatch surface texture that is highly durable. The mat can withstand all types of shoe traffic, but it also offers excellent shock absorption. This play mat has passed the egg-drop test, meaning you can drop an uncooked egg 10 feet onto the mat, and the egg won't break. It actually bounces!

These playroom mats are more dense and firmer than our premium mats, which increases their versatility. You can use these mats in play rooms, but they're also great for basements and sports facilities. Larger kids, teens, and adults can all train on the mat without worrying about damaging it, and the mat can double for use in martial arts training spaces. It's durable enough to withstand heavy use, and can be put to work in any number of ways within your home or business.

Play Mats With Fall Height Protection
Fall height protection refers to a product's ability to absorb shock and reduce the chance of serious injury when a child falls from a particular height. It's an essential feature for flooring that is used in spaced like indoor playgrounds. Any time that you have equipment that brings a child up above the ground, there's an increased risk of that child falling. Some of our mats are designed to provide fall height protection to help reduce the risk of serious injury to children in the event of a fall.

Our Home MMA BJJ mats are designed with such increased safety in mind. While primarily designed for martial arts use, these mats provide superior shock absorption. This superior shock absorption, paired with the mat's no burn surface, means that kids can play and roughhouse freely with minimized risk of injury. These mats are soft and comfortable, but they're also strong and durable enough so that adults can join in on the fun, too.

Our one-inch-thick soft home karate sport tiles are another flooring option which offers increased shock absorption and safety. These tiles are one of our newer products, and feature a smooth, leather-like surface texture. These soft, cushioned foam play mats pass the 10-foot egg drop test, providing excellent shock absorption. They have two colors, one per side, and are reversible, so you can create fun patterns in your floor. You can also reverse the mats to get the most use out of your floor.

In addition to making a great playroom flooring option, these tiles are durable enough to serve as a home sports flooring for athletic practice spaces. The mats are durable enough to withstand the weight of both kids and adults.

Skin Friendly Foam Tiles for Playroom
How many times have you heard kids complain about floor burn and skin irritation from crawling, tumbling, or falling on a carpet or other floor surface? That's why we're proud to offer a number of interlocking foam mats which also feature a floor/skin burn-free surface.

Our Home MMA BJJ Mats and Indoor Playground Foam Tiles both feature our no-burn tatami surface, which will keep kids floor burn-free. Kids can wrestle and roughhouse all they want on these mats, and you won't have to worry about burns or irritation on their knees, elbows, or faces.

Carpet Topped Floor Mats
Bringing together the comforting feel of carpeting with the forgiving properties of foam, our carpet topped floor mats and tiles offer an innovative solution for kids play areas. Cheer rolls provide a comfortable carpet texture surface, and are ideal when you need a temporary flooring surface. You can unroll the cheer roll, play or practice, and then roll it up again and store it away. Because these rolls are temporary and easily stored, they're a great option when kids want to play in various areas of the house.

For a more permanent flooring solution for a larger area, consider our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles. These carpet tiles combine a residential carpeting style with the forgiving surface and convenience offered by foam puzzle mats. The tiles are easy and fast to install, and will quickly convert a hard surface to a more comfortable, welcoming play space.

Rubber Playroom Mats
For play areas that will see heavy use and lots of traffic, rubber play mats are a great option. These durable, rugged mats can hold up to plenty of use, though they're not quite as forgiving as foam.

If you're working with a larger area, like a paintball course or arcade, rubber flooring rolls may be preferable over mats. Rolled rubber can more quickly cover significant areas, and tends to be the more economical option. Additionally, rolled rubber results in fewer seams than mats or tiles will create.

Rubber play mats are frequently used in outdoor play areas, like playgrounds. Mats are often placed at the base of slides or swing sets, which can help to prevent erosion and breakdown of heavily trafficked areas. Rubber mats can handle all sorts of shoe traffic, and they're more dense than foam or plastic flooring alternatives.

Keep in mind that rubber isn't quite as forgiving as our foam flooring options, so it's better used in areas that will see intense play, like running or jumping.

PVC Playroom Flooring
If you're looking for a balance between the forgiving cushion of foam and rugged rubber footing, consider our PVC floor mats. Many PVC mats offer plenty of cushion, but are more durable than the softer foam flooring mats.

PVC offers another advantage over foam: Since PVC is a denser material, you can place furniture and other heavier objects on it without creating lasting imprints in the tiles. It's a versatile flooring option, and some PVC flooring even offers fall height protection. Many PVC flooring tiles can handle the challenges of indoor playgrounds, such as the need to be forgiving yet also durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and the weight of furniture or equipment.

Flooring Size and Thickness

You'll find plenty of flooring options in varying thicknesses and sizes. Many of our mats will work perfectly for nap time for school kids, or even for mom to use for floor exercises at home. We also offer a selection of folding and single-piece mats, which are an easy way to temporarily add extra protection and cushion to a floor. These products are ruggedly made, featuring a dense foam core and a thick vinyl that can withstand rigorous use.

Most of our foam play mats are in 2x2 foot puzzle mat-style squares, though some of the mats are as large as 3.3x3.3 feet. The tiles are lightweight and conveniently sized for easy transportation and installation.

Our folding mats and roll out mats are usually 5x10 feet, but are available in other sizes, too.
No matter where your project is located, Greatmats will surely have the right products for your installation. Our kids floor mats are popular with schools, daycares, churches, and kids play areas.

As you plan out your project, try our interactive, web-based floor planner. This online tool can create complex room layouts to scale, so you can see what your project will look like, and can determine how much material you will need. Start by entering your coverage area, selecting your product, and choosing your colors. Then, play with pattern ideas, different layouts, and even request samples or place your order.

Our kids floor mats are designed so that installation is a simple, do-it-yourself project. There are no adhesives required, and our foam play mats can be cut with a sharp utility knife.

Our foam floor mats most often ship via ground service, and are delivered directly to your door for convenience. For larger projects, we ship mats via freight delivery to any location in the lower 48 states.